James Asa Gross
35th Tennessee Infantry Company A

Submitted by Greg Curtis

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James Asa Gross was born August 4, 1842 in Grundy County TN. His parents were Losson Henry Gross and Hanner Tucker Walker. Growing up his father was a farmer, blacksmith, and mechanic his mother did cooking, carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, etc. His family lived in a log three-room house. Schooling for James consisted of public schools that went for no longer than two months a year. In his lifetime he only had 13 months of schooling. Before the War broke out, he owned a horse that he paid $150 for and $30 worth of hogs. His parents had about $400 in property, including land.

When the War broke out, James Asa enlisted with Company A of the 35th Tennessee for a 12-month period. He was appointed to be a sharpshooter and was in some hot spots during the fighting. At the battle of Shiloh his unit, because of the mumps, turned him back. He spent 20 days in the hospital at Gun town recovering. During this fighting at Shiloh his uncle Jonas Gross was killed. During the Kentucky campaign he fought in the battles of Richmond, the Plum Orchard and Cumberland Gap. He would have been in the Battle of Murfreesboro but was turned back because of dysentery. When his enlistment was up, he told his captain that he was going home. He had intended to return, but his mother pleaded for him to stay. Instead he joined his father in the home guard. He took the oath of allegiance to the U. S. Government in the year of 1864.

The years after the war he engaged in farming, blacksmithing, and making wagons. He married Elizabeth Tate and had 12 children: James Taylor, Lawson, Louie, Mary, Margaret, Elmira, Belle, Johnnie, Prudence, Herbert, Ethel and Estelle(twins). James Asa Gross died on April 1, 1930.

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