HYDER–Nathaniel E.

Nathaniel E. HYDER, a physician, was born in Carter County, in the Hyder settlement. the son of W. F. M. and Margaret (Edens) HYDER, the former a son of Jonathan H., Sr., a son of Michael E., who in turn was a son of Michael, one of the Watauga Association. The latter was of German stock and a farmer, and came to the Rappahannock River, in Virginia, where his son was born. They came to East Tennessee about 1761. Jonathan was a relative of Jonathan HAMPTON, of South Carolina, for whom he was named. He was a prominent farmer. The father was born in 1824, in Carter County, and married, in 1848, a daughter of N. T. and L. Hyder EDENS. She was born in 1829, in this county, and our subject is the only child. The father, always a successful farmer, is an active member of the Christian Church, and was second lieutenant in the Thirteenth Tennessee Cavalry. The mother is a member of the same church, and an esteemed lady.

Our subject was educated at Franklin Academy, Washington County, and when twenty-five began medicine by self study, and has practiced for the last twelve years. He also farms 267 acres of land, and is county surveyor. April 20, 1871, he married Amanda J. HYDER, to whom Laura S. was born, and the mother died in 1878. In 1880 Eliza J. TREADWAY, became his wife. Their children are L. W. Bate and Romulus B.


Transcribed by Kris L. Martin

Source: Goodspeed Publishing Co. History of Tennessee from the Earliest Time to the Present: Together with an Historical and a Biographical Sketch of from Twenty-Five to Thirty Counties of East Tennessee. Chicago: Goodspeed, 1887.