Co-written with W. Carleen Schmidt Judy Dugan, Eldora Phillips,  and Virginia Cunningham and submitted by Stevie Hughes.


William Johnson married Nancy Morgan on 11-8-1811 in Green County, TN, with Ephraim Skyles listed as bondsman.  They continued to live in Greene County the rest of their lives.  Their places of birth and parents’ names cannot be proven at this time.  The only authoritative clue to his age comes from the 1840 Census of Greene County which enumerates a William Johnson, age 60-70, with three females in his household, ages 60-70, 10-15, and 5-10.  This places William’s birth date in the 1770-1780 decade, which would be consistent with the 1811 year of marriage.  The female listed as age 60-70 is probably William’s second wife, Mary (“Polly”) Dameron, whom he married in March 1840.  She is his named widow in 1842.

Glimpses of William and Nancy Morgan Johnson’s lives can be found by checking Greene County Tax Books, Court records, and land Deeds.  His name appears in the “Chucky” District 1 area in the tax records starting in 1809 up through 1843.  Between 1830-1834, William purchased a total of 450 acres of land on the south side of the Nolachucky River by the head of Big Spring and the head of Middle Creek.  He sold 100 acres of this land to his son, Robert, with W. C. Maloney and R. R. Smith, witnesses.  Another 50 acres was sold to Robert in 1841, with H. G. Johnson and John Johnson, Robert’s brothers, signing as witnesses.
A more intimate portrait of William and Nancy Morgan Johnson comes from William’s divorce petition of 6-14-1839.  In the petition William stated he and Nancy had been married 28 years living together until    4-17-1838.  At that time he accused Nancy of deserting him to live with William Morgan. The Court granted this divorce based on these charges on 2-10-1840.

On 3-5-1840, William Johnson married “Polly” (Mary) Dameron, bond by Jonathan Prather. William Johnson died in May 1842.  The 1843 Tax List for District 1 (the Middle Creek area) shows 250 acres in the name of “Johnson, Wm., dcs. heirs.”  William’s son, John, petitioned the Circuit Court on 10-26-1842 to serve as estate administrator to sell real estate belonging to William Johnson consisting of 400 acres “on the south side of Chucky River and on headwaters of Middle situate at the foot of Bear Wallow Mountain some 10 miles from Greeneville.”  This valuable document named all heirs:  Robert H. Johnson, Hiram Johnson, Charlotte Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Anna Johnson, all over 21, and “Laney” Johnson, Nancy Johnson, and Catherine Johnson, all under the age of 21.  The 1842 petition stated the heirs were nonresidents of Greene County.  Another petition requested that George Forte (a representative of the Greene County Court) be appointed guardian for the minor heirs and the petition be served on William Johnson’s widow, Mary Johnson, and William’s son, Hiram Johnson, residents of Greene County. 

William’s ex-wife, Nancy Morgan Johnson, is not found in the 1840 Greene County census as a head of household.  She was possibly living with one of her many Morgan relatives at the time of the Census.  Nancy Morgan Johnson remarried to William Morgan, her presumed cousin and correspondent in the 1839 divorce petition, on 2-20-1849 in Greene County.  They are in the l850 Census with no children in the household.  Nancy is age 60 (born c. 1790).   Nancy and her second husband are not in the 1860 Census.  A widow, Nancy Morgan, age 80 (born c. 1790), is in the 1870 Greene County census, once again, living in close proximity to her numerous Morgan relatives.   She is not in the 1880 census. 

The children of William Johnson and Nancy Morgan Johnson Morgan were:

1.    Robert Henry, born c. 1812 in Greene County, TN.  Robert married Catherine Smith.  Robert migrated to Macedonia in Hamilton County, Illinois in the early 1840’s where Robert was a farmer, merchant, postmaster, and land developer.   For further information, please refer to the Robert Henry Johnson Family.

2.  John Kent, born 11-28-1813 in Greene County, TN.    John married Nancy Allison on 9-4-1834.  They removed to Hamilton County, Illinois, about 1848 where John was a shoemaker and farmer in Macedonia.  For further information, please refer to the John Kent Johnson Family.

3.   Hiram Gibbs, born c. 1816 in Greene County, TN.  Hiram married Jane Johns(t)on in Greene County on 9-7-1837.  Jane (born 10-16-1817) was the daughter of Zopher (Jr.) and Phebe Cooper Johns(t)on.  For further information on Jane’s family, please refer to the Zopher (Junior) and Phebe Cooper Johns(t)on Family.  Hiram and Jane migrated to Macedonia, Illinois where Hiram was a farmer in Franklin County.    For further information, please refer to the Hiram Gibbs and Jane Johns(t)on Johnson Family.

4.  Charlotte, born 2-13-1818 in Greene County, TN.  Charlotte migrated to Hamilton County, IL where she married Silas Messer Page in December 1841.  Silas was a farmer in Hamilton County until 1868, when the family migrated to Pulaski County, Missouri.  For further information, please refer to the Silas and Charlotte Johnson Page Family.

 5.  Elizabeth, born before 1822 in Greene County, TN.  No further information is available.

6.   Anna, born c. 1824 in Greene County, TN.   On 11-17-1845 Anna Johnson married Allen Morgan in Greene County, bond by Wylie Kelley.  Anna and Allen lived near numerous Morgan Families in the Middle Creek area in the 1850 and 1860 census.  Their children included: (1) Sarah, born c. 1846;           (2) Margaret, born c. 1847 who may have died in childhood; (3) Susan A., born c. 1850, a twin;             (4) Thomas, born c. 1850, a twin who may have died in childhood;   (5) Angeline, born c. 1854;              (6) Louisa, born c. 1856; (7) Mary J., born c. 1859; (8) William, born c. 1861; and (9) Nancy, born c. 1864.  By 1880, the family had removed to Unicoi County, Tennessee. 

7.  “Laney”, born c. 1827/28 in Greene County, TN.  Research indicates that “Laney” who was named in her Father’s 1842 Estate Settlement is probably “Leanna” Johnson who married Jonathan Browning in Hamilton County, Illinois on 8-26-1848.  William Johnson’s 1840 TN household included a daughter born      c. 1830 who appears to be Leanna (“Laney”) Johnson Browning, born 5-25-1827.  Leanna Johnson Browning lived in close proximity to her brothers, Robert Henry Johnson and Hiram Gibbs Johnson.  In the 1850 census, she is enumerated under the name of “Leana”; in 1860 she is enumerated as “Laner”.  Leanna Johnson Browning died in Franklin County, Illinois on 11-25-1865 and is buried in the Browning Family Cemetery.  The children of Jonathan and Leanna Browning were:  (1) Augusta/Augustine, born c. 1849, who married James Martin on 1-7-1869; (2) John Albion, born c. 1851; (3) James A., born c. 1853, who may have died in childhood; (4) William R., born c. 1855; (5) Andrew P., born c. 1857; (6) Jonathan H., born c. 1859, who married Ellen C. Maddox on 8-8-1883; (7) Anna Lenora, born c. 1862, who married Joseph T. Smith on 11-1-1882; (8) Ellsworth, born c. 1864; and (9) Martin Sherman, born 3-15-1865, who married Fannie King on 10-3-1888.   After their Mother’s death, Jonathan H. and Ellsworth were raised by their Uncle Robert Henry Johnson.  Jonathan Browning remarried to Louisa Allen.  He died before 1870.  In the 1870 census of Franklin County, most of Jonathan and Leanna Johnson Browning’s children were in the household of his second wife, Louisa Allen Browning.

