John BRANTLY (deceased) was a native of Chatham County, N. C., born in 1787. In 1835 he came to Haywood County, and settled eight miles southeast of Brownsville, on what was then known as the McGuire road, but is now called the Jackson road. Mr. Brantly was well educated and early life commenced farming, which he continued until his death, with great success. Politically, he never failed to give his enthusiastic support to the Democratic party, and was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, always liberally contributing to its support, and to all charitable causes.

In 1820 he married Miss Nancy PETTY, also a native of Chatham County, N. C., born about 1797; he died in October, 1872, and his wife in 1877. They had ten children – five sons and five daughters – four are living. William B. and J. B., the second and fifth sons, own the old homestead, and as neither of them have married, they live quietly and peacefully together; they both received splendid educations and like their father commenced farming when quite young, and both are stanch Democrats. William B. has been a magistrate in his district for eight years past, and is now a justice of the peace for the Fourth District. Neither of the brothers have united with any church, but are by preference Missionary Baptist.

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