Hancock County, TN

                          Winkler Cemetery Transcription



          Ida’s Chapel Road

7th District, Hancock County Tennessee



          Cemetery is located 1/10 of a mile from turn off of Ida’s Chapel Road from Highway 33 about 1/10 of a mile from the two mile marker.  Cemetery is on land owned on the property lines of Nick Ferguson (formerly the Louis & Hattie Dodson Reed farm) and Lon Earl Reed.


S.A. Seal                                         M.E. Seal

Born January 5, 1889                            Born May 28, 1863

Died July 14, 1889                        Died December 11, 1889

                                                          Wife & cild of L.E.M.


Josiah Moles                                 Rhoda Moles

Co. B                                                Wife of Josiah

1st Tennessee Calvary


Jo Moles                                         Elen Seal 

Child born dead                                      A wife forsaken


E. Purkey                                        Jessee Purkey

Child of BTY.                                 Child born dead


A Thomas Child                                      S.B. Ratliff

                                                          Born August 27, 1889

                                                          Died November 27, 1891


M.H. Winkler                                   H.E. Johnson

Child born dead


Lewis H. Seal                                 Eadith Seal

Born August 16, 1886                            Borne July 27, 1894

Died October 20, 1886                 Died same date.



Arnis B. Seal                                  Mark H. Seal

Born June 23, 1900                      Born October 5, 1894

Died June 30, 1901                       Died October 7, 1900

Five children of Rev.

J.E. Seal gone to rest.


Mary F. Seal                                   Elisabeth Winkler

Born November 9, 1904              Born August 12, 1852

Died same date.                                      Died September 26, 1935


George Winkler                                       Luther Winkler

Born November 13, 1852            Born May 18, 1895

Died March 15, 1929                    Died August 28, 1896


Effie Winkler                                   Child Born Dead

Born July 24, 1892                                

Died August 27, 1898


Mc. H. Winkler                                Broken Field stone with no

Born June 5, 1884                        name visible –

Died February 1, 1885                 Date January 22, 1883

                                                          only thing on it.


Nancy Winkler                               David Branson Winkler

Born March 10, 1876                             Born August 8, 1861

Died September 30, 1876            Died February 25, 1862


Wm. Isaac Winkler                        Dear Mother

Born October 12, 1847                Nancy Winkler

Died September 29, 1854            Born March 28, 1822

(Has a Star of David emblem      Died February 10, 1890

on stone purchased at discount

by Brenda Barnard Drinnon in

1990’s.  There are NO Jewish

Winkler’s in Hancock County.)           


Cleopatra Lois Stubblefield        Lydia Ross Winkler

Born April 16, 1888                       Born February 23, 1863

Died December 2, 1960               Died February 25, 1890


Sollomon Thomas Winkler                   Mary wife of Wm. Roe

Born November 5, 1855              Born May 7, 1857

Died March 6, 1899                      Died May 23, 1886


P.H. Davis                                       J. Davises Baby

Born March 7, 1869                      Born Dead

Died January 18, 1876


Child of Rev. J.D. Winkler            A Marcum Child


Nancy Orlena Winkler                  James S. Winkler

Born September 6, 1876             Born November 29, 1879

Died November 19, 1876             Died August 18, 1888


Wm. Abraham Winkler                 Magnola Naoma Winkler

Born July 19, 1874                       Born July 17, 1899

Died February 19, 1894               Died October 5, 1899


Mary Nervesta Winkler                Austin Tucker

Born May 7, 1888                          Color’d man

Died April 29, 1906                       (exact spelling on stone)


Rich Guinn                                     Thomas Child


Mrs. Vick                                        G.B. Howerton

                                                          Gone to Heaven


M.C. Fleenor                                  A Farly Child

Born March 8, 1890

Died July 9, 1890



Contributed by Debra Reed Fannon




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