8.     Catherine, born after 1822 in Greene County, TN.  No further information is available.

9.    Nancy, born 12-9-1830 in Greene County, TN.  William Johnson’s 1840 household included a daughter born 1825-1830.  She is probably Nancy who married William Calvin Hatley in Greene County on 9-9-1845, bond by William Ross.  William C. Hatley was the son of Sherwood and Phebe Johnston Hatley.  Nancy and William C. Hatley are in the 1850 Greene County census.  Shortly thereafter, they removed to Missouri.  About 1859, Nancy Johnson Hatley and her children moved to Hamilton County, IL   where they lived between Robert Henry Johnson (her brother) and Zopher Johnson Jr. (William’s Uncle).  For further information, please refer to the Family of William Calvin and Nancy Johnston Hatley and to the Family of Phebe Johns(t)on and Sherwood Hatley of Greene County, Tennessee.





Spelling and punctuation unchanged.

“Chancery Court, Page 477
John Johnson, Admr
Vs Widow & Heirs at law of Wm Johnson decd
(Petition filed 13 Oct. 1842)

To the Hon. Seth J.W. Lucky, Judge of the first Judicial Circuit in the State of Tennessee – The Petition of John Johnson, Administrator of all and singular, the goods and chattels, rights and credits of William Johnson deceased, respectfully sheweth – That the said William Johnson departed this life intestate on the ___ day of May in the year 1842 in the County of Greene and Circuit aforesd, and that your petitioner took out letters of Adm. Upon the estate of sd Wm on the ____day of _____ in the year 1842 – Petitioner states that previously to the death of said Wm, he was much involved in debt, that suits were instituted against him before his sd death and all the personal estate belonging to said Wm levied on before his sd death, but sold subsequently thereto for the satisfaction of sd. Debts so sued upon before sd. Wm’s death – and there was consequently no personal estate upon which your petitioner could administer – Your petitioner further states that his said father Wm Johnson died being much indebted over and independently of the debts levied on the personal estate as before mentioned – Petitioner is informed and believes, that there are still out standing debts against the estate of his intestate, amounting to about the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars and perhaps more than that sum, for the payment of which sum of money your petitioner has no assets – petitioner states further that his said father died seized and possessed of certain lands situate in the County of Greene, and within the Circuit aforesd amounting in all to about four hundred acres on the south side of Chucky river and on the head waters of middle and bounded as described in the grants to Wm Johnson, herewith exhibited and a deed from James Jennings also filed with this petition.  Your petitioner states that said land is situate at the foot of the Bear Wallow mountain, some ten miles from Greeneville the County seat of said County – It is mountain land and not considered valuable, there being only about fifteen acres of cleared land upon the whole body – Your petitioner thinks it extremely doubtful whether said land will sell from a sum sufficient to pay the debts above mentioned – He is well satisfied that it will be necessary to sell the whole body of said land to discharge said debts – Your petitioner states that the said Wm Johnson died having a widow – Mary Johnson, who is still liveing – and Robert H. Johnson, Hiram Johnson, Charlotte Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Anna Johnson, and Petitioner who are all  of full age – Laney Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Catherine Johnson infants under the age of twenty one years – all of whom are the children and heirs at law of Wm Johnson decd.  Petitioners intestate.

Your petitioner is advised that in the condition of sd. Intestate’s estate, it is his duty to ask your Honor to decree a sale of said land, for the purpose of paying off the said debts so outstanding and unpaid – And as your petitioner is advised, that petitions for the sale of real estate by an Executor or Admr. And the proceedings thereon are to be had according to rules of the Chancery Court, Petitioner asks that the sd widow and heirs of sd Wm Johnson, be made parties left to this proceeding, and that upon final hearing said lands may be decreed to be sold.  Upon such terms as your Honor shall think best for the interest of sd estate and the proceeds to be applied as far as necessary, to the payment of sd debts and expenses of their proceeding and sale of sd land, and that any residue be accounted for by your petitioner to the Heirs and distributes of sd estate – And that by virtue of sd decree, the title to said lands may be divested out of sd heirs and vested in the purchaser or purchasers of the same – And that process may issue

                                                                                                                                John Johnson

Sworn in open Court 12 Oct 1842.  V. Sevier Clk”

COMMENT:  The petitioner is John Kent Johnson.  He would later migrate to Hamilton County, Illinois to join his brother, Robert Henry Johnson.  The third brother, Hiram Gibbs Johnson, also came to Illinois.

“October Term 1843 Thursday 20th

In this case it is ordered by the Court that publication be made against Robert H. Johnson, Hiram Johnson, Charlotte Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Anna Johnson who are of full age, Laney Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Catharine Johnson who are minors under the age of twenty one years, the Heirs at law of William Johnson decd and who are now residents, to appear at the next term of this Court and show cause why the petition of the said Administrator should not be granted, and an order of sale be issued to sell the lands of the said William Johnson decd to satisfy the debts due from his Estate – Said publication to be made in some public newspaper in the first Judicial Circuit in this State for the space of sixty days.”

“February Term 1843 – Thursday 23

Upon motion of petitioner’s counsel it is ordered by the Court that George W. Forte be appointed Guardian ad litem for the infant heirs of said William Johnson, viz, Laney Johnson, Nancy Johnson and Catharine Johnson, who are under the age of twenty one years, with full power and authority, to act for and on behalf of said infant heirs, to the intent that their interest in the lands mentioned in the petition may be properly guarded – And it is further ordered, that copies of the petition and the ordinary subpoena in Chancery be served upon the widow of the decedent , viz, Mary Johnson, and upon the infant Heirs aforesaid and their guardian, and upon Hiram Johnson, who are residents of the County of Greene and State of Tennessee.”

“Page 482

In the Circuit Court of Greene County

June Term, 1843

John Johnson Admr. Of the Estate of Wm. Johnson, dec’d

Vs The Widow & Heirs at law of Wm Johnson decd.

