Whitton/Whitten Gibson/Gipson, 

Submitted by Sherie Corbett


Whitten/Whitton Gibson was Born abt 1848/49 and died abt 1900.

Whitten/Whitton was the s/o Jesse & Nila/Niela Gibson .

He first married Hila Ann Johnson. His second wife was

Alabama Gibson the d/o Martha"Patsy" Collins Gibson & Larkin Gibson.

Martha "Patsy" Collins was the d/o Perry Collins & Anna Bolin/Bowlin,

 Larkin the s/o David & Rebecca Gibson.

Whitten/Whitton Gibson Married Alabama Gibson 12-18-1889 in Lee co Va.

he was widowed and was 27 she was single and 19. Whitten is also on the

1891 voters list of Hancock Co Tn Dist. 11. They are also in the

1900 Hancock Census Whitton Gibson Tn Tn Tn born 1-1849

Alabama Gibson 1-1877 VA VA VA married 8 years. no children

pages 223-225



The notes you are about to read came from the Groshe & Rev. Taylor papers of

Hancock Co Tn. These are a really wonderful spring board, they do contain

some errors but these two did a wonderful job of research.


In the Appendix A # 20

Notes on Whitten Gibson

#20. Lucas and Tilman Collins and Whitten Gibson were is an election day

fight on Mulberry Gap ? About 1900? Lucas and Tilman were killed, Whitten

died of his wounds later. Tilman and a man named Lamb, seemed to have killed

each other. Wiley Brewer and Will Brewer were tried for this killing but were

cleared. Some of the Collins folks from Mulberry Gap way laid the Brewer boys

and shot them down. Wiley got well but Will Brewer died. Ardell and Pettybone

Collins served time in the pen for this killing.


Whitten Gibson, who died of Wounds or hurt in the election day had a fight with

Noah Collins, son of Batie & Cynthia.(notes states) when he was a boy,

"Aunt Cynthia" Noah's mother was angry got a pot-leg for a slug and Shot Whitton Gibson.

Afterwards she felt sorry and nursed Whitten carefully till he got well.


Another set notes on this in the Groshe Taylor papers.Batie "ran" a still for

many years, but was pardoned about 1885-90. Aunt Cynthia, his wife, shot Revenue

Officer Whitten Gibson, in the leg with a Pot-Leg for a slug, She nursed him tho, after

he was sick. Later Whitten was killed in a Election fight on Mulberry Gap.


There is other notes that I have also on Whitten he was said to have has a Wooden leg

as a result of this shot. Also the Election daya fight, he went to a house and the they

opened fire on the house it was said that no one in the house lived.???? Another part

of the Groshe papers.If this is true on my last notes here the whole house was shot up

and no one lived it is possible Alabama was killed then also.


On Batey Collins

U.S. District Court, Knoxville Tenn. Us vs Batey Collins Violation of

Internal Revenue Laws. #3550 1-21-1875 - $100.00 fine. #4303- cost 1-1882;

#6138 7-1882 costs; 7-1885 B5 p126 -cost