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Begins on Lamb’s Ferry Road at Bratton’s Hill, thence following the top of the ridge which divides the waters of Richland Creek, from the waters of Shoal and Sugar Creeks to the east line of Lawrence County., thence south with the Lawrence line to the south boundary, thence east with the state line to Shoal Creek, thence up s’d creek with the boundary of No. 3 to the beginning.  Elections to be held at the Trough Spring belonging to William Parr on the Puncheon Camp Branch. 

(Names going across in Alpha order)

Name Acres Name Acres Name Acres
Elijah Anthony John B. Appleton Peter P. Alsup
Abraham M. Appleton 236 Oliver D. Appleton 30 Hyram S. Appleton 20
Andrew Alsup Mary Appleton 30 Sabra Appleton 45
 Archi Bassham 36 William Bassham Drury A. Bassham
Archibald Balch 20 Mannering Brookshire 22 Joseph Brown 784
Mancy Clair 30 Tho. S. Cole Purmanas P. Cox 320
 Fulker Cox 46 James Craig Newton C. Creek
Joshua Day Christopher Foust 16 William Fondren
Washington Griffin 20 Moses Grisham 30 John Garner 75
 Robert Heady Isaac Hagen 15 Elizabeth Hillhouse 20
Robert Hamerley William Hagen Isaiah Hogan
Wiley G. Hogan Anderson Hogan 15  Nehemiah Howard
Edward J. Harrison 61 James Hilton 6 James Jones 30
Nicholas Jackson 80 Joseph Jones 50 William Johnston
Henry Kelley 25 Jacob Kennamur 273 Preston Kennamur 18
Love/Lane Malone Philip Manuel John Marbet
Daniel Marbet Elizabeth McGill 100 James W. McGill
Thomas Moore Thomas McKerley 56 Elijah Nokes
Matthew Perrymore Henry G. Piles Daniel Paine
William Parr 210 Robert Ross 15 Theron H. Ross
William H. Ross James M. Ross Thomas Reed 30
Sawder Suttle William P. Stephenson 130 Ezekiel Springer
Joseph Sandy 8 P. & Sterling Smith 40 Rhoda Shelton 67
Elijah W. Springer G. H. White John Watson 50














Source:  Douthat, J. L. (2004). 1836 Giles County, Tennessee, civil districts and tax list. Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press.

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District No. 3 begins at the southwest corner of No. 2 where the Congressional Reservation line strikes Elk River, thence north with s’d line to the ridge dividing the waters falling into Richland Creek from those falling into Elk River, thence westward with the meanders of s’d ridge to the road leading from Pulaski to Lamb’s Ferry, striking the same at Bratton’s Hill, thence with the Lamb’s Ferry Road southward passing James Kimbro’s to the west fork of Shoal Creek, thence down s’d creek, to the south line of the state, thence east with the state line to the beginning.  Elections to be held at Hezekiah Jones.