Pursuant to an order of the Honorable Court, I have proceeded to take an account of the assets and liabilities of said Estate as follows—

DR the Administrator – For John Eddleman’s note doubtful 200 lbs bar Iron

Account acknowledged by George Click to be due from him to the Estate doubtful 309 lbs bar Iron

The following are the claims against the Estate as far as has come to the knowledge of the Administrator –

To Dr James F. Broyles account   


Drury M. Surgen 


George Maltsbarger    about 19.00  
Robert Johnson            note       21.00  
John J. Broyles             account   12.00  
Isaac Earnests              note 30.00  
Samuel Snapp & Son   28.24  
Costs in Circuit Court against Estate   8.41  
John Johnson’s acct for funeral expenses 4.00  
McDowell, McGaughey & Co Judgment      about  8.00  
Counsel fee    12.50  
Expenses in County Court  3.00  
Chas P. Byers for making publication – about -  12.00  
Proving & Registering Deed for land     1.30  
Taxes due on land       1.50  

Hiram Johnson claims upon a bond which he holds upon intestate 1693 lbs Iron –


The Administrator reports a claim set up by George House against the Estate which he consider unjust – amount not stated –                                                 16th June 1843 V. Sevier Clk.
By Geo W. Forte   Cle”     

“February, Term 1846, Friday, 20th

The sale of real estate mentioned and described in the pleadings in this cause coming on this 20th day of February 1846, for confirmation, before the Honorable T. M. Anderson, Judge upon the report of the administrator, which is in the words and figures following “Pursuant to the within order of sale, I sold on the premises on the 5th day of August 1843, two tracts of land of the Estate of William Johnson deceased, containing four hundred acres, be the same more or less, lying on the head of Middle Creek, after advertising the same in the Miscellany published in Greeneville, to Samuel Snapp, for the sum of one hundred dollars and one cent, he being the highest, best and last bidder for that sum.

John Johnson Adm – Which report being unexcepted to, is in all things confirmed –

The Honorable Judge is therefore pleased to order, adjudge and decree the title to all the lands mentioned in the pleadings in this cause including fifty acres conveyed by James Jennings to the said William Johnson, be divested out of the widow and heirs at law of the said William Johnson, and vested in the said Samuel Snapp and his heirs forever – And it is further ordered that one third of the proceeds of said land be paid over to the Clerk of this Court, for the use of said Mary and to be annually loaned by said Clerk and the interest arising thereon annually to be paid over to the said Mary – and out of the remainder of said sum the costs of this proceeding shall be paid by the said Administrator –

The answer of Mary Johnson, widow of Wm Johnson decd to the petition of John Johnson Admr. Of said Wm Johnson, filed in the Circuit Court of Greene County – Mary Johnson states that she is willing and desireous that the Hon Court shall render a decree in this case as she believes it will be for the interest of the estate of said Wm Johnson decd.  She further states that she is willing to waive her dower right in the land mentioned in said petition, and that the Court shall decree the sale of the whole quantity of land aforesaid and that such portion of the proceeds of said sale be allotted to her, as may be deemed proper by the Court, the said Mary being anxious to have the debts due against the estate of her deceased husband paid.

                                                                                Mary Johnson “X” her mark”




Judy Dugan has researched the lands owned by William Johnson that were sold to settle his Estate.

William Johnson made three major land purchases, all between 1830 and 1834:

1.  Nov. 1830 purchase 200 acres on the head waters of Middle Creek.  This looks like forest or very close to forest land near Green Ridge to the southeast and Horse Creek and Horse Creek Campground to the east.

 2.  Jan. 20, 1832 purchase 200 acres on "head" of Middle Creek.   Grey Stone Road and Middle Creek Road run through this property.  Hampton Mill is just to the north (maybe a quarter mile).  Hampton Springs is on the property.   Mountain View Church is to the west and Jennings Creek is several miles south.

3.  Feb. 22, 1834 purchase 50 acres from James Jennings.  This land lies directly between William Johnson's other 200 acre properties.   There appears to be an irregular 4-sided property within the 2nd and 3rd  purchases which is surrounded by his property but does not belong to him.




Co-written with Carleen Schmidt, Virginia Cunningham and Eldora Phillips

Robert Henry Johnson, born c. 1812 was the son of William and Nancy Morgan Johnson.    Robert Henry’s wife was Catherine Smith.  There is no marriage in Greene County for them.   Robert was in Hamilton County, Illinois by the early 1840’s.  He was probably the first of the intermarried members of the Zopher Johnston Family and the William Johnson Family to have migrated there.  Many members of both families would follow.   (For further information please refer to the Zopher and Phebe Cooper Johnston Family of Greene County, Tennessee.)

Robert was a prosperous farmer and merchant in Hamilton County, Illinois.  The area where the family settled is known today as Macedonia; however, in early years, it was named Johnsontown because the town was created in 1858 from Robert’s land.  Robert was the Postmaster for several years.  He was also interested in local politics.

When the Civil War came, Robert Henry formed the 13th Illinois Cavalry, enlisting men from adjacent Hamilton and Franklin Counties.  Robert Henry Johnson died 2-19-1885.  His 1885 obituary named only two surviving children, his daughter Martha A., and his son, Samuel.  Robert Henry Johnson and his wife, Catherine, are believed to be buried in unmarked graves in the Macedonia ME Church Cemetery where several of their children are buried.   Other family members are also buried there, including the children of Robert’s brothers, Hiram Gibbs Johnson and John Kent Johnson.  

Robert Henry and Catherine had nine known children.  These children were:

 (*Denotes buried at the ME Church Cemetery in Macedonia, (Franklin County) Illinois)

1.  Enoch*, born July 1835.  Enoch married Elizabeth Jane “Lizzie” Johnson, the daughter of Christopher Cooper and Kathryn Kerbaugh Johnson, who were also from Greene County and had removed to Illinois about 1853.  Both of Elizabeth’s parents died during the Civil War.  Enoch and “Lizzie” raised her younger sisters. For further information on Elizabeth Jane’s family, please refer to the Christopher and Kathryn Kerbaugh Johnson Family of Greene County, TN.  For further information, please refer to the Enoch and Lizzie Johnson Family.

2.  Mary Ann*, born c. 1837.  She married William VanCleave*.  After his death during the Civil War on 10-4-1862, Mary Ann remarried to William B. Bolen.

