Hurst & Stone

Hurst & Stone, attorneys at law, Tazewell, Tenn., practice in the courts of Claiborne County, and in the supreme court at Knoxville.  Their partnership was formed in the fall of 1885.  Members of the firm are Thomas W. STONE and E.A. HURST, both of whom reside at Tazewell.  

T.W. STONE was born in the Eighth Civil District of Claiborne County, three and one-half miles southwest of Tazewell, June 21, 1844.  His father, Thomas H. STONE, came from North Carolina to Claiborne County when he was quite a small boy, nearly eighty years ago.  He grew up on the farm, and married Mary HARPER, who was the daughter of Willis HARPER,, one of the oldest settlers in the county.  Thomas W. STONE was the ninth child of a family of eleven all but one of whom grew to manhood and womanhood, and all but two of whom still live and have families.  He was raised on the farm, and his education was very limited. The war broke out while he was yet young, and before he had gone to school exceeding eighteen months altogether.  On September 16, 1862, he was conscripted by the Confederate Army, and remained with Company C., Twelfth Tennessee Cavalry, until the fall of 1863, when he escaped from that army, and in February, 1864, volunteered in the Federal Army, Company H., Twelfth Tennessee Cavalry. He was sergeant and clerk of his company, and remained with it until October, 1865, when he was honorably discharged.  After the war he engaged in farming, married Louvina BEELER, a daughter of Daniel and Louvina BEELER, members of the oldest families of Grainger County, December, 1867.  He lived in Grainger County two years, then came to Claiborne, where he farmed and sold goods until he was elected clerk of the circuit court of said county in 1874.  He served in this capacity one term, during which he studied law.  He obtained a license in 1878, and has, since that time, been engaged in the practice of that profession, together with mercantile and other business.  He was a member of the firm of T.W. Stone & Co., saddlers and harness makers, of Stone & Wall, and of White & Stone, merchants, of Carr & Stone and of Rogers & Stone, attorneys.  He was elected justice of the peace in August, 1882, and still holds that position; served as chairman of county court for the year 1885.  He has acquired some property, and has real estate in and near Tazewell worth some $3,500.  

He has one child, a son, by his first marriage, whom he has given a very fair education.  His wife Louvina, died in April, 1877, and he married Harriet HURT the following August, with whom he is now living.  He was chairman of the Democratic executive committee of his county from 1876 to 1884, and has been a member of the Missionary Baptist Church since 1872.  He was made a Master of the lodge during the year 1883.  His first wife was a member of the Methodist Church, his last is a member of the Missionary Baptist.

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