J. D. Carriger, farmer, was born March 8, 1821, in Carter County, where he has since resided, and when seventeen years old began for himself. He now owns about 2,206 acres, and was married June 17, 1866, to Edna G., a daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Potter) Dugger, natives of Carter County. Their children are Godfrey Samuel (deceased), Elizabeth, Ida H., Eliza and Lulan. She is a Baptist, and he is, in politics, a Republican.

He has served ten years as justice, two years as trustee and two years as United States storekeeper and guager, and he is a Master Mason. He is the eighth of ten children of Godfrey and Elizabeth (Lovelace) Carriger, natives of Carter County and North Carolina, respectively; the former a register, justice and mayor, and died about 1826. The mother died the year before. The grandfather, Godfrey, Sr, was a native of Germany, married there, and was among the first settlers on the Wautauga River as a farmer, and operated the first mill in that section. The father was a soldier in the Revolution, in which his brother was killed.


Transcribed by Kris L. Martin

Source: Goodspeed Publishing Co. History of Tennessee from the Earliest Time to the Present: Together with an Historical and a Biographical Sketch of from Twenty-Five to Thirty Counties of East Tennessee. Chicago: Goodspeed, 1887.