3.  Samuel T., born c. 1839.  He married Rebecca Jane Fisher.  Samuel and his family were living in Jefferson County, Illinois in the 1880 Census.  Their 1880 household included the following children:       (1) Albert N., born c. 1864, who was named for his Uncle who died during the Civil War; (2) S. C., born c. 1865; (3) Joseph W., born c. 1868; (4) Clarence F., born c. 1870; and (5) Sherman E., born c. 1879.  Samuel’s father, Robert Henry Johnson, died at Samuel’s home near Mt. Vernon, (Jefferson County) Illinois in 1885.

4. Martha A., born c. 1841.  She married Wilson Thompson.

5.  Robert J.*, born April 1842.  Robert (Junior) enlisted with the IL 40th Infantry, Co. A.  He died at 20 years of age on 7-1-1862 from injuries sustained at the battle of Shiloh.  He is described in the Muster Rolls as 5’11” tall, with dark hair, dark complexion and blue eyes.

6.  Albert N.*, born 1846.  Albert enlisted with the 13th Illinois Cavalry, the Civil War unit formed by his Father.  Albert died of disease at the age of 18 at Camp Butler in Springfield, Illinois on 1-20-1864.  Albert was 5’10” tall, with black hair, dark complexion and black eyes.  He and his brother, Robert J., have military markers at the ME Church Cemetery in Macedonia, Illinois, with the inscription, “They Served Their Country”.

7.  Harriet E.*, born 11-13-1847.  She died in childhood on 9-13-1858.

8.  Flavius J., born c. 1849.  He married three times.  He first married Frances Boldin; then to Lizzie Beardon; and thirdly to Elizabeth Hunter.  By 1871, Flavious had removed to Bradley, Van Buren County, Arkansas.   His 1880 household included his third wife, Elizabeth and their children:  (1) Lillie K., born c. 1871 in Arkansas; (2) Mary E., born c. 1874; and a stepson, (3) Robert A. Hunter, born c. 1866 in Texas.

9.  Isabelle, born c. 1851.  She married B. J. W. Barnett.

Robert Henry Johnson was a prosperous and greatly admired man in Hamilton County, Illinois.  The town that grew-up where the family settled during the mid-1840’s was called Johnsontown.  In 1858, Robert Henry deeded land for the formal creation of the town, hence forth to be called Macedonia, Illinois.  The town straddled the Hamilton County and Franklin County lines.  The business establishments were in Hamilton County.  The Church and Cemetery were in Franklin County.

Upon the devastating impact of the Civil War on this family, few family members remained in Macedonia by 1880.  Such was the sad turn of events for Robert Henry’s Family.  Robert Henry Johnson died in 1885 in Jefferson County, Illinois, where he lived with his son, Samuel.

Today, the town of Macedonia, Illinois, has only the ME Church and Cemetery and a handful of houses. The once thriving little village is now only a fond memory.






“Lots Nos. 21 & 22 in Macedonia, Ill

United States


Robert H. Johnson

Certificate of Entry as per Entry book.  Dated February 2-5-1851, W/2 NW 31-5-5. 91 65

State of Illinois Hamilton County

I the undersigned Robert H Johnson being the owner of all the land contained in the following plat to hereby make known to all persons concerned that the following plat has by due authority been surveyed and platted by Chester Carpenter Surveyor of said County – I do herby deed all and set apart the land therein platted to be a town in said County of Hamilton to be called Macedonia in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 29 day of January the 1858.

Robert H. Johnson”



Co-written with Carleen Schmidt

Enoch Sanford Johnson and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Jane Johns(t)on were married by James Sneed, M.G., in Hamilton County, Illinois on 8-18-1857.  Enoch was born in Greene County, Tennessee, in July 1835 to Robert Henry and Catherine Smith Johnson, of the “Middle Creek” Johnson Family.  Enoch came to Hamilton County, Illinois, with his parents about 1842-1843.  Elizabeth Jane Johns(t)on, born c. 1841 in Greene County, Tennessee, was the eldest daughter of Christopher Cooper and Kathryn Kerbaugh Johns(t)on, of the “Roaring Fork” Johns(t)on Family.   Elizabeth came to Hamilton County, Illinois, with her parents and other family members in late 1853. 

Because both Enoch’s family and Elizabeth Jane’s family originated in Greene County, Tennessee, and had intermarried prior to both families’ arrival in Illinois, speculation existed that these two Johnson/Johns(t)on families of Greene County, Tennessee were related.  Recent DNA testing has confirmed this was not the case.  (For comparison of the DNA on these two Johnson Families, please refer to Appendix 2 on DNA.)

Enoch and Lizzie settled in Macedonia, Illinois, which straddles the Hamilton and Franklin County lines.  Enoch was a farmer and a wagon maker.  In 1854, Enoch bought 80 acres of land in Hamilton County.  Enoch also owned and sold other property around Macedonia over the next 20 years.  Enoch’s father, Robert Henry Johnson, was the “town father” of Macedonia, Illinois.

Enoch and Lizzie had at least nine children according to the Hamilton County, Illinois, birth register which lists a son, Lawrence (born 1870), as the ninth birth.  The hardships encountered by the early pioneers of the Midwest prairie is evidenced by the death rate of children.  Only two of Enoch and Lizzie’s nine children reached adulthood.  These two children were a daughter, Frances Louisa (Fannie) born 3 November 1858, and a son, Lawrence Lemuel born 27 August 1870.  The names of the many children who died have been lost through time.

During the Civil War Elizabeth’s father, mother, and infant brother, Ellsworth, died in Memphis, Tennessee, in the Fall of 1862 where her father was in the Union Army with the Illinois 40th, Company A.  These deaths left Lizzie's youngest three siblings orphaned.  In 1864, Enoch and Lizzie became the guardians for Lizzie’s siblings, Zopher Alexander Johnson, Pheba Adeline Johnson, and Sarah Ann Johnson until they married and/or reached legal age.  Guardianship petitions and Civil War pension claims provide the sad details of these events.  (Refer to the article on Christopher Cooper Johnson for the transcription of the associated affidavits in the settlement of his Estate, custody of the minor children, and Civil War pension application for the minor children.)

During this same time two of Enoch’s younger brothers died serving in the Union Army.    These brothers were Robert J. Johnson (1842-1862), who died at Shiloh serving with the Illinois 40th Infantry Company A, and Albert N. Johnson (1846-1864), who died at Camp Butler in Springfield while serving with the 13th Illinois Cavalry, Company H.  These losses of so many family members coupled with the deaths of their infant children and the guardianship of Lizzie’s siblings must have been unbelievably difficult for this family emotionally and financially.

Elizabeth Jane Johns(t)on Johnson died on 23 April 1882 at the relatively young age of 41.  No doubt, the many unsuccessful pregnancies contributed to her death.  Lizzie, and probably her infants who died in childhood, are buried at the Methodist Church Cemetery in Macedonia, Illinois.  Only one known picture exists of Lizzie.  She is a young woman, tall and slender.  Lizzie had dark hair and dark eyes, thus her physical characteristics were inherited from her father, Christopher Cooper Johnson.

