Descendants of Jeffrey Stubblefield

Submitted by Debra Reed



Generation No. 1


1.  JEFFREY1 STUBBLEFIELD1 was born in Finchingfield, Essex, England.  He married MARY CAMP September 29, 1618, daughter of ROBERT CAMP and SARAH UNKNOWN.  She died June 29, 1635.



JEFFREY STUBBLEFIELD lived in Finchingfield, Essex, England where on March 6, 1615-1616 he was a witness in a lawsuit.  (Essex Record Office Chemsford England.) On September 29, 1618 he married MARY CAMP, daughter of ROBERT & SARAH CAMP.  MARY CHAMP was buried on June 29, 1635.  JEFFREY STUBBLEFIELD & MARY'S children were baptized.



2.                i.    SIMON2 STUBBLEFIELD, b. April 25, 1629, Castle Camp Parish, Cambridgeshire, England.

3.               ii.    JOHN STUBBLEFIELD, b. December 15, 1620.

                 iii.    ANNE STUBBLEFIELD, b. February 08, 1620/21.

                 iv.    WILLIAM STUBBLEFIELD, b. March 25, 1623; d. October 09, 1630.

                  v.    MARY STUBBLEFIELD, b. September 05, 1625.

                 vi.    SUSAN STUBBLEFIELD, b. December 04, 1627.

                vii.    ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD, b. December 28, 1631.

               viii.    THOMAS STUBBLEFIELD, b. March 09, 1632/33.

                  ix.    SARAH STUBBLEFIELD, b. February 14, 1634/35; d. December 22, 1637.



Generation No. 2


2.  SIMON2 STUBBLEFIELD (JEFFREY1) was born April 25, 1629 in Castle Camp Parish, Cambridgeshire, England.



SIMON STUBBLEFIELD was baptised on April 25, 1629; in Castle Camps Parish, Cambridgeshire, England.  The sixth child of JEFFREY STUBBLEFIELD & MARY CAMP.  He was living in Virginia as early as March 27, 1672 when as a matter of difference between ED CHEESMAN and THOMAS CHEESMAN and SIMON STUBBLEFIELD was referred to Judgment in England.  He served on the Board of Escheached Lands in Gloucester County, Virginia in 1674-1675.  He had nore children not named.



4.                i.    GEORGE3 STUBBLEFIELD, b. 1670, Glouchester County, Virginia.



3.  JOHN2 STUBBLEFIELD (JEFFREY1) was born December 15, 1620.  He married FRANCES CHAPMAN 1647. 



                   i.    STUBBLEFIELD3.



Generation No. 3


4.  GEORGE3 STUBBLEFIELD (SIMON2, JEFFREY1) was born 1670 in Glouchester County, Virginia.  He married ANN UNKNOWN Abt. 1698. 



GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD was probably born about 1670 in Gloucester County, Virginia, and about 1698 married ANN UNKNOWN.  On March 16, 1701 he signed an address of the Magistrates and Militia officers of Glouchester County, opposing French support of the Stuart Pretender to the English Throne and in 1704-1705, he paid a quitrnet on 400 acres in King William County, Virginia, although he lived in Gloucester County.  On January 6, 1709-1710, he had his son baptized in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester COunty.  While there is no proof, his children is listed on the family page.



5.                i.    ROBERT4 STUBBLEFIELD, b. 1700, Glouchester County, Virginia; d. Bet. 1770 - 1780.

                  ii.    GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1705.

                 iii.    JOHN STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1709.

                 iv.    THOMAS STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1712.

                  v.    EDWARD STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1715.



Generation No. 4


5.  ROBERT4 STUBBLEFIELD (GEORGE3, SIMON2, JEFFREY1) was born 1700 in Glouchester County, Virginia, and died Bet. 1770 - 1780.  He married ANN WYATT Abt. 1723. 



ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD was born about 1700 in Glouchester County, Virginia, and about 1723 married ANN WYATT.  On May 9, 1723, the Virginia Council and General Court invested certain lands in him in fee tail and on August 22, 1726 he deeded two small tracts of 600 acres and 400 acres in King and Queen County, Virginia to JOHN COLLIER, JR. of Stratton Major Parish, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, on which ROBERT lived.  On October 16, 1730, ROBERT mortgaged the land, which lay on brances of South River adjoining HENRY HAYES, ROBERT BAYLOR & WILLIAM PRUETT, to COLLIER for *65.  On May 7, 1734, ROBERT & ANN sold 200 acres of land to BENJAMINE MATTHEWS for 4,090 pounds of Tobacco and on June 29, 1734, they sold 200 acres to RALPH WILLIAMS for 2, 500 pounds of Tobacco.  In June, 1735, Robert was ordered to lay off a road and in February, 1737, he was appointed constable for the district from Mattaponi Church bridge along the road by Pamunkey Creek.  On November 1, 1748, ROBERT & ANN sold their 400 acre plantation to RICHARD BAYLOR for *100 and moved to Amelia (now Rockingham/Caswell) County, North Carolina where in 1758, he bought 780 acres from WILLIAM WYNN.  In March, 12758, he received permission to build a grist mill on his land.  On July 31, 1762 he sold 150 acres of it to ABRAHAM WOMACK.  About 1763 he sold 310 acres to WYATT STUBBLEFIELD, and about 1765 he sold 150 acres to RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD, and about 1769 he sold 170 acres to THOMAS STUBBLEFIELD.  ROBERT was sued by JOSEPH MAYS in 1758 in Halifax County, Virginia and in August 1763, he was sued by THOMAS TABB in Orange County, North Carolina.  ROBERT probably died in 177?.  And ANN moved with THOMAS and WILLIAM STUBBLEFIELD to Surry(now Wilkes) County, North Carolina.  On March 1, 1780, she bought 30 acres on Bugaboo Creek from EDMOND BOAZ for *200 and sold it for the same price to GEORGE PARKS on March 1, 1787.  While there is no proof, the children of this couple are listed on the family page.



                   i.    WYATT5 STUBBLEFIELD, b. 1740, Spotsylvania County Virginia; d. 1825, Caswell County, North Carolina; m. ANN CHALLIS, Abt. 1770.



WYATT STUBBLEFIELD was born about 1740 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and moved to Amelia (now Prince Edward) County, Virginia in 1748.  He moved to Orange (now Caswell) County, North Carolina, where about 1763 he bought 310 acres on Hogan's Creek from ROBERT STUBBLEFIIELD.  In 1763 he was sued by GEORGE LUMPKIN  and in 1764-1765 by JOHN BYNUM; he served on a grand jury in 1768.  He married about 1770 ANN CHALLIS, daughter of HUGH CHALLIS & MARTHA WIMBISH.  On August 15, 1775, he sold JOHN STUBBLEFIELD of Guilford County, North Carolina, 164 acres on the north side of Hogan's Creek in Guilford and Orange Counties for *90.  In April, 1780, he bought 24 acres in Rockingham County, adjoining RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD for *50.  On December 15, 1781, the North Carolina Auditors Office paid him *18.6.7., and other amounts later, for sundries donated to the Militia during the American Revolution.  On May 24, 1782, he served as a recruit in the Caswell County Militia.  On April 28, 1787, he bought the 164 acres on Hogan's Creek that he had sold to JOHN STUBBLEFIELD from ARCHIBALD YARBOROUGH for *200, and on May 16, 1787, he received a North Carolina grant of 630 acres on Wolf Island Creek in Guilford County.  In 1789 he paid taxes in Caswell County 640 acres and on 1,416 aces of western land;  in 1796 he paid taxes on 3,357 acres and in 1806 on 923 acres.  On September 19, 1815 he married MRS. MARY WORSHAM, widow of JOSHUA WORSHAM, and lived in Pittsylvania County Virginia, from 1815 to 1818.  On October 10, 1816 he sold JAMES POWELL 126 acres on Reddy Fork of Hogan's Creek in Caswell County;  on September 29, 1817, he gave land to his son, GEORGE W. STUBBLEFIELD, and on October 10, 1817, he gave 300 acres in Rockingham County to his son-in-law, DAVID BOAZ.  On January 9, 1818, he posted bond for letters of administration on the estate of his late wife;  he then returned to Caswell County, where on March 5, 1819 he sold KEZZE MARTIN 150 acres on the waters of the Dan River in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, for $150.00.  He died in Caswell County, North Carolina, in 1825, leaving children from his first marriage.



Burial: Caswell County, North Carolina


                  ii.    JOHN STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1724.

                 iii.    GEORGE STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1726.

                 iv.    JOEL STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1728.

                  v.    RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD, b. February 20, 1731/32.

                 vi.    ELIZABETH STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1734.

                vii.    THOMAS STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1742.

               viii.    WILLIAM STUBBLEFIELD, b. Abt. 1748.






1.  Thaxton Parish Register; County Essex, England, Castle Camps Parish Register, Cambridgeshire, England..