Henry Overturf
35th Tennessee Infantry Company A

Submitted by Greg Curtis

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Henry Overturf was born in Warren County TN. on January 2, 1835.  His father was born in Virginia and moved with his father to Warren.  His mother was born and raised in the areas of White and Warren counties.  Henry was educated at the Altamont Academy and lived in and around Altamont. Growing up he helped in trading and farming with his family.

In 1861, Henry joined the 5th Mountain Rifles Company A, later to be known as the 35th Tennessee Infantry. He was later Lieutenant of Company F of the 35th Tenn. At the battle of Shiloh, his unit received heavy casualties; nineteen of his men were killed in the space of three minutes. In the fight he received a wound to the neck and had bullets pass through his hair on three occasions. He was in the battles of Corinth and the Plum Orchard, before returning home. While he was on furlough, he was captured and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio. He remained a prisoner for 18 months before he enlisted with the Second United States Volunteers Company A. He was promised that he would not have to fight against his fellow countrymen. He was sent to the frontier out west to fight the Indians. He eventually became Quarter Master at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He was discharged from the military in April, 1865, and returned to Tennessee.

After the military Henry settled on a farm in the present town of Gruetli. He was a heavy landowner of about 7000 acres. He was in political affairs serving as Constable, Sheriff, County Surveyor, Justice of the Peace, and postmaster for Tatesville. He eventually married Nancy Scruggs and had fourteen children. Henry Overturf died on August 3, 1912.

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