After Lizzie’s death, Enoch apparently left Macedonia, Illinois and moved to Mt. Vernon, Illinois in Jefferson County, about thirty miles north of Macedonia.   Enoch’s brother, Samuel T. Johnson, and his family were living in Mt. Vernon at the time of the 1880 census; thus, it is possible, that is why Enoch was in Mt. Vernon.   There, Enoch remarried to the widow, Mary Ellen Edgington Rogers Mayhew on 20 April 1883.  He listed his occupation on the marriage license as a mechanic. 

Enoch and his second wife, Mary Ellen, lived in both Jefferson County and Hamilton County until Enoch died on 21 November 1914 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County.  Three of Enoch’s grandchildren, Carl C. Johnson, Ada Johnson Schrum, and Edna Johnson Perrin recalled attending his funeral at the Methodist Church in Macedonia, Illinois, and seeing his burial in the adjacent cemetery.  They stated he was buried next to Elizabeth Jane, but that no marker was ever placed on the graves.  Mary Ellen Mayhew Johnson died on 16 March 1925 in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

We do not know how many children Enoch and Lizzie had before Lizzie’s death in 1882.  However, by 1870, Lizzie had born nine children.  Only three of these children are identified:

1.  Frances Louisa (“Fannie”), born on 11-3-1858 in Hamilton County, Illinois.  Fannie married  Cornelius “Neal” Burton Carlton.  The date of their marriage is given as 12-10-1878, which appears to be wrong because Neal was enumerated in the 1880 census as “single” and residing with his parents.  Neal died at the age of 40 on 12-10-1894.  Fannie remarried to Robert Rogers sometime before 1899.  Fannie’s known children with her first husband, Neal Carlton, were:  (1) Nona Carlton, born September 1883, who married William Bennett;  (2) Carson H. Carlton, born December 1889, who married Ida Gibbs;   (3) Ray E. Carlton, born July 1892, who married Pearle Acord; and (4) Gertrude “Gertie” Carlton, born January 1894, who married Homer Aikin .   Fannie had one known child with her second husband, Robert Rogers:  (5) Earl Rogers, born on 2-7-1899.  Earl died at the age of 20 on 1-18-1919 and is buried at the Methodist Church Cemetery in Macedonia.  At the time of the 1900 census of Knights Prairie, Hamilton County, Fannie stated she had five children and all lived in her 1900 household.   Fannie’s second husband, Robert Rogers, was not in the 1900 household.  In 1910, Fannie stated she was a widow and had six children, five of whom were living.  In 1920, Fannie and her children still lived in the Knights Prairie Township of Hamilton County.  Fannie’s sons, Carson and Ray Carlton, were married and listed their occupation as “farmers”.  Fannie’s daughter, Gertie Carlton, still lived with her Mother.  In the 1920 census, Fannie was enumerated under her first husband’s surname of Carlton.

Fannie Johnson Carlton Rogers died on 3-11-1951 in Benton, Franklin County, Illinois.  She is buried with her first husband, Cornelius “Neal” Carlton, in the Methodist Church Cemetery in Macedonia, Illinois.

2.   J. R. A., a son born c. 1869 in Franklin County, Ilinois, who died in childhood.

3.  Lawrence Lemuel, born on 8-27-1870 in Macedonia, Franklin County, Illinois.   Lawrence married Malissa Caroline Allen in Hamilton County on 11-25-1891.  Malissa, born on 6-11-1869, was the daughter of Calvin Young and Mary Jane Daily Allen.    Lawrence Lemuel was a farmer and a blacksmith in various locations in Hamilton and Jefferson Counties during his lifetime.    Lawrence Lemuel and Malissa had twelve children.  Malissa died on 1-18-1920 in Pendleton Township in Jefferson County, Illinois and is buried in Old Union Cemetery in Dahlgren, Hamilton County.  Lawrence Lemuel remarried to Ida Mae Cook Allen, born 9-6-1880; died 9-20-1945.  The children of Lawrence Lemuel Johnson and his first wife, Malissa, were:  (1) Elbert, born on 5-19-1893, who died in infancy and is buried in the Old Union Baptist Cemetery in Hamilton County; (2)  Lora Enoch, born on 6-4-1894.   He married Nellie May Gibbs.  Lora Enoch died in Jefferson County on 1-6-1920 and is buried at the Old Union Baptist cemetery.  (3) Mary Elizabeth, born c. 1896 who died in infancy and is buried at Old Union; (4) Alma Jane, born on 6-12-1897 and died at the age of 20 on 7-1-1917.  She is buried at Old Union.  (5)  an unnamed child, born and

