Galbraith Springs Resort

Several locations in Tennessee were known for their mineral springs, popular in the late 19th Century for improving individuals’ health. Tate Springs, located near Bean Station in Grainger County, was one of this area’s most-famous resorts. Folks flocked to Hawkins … Continue reading

Frederick Steidinger Heiskell

Son of Frederick Heiskell (1752-1815) and Catherine Von Steidinger (1761-1799). … Continue reading

Lawson D. Franklin Papers

Lawson D. Franklin was a landowner, trader of animals and slaves, and businessman from Jefferson County, Tennessee. He was born January 19, 1804 and died April 8, 1861. Franklin’s many business interests, including plantations and merchandising stores throughout the Southeast, … Continue reading

Letter from Christopher Haynes to Jasper Meeks, 1836

This 1836 letter was sent from Rogersville to New Orleans, Louisiana. This letter was apparently written by an agent of the New Orleans merchant, who was traveling in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia buying slaves. Interesting comments and insights into … Continue reading

History of Hawkins County (from Goodspeed, published 1887)

Hawkins County lies in upper east Tennessee, and extends somewhat in the shape of a parallelogram from the Virginia line to the northern boundaries of Grainger and Hamblen Counties. It is divided into two almost equal parts by the Holston … Continue reading

Hawkins County History (from Goodspeed)

From Goodspeed’s History of East Tennessee.  Transcribed by Jackie Robinson. Hawkins County lies in upper East Tennessee, and extends somewhat in the shape of a parallelogram from VA line to the northern boundaries of Grainger and Hamblen Counties. It is … Continue reading

An 1885 Description of Hawkins County

From McWhirter’s Revised Hand-book of Tennessee, published by the Tennessee Bureau of Agriculture, Statistics, and Mines in 1885: Hawkins is one of the northeastern counties in the State, lying along the Virginia line.  It is bounded on the north by … Continue reading

Railroad Resources

Bull’s Gap, originally called Rogersville Junction, was an important location for railroad transportation in Hawkins County. In 1858, the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad used slave labor to lay the first tracks through the area.  During the Civil War the … Continue reading

Hawkins County History, by Kyle

From Rogersville Review, Sesqui-Centennial Edition, November 26, 1936.  Transcribed by Billie McNamara from a typescript at the Stamps Library in 1996. [Original] Editor’s Note:  The following article was written by the late Judge Hugh G. Kyle. Hawkins County is of … Continue reading

A Brief Overview of Hawkins County’s Early History

Excerpted from Hawkins County Land Grant Books 1 & 2, 1787-1819, by Billie R. McNamara.  This material is copyrighted ©1996 by Billie R. McNamara.  All rights reserved. Introduction Modern-day Hawkins County is located on the Virginia-Tennessee border.  Containing 570 square miles, it … Continue reading