George Goodman
Grundy Confederate

Submitted by Greg Curtis

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This is George Goodman of the 27th Tennessee Cavalry.

Monday, March 9, 1908

Was in Tennessee Army.  I am a native of Tennessee; was born in Grundy County in 1845. I will be 63 years old March 28. I am one of those old ex-confederates, was in the Tennessee Army, Fourth Confederate Regiment, Company G. Barnes was our Captain. He was a good officer and a good man.

I served awhile in Captain John P. Henley's Company. During my last service we ran some Tennessee Federals in a barn and they shot me through the right arm before we got them smoked out. I was in a fix then, sixty miles inside of their lines and not able to ride out. Next morning a boy by the name of Levan and I were carried up the side of Cumberland Mountain to an old stillhouse and a man brought something to eat, and old man Levan and my mother found out where we were and they come to us. The Federals had killed my Father; he was 53 years old when they killed him. He had been in the Army, but they had discharged him. I had to hide 3 months in those mountains before I got to go in, and it was 12 months before I could use my right arm.

Sometime after the surrender in 1870, I came to Kaufman County, Texas. Left there in 1875 and came to Erath.

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