died in 1899, buried at Old Union;  (6) Ada May, born on 10-21-1900.  Ada May married Ross Schrum.  Ada died in May 1994 and is probably buried with her husband at Memorial Gardens in Mt. Vernon (Jefferson County).  (7)  Ira Pearl, born on 2-6-1902.  She married Wayman Hogshead.  They died in a car accident on 9-27-1969 and are buried in Memorial Gardens in Mt. Vernon.  (8)  Carl Calvin, born on 6-9-1903.  Carl married Wilma Roberta Jenkins.  Wilma, born 4-19-1920, was the daughter of Floyd Garrett and Estella Elizabeth Curlock Jenkins.  Carl and Wilma lived in Harvey, Illinois where Carl worked at the steel forging factory.  They had two children, and the family moved to Beecher, Illinois about 1946 where Carl continued to work at the factory and also farmed.    About 1950, the family sold the farm and moved to Peotone, Illinois.  Carl died on 2-12-1978 in Kankakee and is buried in Skyline Memorial cemetery in Monee, Illinois.   Their children are:  (i) Wilma Carleen.   Carleen graduated from Peotone High School in 1955 and moved to Chicago, working in various jobs in downtown Chicago while attending a modeling and fashion career school.  In 1957 Carleen attended the University of Chicago and graduated with a B.A. Degree in History.  Carleen married Dale G. Schmidt of Peotone and moved back to Peotone.  In 1961 Carleen began teaching elementary school in the Crete-Monee School District.  During this time Carleen taught school, went to school at night, weekends, and summers, and raised four children.  Carleen taught second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade during these years and also served as a coach for girls' basketball, volleyball, and track.  Carleen received a Master’s Degree in Elementary Science and a second Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.  She was the Principal at Peotone Elementary School until her retirement in 2002.  Carleen and Dale have four daughters, Linda Kay Schmidt (Mrs. Jack Robbins); Diane Elizabeth Schmidt (Mrs. Shaun Gorman); Karen Rebecca Schmidt (Mrs. Patrick Barry); and Anita Jeannine Schmidt (Mrs. Sean Becker), and eight grandchildren.  Carleen, who is the co-author of this article, is an avid Johnson and Johns(t)on Family researcher and contributed much information to the landmark book, Early Johnsons of Hamilton County, Illinois, compiled by Rev.  James William Dupree.   (ii) Lynn Douglas, (1943-2005).   Lynn Douglas Johnson was born in Harvey (Cook County), Illinois.  He graduated from Peotone High School, then worked as a lift truck mechanic and factory supervisor.  Lynn married Constance Ruth Bachmann from Monee, Illinois.   They adopted one son, Stephen Lynn Johnson.  Stephen graduated from Peotone High School and has an engineering degree from Southern Illinois University.  He works as a factory manager in Brunswick, Georgia, where he is married and has one stepdaughter.  Lynn had many talents.  He enjoyed hunting and became an avid gun collector and gun restorer.  Lynn was a “tinkerer” who never saw a mechanical problem he couldn't solve.  He and Stephen hand-built cars for drag racing which Stephen raced at local tracks when he still lived at home.  For a long time Stephen worked as an engineer for a company that developed parts for stock car racers.  Many times Stephen consulted Lynn to solve engine problems and together they successfully developed various car parts.  Stephen received several patents for his company based on collaboration that he did with his father.    Lynn Douglas Johnson died on 11-21-2005 in Kankakee, Illinois.   Shortly before his death, Lynn provided DNA for the Johnson DNA Project.  This unselfish act at last allowed us to definitively answer the question:  “Were the Zopher Johns(t) Family of Roaring Fork and the William Johnson Family of Middle Creek in Greene County, Tennessee, blood kin?”  The answer told from Lynn’s DNA is:  “NO”.  These two Johnson Families who intermarried several times, both in Tennessee and in Illinois, were not related.   Lynn Douglas Johnson was the last surviving male of the Enoch and Elizabeth Jane Johns(t)on Johnson Family.  Lynn’s widow, Constance, and their son, Stephen, reside in Brunswick, Georgia.   (9)  Edna Elsie, born on 3-26-1905.  She married Walter Perrin.  (10) Odie Myrtle, born on 8-30-1907.  She married Glenn Walter Swanson.  Odie died in Hot Springs, Arkansas in November 1991.  She is buried in Homewood, Illinois.  (11)  Jewell Ethel, born on 7-14-1910.  She married John Peerbolte.  Jewell died on 12-22-1995 in Harvey (Cook County), Illinois and is buried in Homewood.  (12)  Judith Ann, born on 7-14-1910, who died in infancy and is buried at Old Union. 

Lawrence Lemuel Johnson died in Harvey, Cook County, Illinois on 2-19-1953.  He is buried in the Johnson Family Plot at Old Union Baptist Church cemetery near Dahlgren, Illinois.




Co-written with Virginia Cunningham

John Kent Johnson was born on 11-28-1813 in Greene County, Tennessee, to William and Nancy Morgan Johnson.   John Kent and his eight siblings grew up on the family farm south of Greeneville on Middle Creek.  On 9-4-1834, John married Nancy Allison (born 4-11-1814), bond by William Martin.  The marriage was performed by M. (Mordicai) Lincoln.  A Newspaper article in 1918 stated John Kent was married in a “suit of wedding clothes” made by then tailor, and future President, Andrew Johnson.

The last date John and Nancy Allison Johnson can be placed in Greene County is October 1842, when John petitioned the Circuit Court to serve as estate administrator to sell 400 acres of land owned by his deceased father, William Johnson.    John and Nancy left Greene County, Tennessee about 1847/48 and migrated to southern Illinois.  In 1850, John and Nancy are enumerated in the census of Hamilton County, Illinois.   The brothers,  John Kent Johnson, Robert Henry Johnson and Hiram Gibbs Johnson, lived only a few households apart in the Knights Prairie Township, near the town of Macedonia.   John Kent was a shoemaker and a farmer.

John Kent and Nancy Allison Johnson had ten (known) children.  The families’ migration from Tennessee into Illinois can be assessed by where their children were born.  The first six children were born in Tennessee, between 1836 to 1847.  Their 7th child, William, was born in 1848 in Illinois. 

Nancy Allison Johnson died on 11-18-1887.  John Kent Johnson died on 9-2-1892.  They are buried in the Macedonia ME Church Cemetery in Franklin County, Illinois.  Several of their children are also buried there.

The children of John Kent and Nancy Allison Johnson are:

(*Denotes buried at the ME Church Cemetery in Macedonia (Franklin County), Illinois)

1.  Elizabeth, born c. 1836.  No information is available for this daughter.  She is not in her parents’ 1860 household.  It is possible she is “Eliza A.”, wife of William Marquis, in the 1860 census of Hamilton County, but this is only speculation.  This family resides next door to John Kent Johnson and two of his sons in the 1860 census.  Elizabeth’s brother, Alfred E. (child # 4, below) had a son John K., who named a son Marquis Johnson.  Also, Elizabeth’s sister,  Harriett (child #5, below) married James Reed, and a Marquis Reed lived next door to Marquis Johnson in the 1900 Franklin County census.  Elizabeth and William Marquis are not found in the 1870 or the 1880 census of Franklin or Hamilton counties. 

2.  James M.*, born 5-13-1837.   He married Sarah, surname unknown.  They are in the 1860 Hamilton County census, with one child:  (1) Loretta P., born c. 1858.  In the 1870 Census, James’ occupation was that of blacksmith.  James and Sarah’s first child, Loretta, was no longer in their 1870 household.  A second child (2) Will E., was born in 1862.  James M. Johnson died at the age of 37 years on 11-11-1874.

3.  Margaret J., born c. 1839.  She married William Cremeens 8-8-1858 in Hamilton County.  William was a Civil War soldier with the Illinois 40th, Company A, in which several of the intermarried Johnson Family members served.  William was a wagon maker in the 1860 census.  In 1880, he was listed as a physician.  Their children included:  (1) Elritta K.; (2) Effie E.; (3) Major M.; (4) Maude; (5) Azadora;    (6) John D.; and (7) Omar.

4.  Alfred E., born 3-2-1841.  He married Margaret A. Kelly 10-17-1859 in Hamilton County.  Alfred and Margaret  had nine children, of whom seven were living at the time of Alfred’s death in 1902.  Their known children were:  (1) Chester M.; (2) Newton Jasper; (3) George W.; (4) James R.; (5) Oliver P.;      (6) John K. Junior; and (7) Sidney Garfield*.  Alfred E. Johnson died on 11-27-1902 in Belle Rive, Illinois, near Macedonia.

