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Jones-Scratchunder Cemetery

Located in a woods area on the edge of a field about 0.3 mile directly south of Shepp Road about 4.6 miles east of its juncture with Highway 70. Scratchunder was its local nickname and is so deemed on the U.S. Government topographical map. There were reportedly a few grave markers here years ago but these have disappeared. A blanket of vinca covers the burial area. This was on the former, long-ago farm of T.P. Jones. There is a Jones Cemetery on Charlie Scott Road near Stanton, Tennessee where members of the Jones, Hinsley and McWhirter white families are buried. Older blacks and whites state that no black burials have been made in this particular Jones Cemetery.

Mr. T.G. Greer, an older black man and resident on the Charlie Scott Road indicated that older generations of blacks spoke of a slave graveyard on a ridge in the Hatchie River bottoms about two miles north of the northern bend of Charlie Scott Road. These graves were marked with tall cedars.

Several small black cemeteries in the neighborhood of Shepp Road have gone back to nature, lost to memory. In one of these, Theola Caldwell, (June 1916 - December 30, 1918) was buried.

The above description was taken from "Tombstone Inscriptions From Black Cemeteries In Haywood County, Tennessee" by Jonathan K. T. Smith. Used with permission from the author.

10 Jul 2007