Galbraith Springs Resort

Several locations in Tennessee were known for their mineral springs, popular in the late 19th Century for improving individuals’ health. Tate Springs, located near Bean Station in Grainger County, was one of this area’s most-famous resorts. Folks flocked to Hawkins … Continue reading

Daniel Huff’s Travels from Surry County, NC, to Leesburg, OH, in 1806

Daniel Huff’s travel journal contains details of his trip, which took him through the Hawkins County area from about Day 12. Click here to read the journal entries. … Continue reading

Map: Boundaries of Carter’s Valley

Drawn by Billie McNamara. … Continue reading

Map: Proposed Powell County, Tennessee

Powell County was proposed, but it was never formed. … Continue reading

Map: Hawkins County in 1888

From a Rand-McNally atlas. Found on-line at — no copyright infringement intended. … Continue reading

Map: Agricultural Regions in East Tennessee, 1883

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Hawkins County History (from Goodspeed)

From Goodspeed’s History of East Tennessee.  Transcribed by Jackie Robinson. Hawkins County lies in upper East Tennessee, and extends somewhat in the shape of a parallelogram from VA line to the northern boundaries of Grainger and Hamblen Counties. It is … Continue reading

Current and Historic Post Offices in Hawkins County

The following table was extracted from D. R. Frazier’s comprehensive history of Tennessee Post Offices.  The massive volume contains full dates of operation, names of Postmasters, and the “parent” and successor post offices for each location. The statewide listing is … Continue reading

Spoden Collection Donated to Kingsport Archives

May 17, 2011 — Press Release KINGSPORT – An expansive treasure of Kingsport’s history and heritage assembled by the late Muriel Miller Clark Spoden has been donated to the Kingsport Archives by her husband, Hal Spoden, and children, Clark and … Continue reading

An 1885 Description of Hawkins County

From McWhirter’s Revised Hand-book of Tennessee, published by the Tennessee Bureau of Agriculture, Statistics, and Mines in 1885: Hawkins is one of the northeastern counties in the State, lying along the Virginia line.  It is bounded on the north by … Continue reading