5.  Harriett*, born 1843.  She married James Reed on 2-11-1864 in Hamilton County.  There were no children in their 1870 and 1880 households.  Harriett died on 11-19-1885.  James Reed, born 1829; died 1910, is buried in Knights Prairie Cemetery in Franklin County.

6.  Robert H., born c. 1847.  Robert was a civil war soldier, serving in Illinois 13th Cavalry, the Unit formed by his Uncle Robert Henry Johnson.  He was mustered out on 8-31-1865.  Robert married Mary Louisa Fisher on 8-9-1869 in Franklin County.  Robert and Mary Louisa had eight children:  (1) William Logan, born 5-6-1869.  In 1899, William Logan married Mattie Gullic.  They moved to Thompsonville, Illinois, where he was a doctor and President of the Thompsonville State Bank.  They had five children.   (2) Cora Avilla; (3) John Wesley; (4) Clara Jane; (5) Edina; (6) Martha Stella; (7) Sarah Elsie; and    (8) Ita Lulu.  In August 1918, Robert and Mary Louisa celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a “big picnic” at Macedonia.  A newspaper article on their anniversary said they had eight children, all of whom were living.  Robert died in March 1925 at his home in Benton, Franklin County.  He is buried in the Benton Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetery with his wife. 

7. William R.*, born 8-27-1848 in Illinois.  He died at the age of 21 on 8-22-1869.

8.  Major David*, born 1851.  He is referred to in various censuses as both David and as Major.  He married Harriett Carlton 10-7-1872 in Franklin County.  Major David and Harriett had two children, both of whom died in childhood:  (1) Willie E.* (1875-1881) and  (2) Charlie* (1877-1879).    Major David married a second time on 9-28-1879 to Louisa J. Shipley.   The 1900 census states Louisa Shipley Johnson had five children.  Louisa’s first two children were from a prior marriage.  They were Charles Davis and Merta Davis, who are in Louisa and Major David’s 1880 household.   The three children of Louisa and Major David Johnson were:  (3) Loretta; (4) Mary D.; and (5) Hattie E.   Major David Johnson died in 1925.

9.  Mary Catharine*, born 3-5-1853.  She married William A. Fisher 1-7-1872.  The 1900 census stated five of their children were living in 1900.  Their children included:  (1) John H.* (1877-1923); (2) Willie G.* (1880-1967); (3) Minnie L.; (4) Cora M.; (5) Sarah M.; (6) Ada; and (7) Pender.  Mary Catharine Johnson Fisher died at her home in Macedonia on 12-17-1917.  Fisher descendants continue to reside near Macedonia, Illinois.

10.  Sarah Martha*, born 1-20-1858.  She married Daniel Dennis Miller.  The 1900 Census states Martha and Daniel had eight children, all of whom were living.  These children were:  (1) John; (2) William;       (3) Franky (?); (4) Flory; (5) Myrtil; (6) Cloe; (7) Rosa; and (8) Elonzo.  Martha died on 1-29-1902.

11.  POSSIBLY an Unnamed Child*, born 1866; died 7-15-1867 who is buried by the John Kent Johnson Family Plot in the Macedonia ME Church Cemetery.  This baby could be either a child or a grandchild.

John Kent Johnson and his family left Greene County, Tennessee, and arrived in Illinois after John Kent settled his Father’s Estate.  The sale of his Father’s land culminated on February 20, 1846.  The first child born in Illinois was Robert H. Johnson, who was born about 1847.




Co-written with Carlene Johnson Schmidt

Hiram Gibbs Johnson, born c. 1816 was the son of William and Nancy Morgan Johnson, who lived in south Greene County, Tennessee, on Middle Creek.  Jane Johnston, born 10-16-1817, was the daughter of Zopher (Junior) and Phebe Cooper Johnston, who lived three miles north of the town of Greeneville in the area known today as the Hardin’s Chapel Community.   For further information on Jane’s Family, please refer to the Family of Zopher and Phebe Cooper Johnston of Greene County, Tennessee.

Jane and Hiram married on 9-7-1837 in Greene County, bond by Thomas Jones.  Hiram and Jane lived near Jane’s family in District 12 at the time of the 1840 Census.  By the 1850 Census, they were in Bradley County, TN with Jane’s cousin, Landon Carter Johnson.   Jane and Hiram Johnson were in Hamilton County, Illinois by 1855, where Hiram was a farmer.   Hiram’s brother, Robert Henry Johnson, was the first to migrate from Greene County, Tennessee to Hamilton County, Illinois.  Robert settled in Illinois in the early 1840’s and founded the small village of Macedonia. 

 Jane and Hiram’s first three children were born in Tennessee.  Their last child was born in Illinois.  Jane Johnston Johnson died in Macedonia, Illinois on 9-13-1862.  She is buried in the Macedonia ME Church Cemetery.    After Jane’s death, Hiram remarried in Saline County to Jerusha Paralee Ware Proctor on 1-4-1863.  Jerusha was the widow of J. W. Proctor.  Hiram and Jersuha (“Paralee”) had three children.  Hiram died in Franklin County, Illinois on 8-10-1876.  Paralee (“Jerusha”) died on 4-6-1891.  Hiram and his second wife, Paralee, and two of their children are buried in the Hebron Cemetery in Hamilton County.

The children of Hiram and his first wife, Jane, were:

(* denotes burial in the Macedonia MA Church Cemetery)

1.  Martha, born c. 1838.  She married a Mr. Corn and is named in her father’s 1876 obituary.

2.  Margaret Jane*, born on 10-13-1843.  Margaret Jane married Simeon W. Dare* on 9-16-1858.  He was a Civil War soldier in the 56th Illinois Infantry, Company F.   By 1870, Margaret Jane and Simeon lived in Marion County, Illinois, where Simeon worked in the woolen mill.  Three children were in their 1870 household:  (1) Penalope, born c. 1860; (2) Brazillah C., born c. 1863, who married Lewis F. Bevis on 6-20-1884 in Jefferson County; and (3) Harry, born c. 1866.  Margaret Jane Johnson Dare died at age 27 on 10-7-1870.  Her husband, Simeon Dare, appears to have died before the 1880 census.

3.   Phebe Caroline*, born on 2-13-1847.  She married Albert Marion Fisher*.  They had three known children: (1) a daughter (Mrs. John McKay), who was mentioned in Albert M. Fisher’s obituary;          (2) Charlie*, born c. 1865, who died at age 23;  and  (3) Louis*, born on 9-24-1868, who died on 9-9-1948.  Phebe Caroline Johnson Fisher died on 2-12-1935.  Fisher descendants continue to live near Macedonia, Illinois.

