Letter from Henry Webb to Nancy Elizabeth Webb Weese, 1890

Mooresburg, Tenn
Nov 21st 90

My Dear Daughter,

Yours of the 9th 1890 received a few days ago, and I hasten to answer it. I am glad to hear you have a good kind husband and all getting along well. Family about as well as usual, and have not been well for three or four months, we have 8 living children and one dead. Four girls and five boys – named George Washington, James Alexander, Eliga, Daniel Webster, Lucinda Matilda, Mattie, Harriet Malinda, and Eliza. George has been gone for several months.  Malinda is four years old past, has been subject to fits ever since she was six months old. She is as pretty as you dare to be, but can’t talk. Angie married James Everhart lives about four miles from me have three children one is dead — the oldest named Houston, youngest is not named. Narcisis married Joe Helton had three children two of them dead lives 8 mile from me. Mary and Dave live in Kentucky. I have forgotten the Post office. Mary has two children living one dead.

Your Aunt Patsy and Sucky Price are both dead. Lucy Shanks and Kitty Henerd both dead. Gabe Webb’s wife is dead. David Webb is dead and nearly all of his family died with the small pox.

I am merely living it does look like my children have almost forgotten me. I have not had a letter from you nor Houston until now in eight years. I was proud to know you were married and had a good man to take care of you. I was at Sallies about 18 months ago. I have not heard from her but once since.

If I see you no more on this earth I hope to meet you where parting will be no more. Love to your husband and family. Write soon to your father.

The author of the foregoing letter was Henry Webb, born 17 June 1833 in Hawkins County, died December 18, 1895, in Hawkins County. He was the son of Theodoric Webb and Catherine Mattox. The letter is in the possession of the great-granddaughter of Nancy Elizabeth Webb Weese, to whom the letter was addressed.  It was transcribed by Teresa Helton Garcia, great-granddaughter of Henry Webb’s daughter Narsissas Webb Helton.

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