Perry Collins abt 1826  Anna Bowlin Collins abt1825/ 1826


 researched by Sherie Corbett


On different census it states that they was born in Clairborne Co Tn,

another says Hancock Co Tn,  Anna was born in Lee Co Va and the d/o William Bowlin. Perry Collins  was born in Hawkins Co Tn and the s/o Andrew Collins


Perry Collins & Anna Bolin are on the 1850 Hancock Co tn census

#98 Collins Perry 23

 Anna 24,

Martha 1  (Martha) Tn,Tn “


Perry Collens & Anna Bolin 1860 Lee co Va Census

Collens Perry 30

Ann 30

Martha 10 (Martha Patsy)

Malissa 8,

Blanton 6 (Blanton Russell)

Hazel (m) 5 (Hazzell)

Litton 3 (Jackson Litton)

Sterling 8/12

Claiborne Co Tn #938-968



Perry Collins & Anna Bolin 1870 Lee co Va  Census

Collins Perry 35

Ann 33

Melissa 18,

Blantin 16, (Blanton Russell)

Harfell ( m)  14, (Hazzell)

Jackson L 13, (Jackson Litton)

Starlin 11

Candis 8 (Mary Candis)

Leticia 5, Hancock Co Tn #397-403

NOTES: Errors on this Census Harfell Is Hazzell, Blantin, Blanton


Perry Collins & Anna Bowlin in 1880 Scott Co Va census

They was living with son

Blanton Collins Self Male MU 39 VA Farmer TN

Jane CollinsWife M Female MU 35 TN Housekeeping TN TN

Starling Collins Brother S Male MU 18 VA Farm Laborer TN TN

Perry Collins Father M Male MU 65 TN Farm Laborer TN TN

Anne Collins Mother M Female MU 60 TN At Home TN TN

Litton Colliins Brother S Male MU 20 TN At Home TN TN

Candis Collins Sister S Female MU 18 TN At Home TN TN

Letisha Collins Sister S Female MU 15 TN At Home TN TN





Perry Collins & Anna Bowlin Collins children are:

Martha "Patsy" Collins abt 1849 m Larkin Gibson abt1851/52 in

 Lee co Va 9-30-1869.s/o David & Rebecca Gibson

Malissa Collins 1852/5-26-1918 m Burdine Gibson 1848/11-20-1922

 m 4-13-1872s/o Jesse Jr & Niela”Nila” Gibson

Blanton Russell Collins born 3-1-1854/10-17-1918 m Jonnie Collins

m 11-27-1873 in Lee co Va. d/o Wm. K. And Confray Collins

2nd wife Martha Ann Sexton 1870 m in Wise co va  1-2-1892

d/o Lath & Jane Sexton

Hazzell Collins3-1- 1856 m Sarah Margaret Collins 10-7-1850/1-18-1926

d/o Anderson & Susannah Collins Married  1875 in Hancock co Tn

Jackson Litton  "J.S." Collins 6-19--1857/10-19-1918 m Nancy Gibson3-31-1867 on 4-5-1890 in Lee Co Va d/o David & Rebecca Gibson

Sterling Collins 10-15-1859 m Lourena Collins 7-3-1880 In Claiborne Co TN

2nd m Rachael Shephard 1865 m 9-8-1883 d/o William & Rebecca Shephard

 Married in Wise Co Va3nd married Mina J Osborn b abt 1866

 married9-4-1895 In Letcher Co Ky d/o James K & Lucinda Osborn

Mary Candis Collins 9-10-1862 m David Gibson 11-11-1881

Letitia Collins 1865 M George Gibson m 3-15-1883



Martha" Patsy" Collins 1849 m Larkin Gibson 1851/1852 both born in Hancock Co Tn .

they married 9-30-1869 in Lee co Va Book 1 pages 23 line 32. He was the son of

David and Rebecca Gibson.

Children of Patsy& Larkin as follows:

Alabama Gibson abt 12-20-1870/11-1900 married Whitton Gibson1-1849/11-1900 he was born in Hancock co Tn and

she was Lee co Va, married 12-18-1889 book 2 pages 70 line 43. She was 19 and single he was

27 and widowed.He was the son of Jesse and Nila Gibson. and A. was the daughter of

Patsy and Larkin (Whitton & Alabama in 1900 Hancock Tn Census are listed Married for 8 years no children

Charles Gibson abt1871 m Elizabeth Oaks 1878 she was born in Lee co., m 6-13-1899 in

Lee co Va book 1 pages 100 line 71, She was the daughter of William F. Oaks and Thursa,or

Thursay Charles was 18 and Single & Elizabeth was 20 and Single

NOTES;Lizzie "Oaks" Gibson divorced and James Marion Scott 7-18-1912, book 2 page 143 line  64

Alice Gibson 1872 m Thomas Moore 1880 m 1-1001 Book 2 Line 105 s/o Quillen


Nerva Gibson 1873

Rebecca Gibson 6-15-1874 born in Owsley co Ky, parents it stated was both born in Tn

Martha Gibson 1875

Starling Gibson abt 4-15-1877/12-31-1942 m Vick Oaks abt 1881 both born in Lee co Va m 2-12-1898 book