4.  Tennessee V. I.  (“Isabelle”) , born c. 1855 in Illinois.  By the 1880 Census, Isabelle was living in the household of her stepmother.  Nothing further is known about this daughter.

The children of Hiram and his second wife, Paralee, were:

5.  Lillie F., born c. 1865; died 1902.  She married William Dudley on 10-20-1885.  Lillie is buried at Hebron Cemetery.

6.  Emma C., born c. 1868.  She married Henry F. Wooldridge on 9-18-1884.

7.  Anderson H., born 10-15-1868; died 6-16-1899.  He is buried at Hebron Cemetery.



Written by Judy Dugan

Charlotte Johnson, born on 2-13-1818 in Greene County, Tennessee was the eldest daughter of William and Nancy Morgan Johnson, of Middle Creek. Charlotte and siblings were named as heirs of William Johnson, deceased, in the Estate Settlement brought to the Greene County Courts in October 1842. As of this date, Charlotte and probably her brother, Robert Henry Johnson, had already left Greene County and were residing in Hamilton County, Illinois.

In December of 1841, Charlotte married Silas Messer Page near Macedonia in Hamilton County, Illinois. Silas was born 8-22-1820 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina., the son of Robert (Jr.) and Elizabeth Smith Page. A family story recounts that Silas first saw Charlotte hanging clothes on the line. Silas, looking after his grazing farm animals, met and struck up a conversation with the young woman. The couple got acquainted, fell in love, and eventually married. Their marriage license, obtained on 12-28-1841, was witnessed by Robert Page.

Charlotte and Silas Messer Page were parents to ten children, all born in Hamilton County, Illinois. The fact that three of their children died as babies, one as a teenager, and one at age twenty is testament to the difficult life of the pioneer family and to the importance of this particular family’s undying faith.

Shortly after the end of the Civil War, in 1868, the families of Charlotte and Silas Page, two of Silas’ brothers, and the Sneed family left Illinois in covered wagons bound for homestead land available in Missouri. Charlotte and Silas’ son, Ben Page, remembered crossing the Mississippi River on a ferry boat. Weather was warm upon their arrival, and the families lived in the wagons until they could build log houses. Charlotte and Silas chose 80 acres of land about 1 ½ miles north of Big Piney on a dry branch of the Big Piney River called McCourtney Hollow in Pulaski County, Missouri. Here they made their home for the remainder of their lives. Charlotte’s husband, Silas Page was a farmer and Baptist minister who also served as a postmaster in Big Piney.

Silas Page died of pneumonia on 2-11-1905 following a bout with the flu during an epidemic that swept the area. He was 84 years old. Charlotte Johnson Page died on 11-16-1912 at the age of 94. Charlotte and Silas are buried in the Hopewell Cemetery in Big Piney, Pulaski County, Missouri, as are a number of their children.

The children of Charlotte (Johnson) and Silas Messer Page were

1. Rachel Page, born on 29 Nov. 1843, who died at the age of 20 on 13 Feb. 1864 in Hamilton County, Illinois. She married William P. Kelly (born 14 Jun. 1833 in Greene Co., TN) on 27 Nov. 1862 in Hamilton Co., IL. William Kelly died 5 Feb. 1885 in Big Piney, MO. They had one son: (1) Marion Webster Kelly born 2 Dec. 1863 in Hamilton Co., IL. Rachel died when Marion was only two months old, and he was raised by his grandparents, Silas and Charlotte Page. Marion married his first cousin Julia Ann Sneed. Marion Kelly died on 22 Apr. 1914 in Pulaski Co., Missouri and is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery.

2. Elizabeth Mariah Page, born on 6 Oct. 1845. She married Henry Mitchell Sneed on 19 Apr. 1872 in Big Piney Township, Pulaski Co., MO. Their children were: (1) Julia Ann Sneed; (2) William Sneed; (3) Laura Charlotte Sneed; (4) Silas Benjamin Sneed; (5) Martha Jane “Mattie” Sneed; and (6) Oliver Newton Sneed.

3. Robert Sanford Page, born on 4 Jan. 1848, who died at the age of 15 years on 14 Dec. 1863.

4. James Mitchell Page, born on 3 Jul. 1849, who died in infancy on 24 Jul. 1849.

5. William Merrell Page, born on 28 Dec. 1850, who died in infancy on 23 Oct. 1853.

6.    Lydia Jane Page, born on 17 Jan. 1853.  She first married Hosea M. Sneed on 8 May 1872  in Piney Twp., Pulaski Co., MO.  Their children were:  (1) Harvey Monroe Sneed; (2) Silas Marion Sneed; and (3) Isaac Newton Sneed.  Lydia remarried to William Walton McDonald on 26 Feb. 1880.  Their children were: (4) Charlotte Sarah McDonald; (5) William Lee McDonald; (6) Vandover BerryHill McDonald; (7) Nora Elizabeth McDonald; and (8) Benjamin Franklin McDonald.

7.     Hiram Jasper Page, born on 15 Feb. 1855, who died in childhood on 21 Aug. 1856.

8.      Solomon Newton Page, born on 28 Dec. 1856.  He married Mary Francis Vaughn on 25 Aug. 1878 in Piney Twp., Pulaski Co., MO.  All of their children were born in Big Piney, MO:  (1) Mattie Effie Page; (2) Lettie Belle Page; (3) William Sherman Page; (4) Ada Olive Page; (5) Permelia Elizabeth Page(6) Vasco Bryan “Boss” Page(7) Byron Bramblet Page; and  (8) Matilda Marie Page

Solomon Newton Page died in Pulaski County, Missouri on 8 Feb 1942.

9.      Benjamin Franklin Page, born on 29 Nov. 1858.  He married Charity Dye on 31 Oct. 1880 in Pulaski Co., MO.  Their children were:  (1) Loretta Page(2) Robert Lee Page(3) Emma Belle Page; (4) Ada Ann Page; (5)William Homer Page(6) Eva Myrtle Page; (7) Maude Flo Page; and (8) Elmer R. Page.

Benjamin Franklin Page died in 1947 and is buried in Crocker Cemetery, Crocker, Missouri.

10. Sarah Francis “Sally” Page, born on 15 Mar. 1861.  She married Cornelius Webb Dye on 7 Jan. 1883 in Piney Twp., Pulaski Co., MO.  Their children were:  (1) Harley Messer Dye; (2) Harvey Franklin Dye (3) Elbert Marion“Pete” Dye(4) Hattie Ethel Dye(5) Burley Austin Dye(6) George Bryan Dye (7) Raymond Bland Dye;  and (8) Odessa May Dye

Sally died on 23 Dec. 1903 in Big Piney, Missouri, where Sally and her husband are buried in the Hopewell Cemetery.


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