Andrew Jackson Lockhart
8th (Smith's) Tennessee Cavalry
Company H

Submitted by Greg Curtis

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Andrew Jackson Lockhart was born January 10, 1837 in Grundy County TN. His father was John C. Lockhart and Sallie Walker. His father was an agriculturist and became a member of the county courts for many years. His mother passed away in 1840. Andrew Jackson went to school in Altamont where he obtained a fair education.

When the war broke out he joined up with the 5th Cavalry battalion under Captain Glover. His unit would be consolidated into the company H of the 8th (Smith's) Tennessee Cavalry. During his war service he was in many raids, skirmishes, and battles that included Fishing Creek, and Murfreesboro. Before the battle of Chickamauga, he was taken prisoner by the federals at Dunlap Tennessee. He was sent to Nashville for two months then to Camp Chase Ohio and later to Rock Island Illinois.

While in prison, he endured the cruelty of northern prisons. He was provided with little cover subjecting him to the cold weather. They were given very little food so he and the other prisoners had to resort to eating rats and red worms. He had enough of prison life and took the oath of allegiance on October 3, 1864.

After the war he returned to Dunlap, TN. and started farming and making brick for the Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company. He was active in the United Confederate Veterans for many years. He made his home in Tracy City and married Elizabeth Pankey. Together they had four children: Albert Sydney Johnston,Sallie, Milton Dixie and Frank Cheatham. Albert and Frank were named after Confederate Generals. Andrew Jackson Lockhart died on December 11, 1911. He is buried at the Orange Hill Cemetery.

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