2 pages 96 line 66 she was the daughter of William F Oaks and Thursa/Thursay, Starling

was 20 & Single and she was 17 and single Death Pl Letcher co ky Vol 24 # 11817

Ellen Gibson 1878



Malissa Collins 1852/5-26-1918 m Burdine Gibson 1848/11-20-1922 m 4-13-1872  in Hancock Co tn.s/o Jesse & Niela Gibson

The children of Malissa and Burdine are as follows;

Henry Gibson & Celia Belle Gisbon (twins)abt 1872

Henry Gibson 11-10-1872/3-30-1958 m Alice Bolen  died 9-30-1880/10-16-1956

Married 10-26-1898  d/o Noah Bolen & Margaret Mullins

Celia Belle Gibson 11-10-1872/6-13-1958  M John "Dunk" Wesley Caudill

married 10-26-1898, in Pike  Co Ky


Hillard Gibson 9-1886/4-24-1951 m Sally Ann Slone 2nd married Lucy Casebolt Kitchen

Elvira 9-11-1884/3-38-1939 m Ceberry Harris died 1888/ 9-20-1971 married 12-3-1902 in Knott co Ky

Frances Gibson 12-25-1879/2-27-1952 m Thomas Caudill

Maudie Gibson 5-1889/1-9-1945 m Lewis Gibson abt 1887/1-15-1961

s/o Letitia Colllins & George Workman gibson


Blanton Russell Collins 3-31-1854/10-17-1918 first married Jonnie Collins 11-27-1873 in lee co Va. 2nd married Martha Ann Sexton.1870 m in Wise Co Va 1-2-1892

Blanton Russell & Martha Ann Sexton Children;

Gracey Collins   4-8-1899

Ada Collins  11-18-1901 m Johnny Mason

Eve”Evie”3-14-1903 m Caz Sexton

Ora Collins 3-24-1906/5-26-1987 m Monroe Gibson 2-20-1907/12-22-1987

Elizabeth Collins "Lizzie" 3-24-1894 m Tom "Fly"Vance

Leonard Collins 2-15-1893/11-14-1973 m Sarah M Collins 8-8-1894 d/o Hazzell & Sarah Margaret Collins

Ida Collins 10-10-1896/3-15-1964 m James Gibson Vol 14 #06689


Hazzell Collins 3-1- 1856 m Sarah Margaret Collins10-7-1950/1-18-1926 married in 1875 Hancock Co Tn

d/o Anderson & Susannah Collins most likely in Hancock Co tn

Children of Hazzel & Sarah Collins are:

Mary A Collins 12-1884/2-11-1967

Henderson 5-18-1876/1-9-1942 m Liza Cook 1895/1978

Missouri Collins abt 1876/11-16-1936 m Jesse Cook

Polly Ann Collins 4-11-1884/8-17-1911

Columbus Collins abt 1882

Gillion "G.E" Collins 3-18-1886/4-7-1971 m Minerva Cook2-22-1892/4-10-1960

Cora Collins 11-20-1888/7-17-1914 m Elijah Bolen 10-27-1888/10-29-1959

married 4-8-1907 in Knott Co. Ky, s/o Noah Bolen & Margaret Mullins

 Martha " Mattie" Collins 5-14-1891/5-30-1964 m Elijah Bolen 10-27-1888/10-29-1959


married 10-26-1914 in Knott Co. Ky After her sister Cora Died her and Cora married

the same man/ s/o Noah" Born Elijah Frony" Bolen & Margaret Mullins

Sarah M Collins 8-8-1894/12-28-1955 m Leonard Collins abt 2-15-1893/11-14-1973

s/o Russell Blanton Collins & Martha Ann Sexton



Mary Candis Collins Abt 1863 m David Gibson they married 11-11-1881

Mary Candis Children as follows:

Elizabeth Gibson abt 1892

Jasper Gibson 7-15-1896 /7-12-1952  Death Pl Letcher Ky Co Vol. 31 # 15286

Ira Gibson 6-4-1898/2-28-1927 Ky Death Place Letcher Co Ky Vol 23 # 11463

Lana Gibson

Riley Gibson 4-25-1901/11-4-1963 death pl Letcher co #29553



Letitia Collins abt 1865 m George Workman Gibson they married 3-15-1883

Letitia Children as follow:

Lewis Gibson 1887/1-15-1961 m Maudie Gibson 5-1889/1-9-1945

d/o Malissa Collins & Burdine Gibson

Mary Gibson 6-8-1890/8-4-1859 m Willie Gibson 7-24-1891

Amanda/Mandy Gibson 3-31-1894/6-4-1960 M John Polly

Jewelina Gibson  1895/1-5-1940 m Benny Sexton vol 5 #02057

Callie Gibson 2-14-1898/3-10-1969 m Sim Taylor 1-2-1902/5-23-1976

Daisey Gibson 4-11-1896 m Thomas "Tom" Taylor 1903/1965

Bertha Gibson 11-3-1900/1-19-1947 1st m Wiley Maxie 2nd married Will Niece

Lucy 2-7-1904/8-11-1978 m John Niece

Norward "Nord" Gibson1908/1985 m Bonnie Vance 2nd wife Ebis Sexton

Moe Gibson

Youncey Gibson