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Haywood County Farm Cemetery

Located on the south side of Highway 70 at its juncture with Harrell Road (four miles east of Brownsville). From 1868 this institution once called the County Poor House has been sited here. Persons down on their luck, indigents, aged individuals without means of support and even occasionally orphan children had a home-of-sorts here. This "Poor Farm" operated with resident indigents until about a generation ago when governmental financial aid made it possible for such individuals to live in more agreeable surroundings such as nursing homes. The county farm now operates in cooperation for inmates in this latter institution. When most of the former residents died they were buried on the long ridge just to the west of the buildings on the place. This graveyard, wherein both black and white were buried, is a smooth greensward today, so much so, one would never suspect that many individuals over several generations have their final rest here. A few of the persons who died and were buried here are known to have been so from old death certificates and occasional mentions in the minutes of the Haywood County Court and in some assorted records sources.

The above description was taken from "Tombstone Inscriptions From Black Cemeteries In Haywood County, Tennessee" by Jonathan K. T. Smith. Used with permission from the author.

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