Hancock County 1860 Mortality Schedules
Mortality schedules were taken in addition to the census, it recorded any Person that died within the year of when the census was taken.
*Note: The mortality schedules like a lot of information is only as good as the person who gave it. Some households may not have reported family deaths to the census taker. 


          Month State  Cause   Occupation
          Of Of Of      
Name   County State Age  Sex Death Death Death      
Allen, Mary  Hancock TN 41 F Oct. TN Childbirth   Housekeeper
Anderson,James  Hancock TN 82 M Sept VA Old age   Farmer  
Anderson, Manda Hancock TN 5 F June TN Brain inflamation None  
Baker, Charles Hancock TN 73 M June VA Cancer   Farmer  
Baldwin, Annis Hancock TN 26 F Oct. TN Child fever   Housekeeper
Bigs, G.W Hancock TN 1wk M June TN Hives   None  
Boland, Dicy Hancock TN 60 F Aug. VA Consumption Spinster  
Brewer, Lucinda Hancock TN 3wks F Dec. TN Mortificat   None  
Brotherton, Wiley Hancock TN 1 M June TN Bowel inflamation None  
Butry,Lavicy Hancock TN 60 F Aug. TN Palsey   Housekeeper
Byrd, Henry Hancock TN 51 M May TN Drowned   Landlord  
Campbell, Sary Hancock TN 33 F Jan. TN Childbirth   None  
Car, Emiline Hancock TN 12 F June TN Dropsy   None  
Car, George H Hancock TN 1month M Sept TN Deformed   None  
Church,Isabel Hancock TN 39 F Dec. VA Consumption Housekeeper
Collins, Andrew Hancock TN 22 M Oct. TN Heart    Pauper  
Crasmon, James A Hancock TN 16 M Oct. TN Murdered   Farm laborer
Davis, John  Hancock TN 72 M April SC Prostate   Farmer  
Dority, John Hancock TN 2wks M Dec. TN Head Disease None  
Dority, Mary Frances Hancock TN 10months F Feb. TN Deformity   None  
Duncan, Riley Hancock TN 4 M Nov. TN Croup   None  
Edons, Sany? Hancock TN 17 F Sept TN Typhoid Fever Spinster  
Elbert?   Hancock TN 2months M Dec. TN Bold Hives None  
Fields,Absalom Hancock TN 11months M Jul TN Disease   None  
Fields,Elizabeth Hancock TN 2 F Sept TN Fits   None  
Fleenor, Henry Hancock TN 33 M April VA Typhoid Fever Physician,Surgeon,Doctor
Fletcher, Nancy Hancock TN 45 F March VA Abortion   Spinster  
Frost,Vianna Hancock TN 19 F Feb. TN Drowned   None  
Fullet,William Hancock TN 71 M Oct. NC Typhoid Fever Farmer  
Gipson, Marsila Hancock TN 36 F March TN Child fever   Housekeeper
Gray, Francis Hancock TN 2months F Aug. TN Croup   None  
Green, Infant Hancock TN 1 week F March TN Unknown   None  
Green, Infant Hancock TN 1 week M March TN Unknown   None  
Hargus, Jacob Hancock TN 3 M Sept TN Throat swell None  
Helton, Thomas P Hancock TN 1 M March TN Croup   None  
Herd, Elisa Hancock TN 6 F Jan. TN Croup   None  
Herron, Mary Hancock TN 8months F April TN Consumption None  
Horton, Enoch Hancock TN 36 M Oct. VA Typhoid Fever Farmer  
Howel,Mary E Hancock TN 1 F Sept TN Cholera   None  
Ison, Amy   Hancock TN 2 F June TN Croup   None  
Jones, Sary Hancock TN 24 F Dec. VA Brain inflamation Housekeeper
Lawson, Elvy Hancock TN 90 F May NG? Old age   None  
Lewis, Martin Hancock TN 24 M Dec. TN Liver Complication Farmer  
Lyons, George W Hancock TN 44 M March TN Erysipelas Brewer, Stiller
Manon, Sary Hancock TN 10days F May TN Hives   None  
Manor,Syntha Hancock TN 30 F Jan. TN Abortion   Laundry,Washwoman
Martin, Thomas Hancock TN 6 M Aug. TN Fever   None  
Mason, Elisabeth Hancock TN 58 F Feb. Ng? Heart    Spinster  
Mathins, John J Hancock TN 5 M Jan. TN Choked   None  
McViel, Neal S Hancock TN 66 M Sept Nc Prostate   Merchant  
Mills, Anderson Hancock TN 2months M Dec. TN Bold Hives None  
Minor,Susannah Hancock TN 61 F Feb. Nc Sudden   Housekeeper
Montgomery, Hug Hancock TN 74 M Feb. TN Urine Retent Farmer  
More, Mimy Hancock TN 95 F June VA Nose Ulcer Spinster  
Odom,Jane Hancock TN 100 F April VA Palsy   Housekeeper
Oliver, Susan Hancock TN 50 F Feb. VA Phthisic?   Spinster  
Overton, John Sr. Hancock TN 65 M Sept VA Horse kick Farmer  
Overton, John  Hancock TN 73 M April TN Scrofula   None  
Parks, Nancy A Hancock TN 6months F Jan. VA Smothered None  
Pridemore,Samuel Hancock TN 55 M Nov. VA Dyspepsia Farmer  
Rice, Louisa Hancock TN 33 F May VA Childbirth   Spinster  
Roberts, Shelvy Hancock TN 21 M May VA Consumption Farm laborer
Seal, Mary K Hancock TN 1 F June TN Scarlet Fever None  
Seal,Samuel Z Hancock TN 4months M April TN Croup   None  
Shiflet, Elbert Hancock TN 4 M Nov. TN Croup   None  
Sizemore,Owen Hancock TN 62 M May VA Murdered   Shoemaker Cordwainer
Smith, Malinda Hancock TN 25 F Aug. TN Typhoid Fever Housekeeper
Sophcear, Polly Hancock TN 74 F March VA Swelling   Housekeeper
Thomas, John Hancock TN 38 M March TN Typhoid Fever Farmer  
Trent, Anny Hancock TN 17 F Sept TN Typhoid Fever Housekeeper
Trent,Catharine Hancock TN 43 F Feb. TN Typhoid Fever Weaver  
Trent, Lavicy Hancock TN 6months F June TN Cholera   None  
Trud, James W Hancock TN 20 M Nov. VA Typhoid Fever Farmer  
Tucker, William H Hancock TN 1 M Oct. TN Croup   None  
Varner, John Hancock TN 30 M Oct. VA Stroke   Farm laborer
Vaun, Wiley Hancock TN 2 M June TN Scarlet Fever None  
Walker,Edward Hancock TN 64 M March VA Liver Disease Farm laborer
Wallen, Lucy Hancock TN 3 M March TN Typhoid Fever None  
Wallen, Nancy Hancock TN 48 F March TN Typhoid Fever Housekeeper
Wallen, P.G Hancock TN 17 M Dec. TN Typhoid Fever Farm laborer
Waston,Tabitha Hancock TN 66 F April Nc Consumption Spinster  
Wolfe, William Hancock TN 7weeks M March TN Hives   None  

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