Alexander Houston Sanders

Submitted by Greg Curtis

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Alexander Houston Sanders,- Pvt.

He was b. 20 Sept 1838 at Payne's Cove, Grundy Co., TN,
d. 9 May 1919; son of Jacob SANDERS and Martha YATES.

He married Mary E. CRABTREE and lived in Grundy. He went to his father's home in Lincoln Co. after the war.

~ *He enlisted. 29 Apr 61 at Pelham, aged 20. He was shot in the arm at Harper's Ferry. Promoted to 2nd Cpl. 20 Oct 62. After Gettysburg he was authorized to return home for the purpose of raising a company. Furlough expired 23 Mar 64 considered to have deserted. He raised a Company and was appointed Capt. Of Company C, 20th Tenn. Cav. In a battle in Madison County, AL, he had a leg broken by a gunshot; at McMinnville, TN, a bullet passed through his chin; at Selma, AL, he received a bullet in his thigh which he carried until his death; and at the last-named battle, while in a hand-to-hand conflict with sabers, his own weapon was cut in two, and thus left defenseless he warded off blows with his hands until one of his comrades shot his assailant, but his hands were badly cut. After the war he was elected to the county court for eight years and in 1892 was elected Sheriff of Grundy County. He applied for a pension from Franklin County after 1891.* He is buried in the old Baptist cemetry in Pelham.

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