District No. 3 Tax List District No. 3 Cont’d District No. 3 Cont’d
NAME ACRES Name Acres Name Acres
Thos. G. Arthur 59 James P. Hanna William Noblett 25
James M. Arthur Sam’l F. Harwell Tho. H. Noblett
Miles Adams Michael Hamby Oliver & McDonald 1000
Robert Allison 115 William Hancock 178 Obriant English & Co. 233
Willis Ashford 25 Enoch Hancock James Paisley 307
Sam’l Adams William S. harrel Jamess D. Paisley
Jere. Barnes 169 John Haynie 160 John A. Paisley 93
Wiley Boyd George Haynie Jamess Pattisosn 428
John S. Barden Daniel C. Hamilton Will H. Rainbolt 160
William Baskins James Hughs Reuben Riggs 93
John W. Barnett 131 William Inman 94 James Riggs
Will R. Brown 106 Hezekiah Jones 574 John C. Ragen 130
Robert Beard 30 Moses L. Jones Josiah Rodgers
John Browning 93 Dan’l H. Jones Jesse W. Robinson
Francis M. Cross William A. Jones 160 John F. Randal
James Collier Dicy Jones 73 Fountain Rodgers
Allen Calhoon David Jones – heirs 147 Benjamin Smith 81
W.W. Calhoon 30 Backton Jackson 130 John A. Smith 133
Joseph Crabb, Sr. 150 Philip W. King Phelps Smith 198
Joseph Crabb, Jr. John M. Kimbrough Issac Smith 303
John B. Davis 81 James Kimbrough Jacob Smith
Vachel Davis H.T. Kimbrough 139 Elijah Smith
Thomas Eubank Joel Kelton 30 John Smith 25
Anthony Gibson Samuel Kerr 205 John tuten
John Garrett Elijah Kimbrough-Heirs 150 Obed. Teuten 40
Milton Garrett 80 James Legg 120 Moses Tomlins
John Graves John Legg James White 209
Nathan Gooch Absalom Locke 58 James F. White
David A. Gooch 200 Ephraim Locke 50 Nathan White
Cary Gilbert 430 John Longshore John B. Warren
Joseph Goodman William Massey Copeland Whitfield 50
John Gracey 83 James Miller John Whitfield 25
John B. Gracey Will H Miller Mat M. Wood 25
Thomas R. Graves Reuben McKinny 50 John Williams 160
Da. Gooch-Adm’r 92 Arch’d McNail I William Williams
James Hanna 400 Malcolm McNair Caleb White 25
John M. Hanna 80 Berryman Mitchell Tho. A. Westor4eland 85
James Hammond 210 John Moffitt 30 Joseph White
Henry Hardaway 50 John Mitchell Littleton Wright
Hamilton Hanna 200 Philip Marpet



Source:  Douthat, J. L. (2004). 1836 Giles County, Tennessee, civil districts and tax list. Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press.

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District No. 2 begins at the mouth of Richland Creek, thence up s’d creek to the Congressional Reservation line, thence south with s’d line to Elk River, thence up s’d river to the beginning.  Elections to be held at Lovel Cofman’s

District No. 2 Tax List   District No. 2 Cont’d   District No. 2 Cont’d
John B. Anthony   401   David Elder   90   George Perry    
Sackfield Adams   40   Alfred T. Fielder   90   James Pully, Sr.   165
Jos. T. Barnett   100   James S. Ford       James Pully, Jr.    
John Barnett   256   Erwin Ford       James K. Powers    
John Black       James Ford, Sr   18   Baker P. Potts   260
Thomas Boswell   88   Tho. Greer – Heirs   1000   Amey Penn   81
Martha Black   40   Malcom Gilcreast   88   Mary D. Price   205
Aaron N. Brown   1200   Samuel Garrett   320   John Price    
William Brown   442   Henry S. Golesberry       Rich’d M. Robertson   125
Catharine C. Brown   270   James Golesberry   213   Robert P. Riddle    
Alexander Brown   400   Joseph R. Hill       Thomas Reed   1500
John Biles       Robert S. Harris   100   Tyree Roder – Heirs   90
John Butler   1000   John E. Horn       Sidney Ross    
Stephen Biles   620   William Hansard       Nancy Snipes   63
Dan’l R. Biles   241   Zealous Howell   25   Roger Simpson   156
Ch. W. Biles       Isaac Haynie   200   Geo. A Swift   220
Memucan Butler       William Haynie       David Strong    
James Caldwell   300   John L. Hardy       Mat. Strong    
Robert Caldwell       Jesse Hardy       Littleberry Stanback    
Jefferson Caldwell       Michel Hazelwood       William Tucker    
Jackson Caldwell       Rich’d Hazelwood   90   Robert Tucker    
Greenfille Caldwell   300   John Haynie   20   John Tucker   240
Lovel Coffman   436   Isaac James       James W. Thompson    
Wilson Caupen   100   William Jones   348   John W. Thompson    
Hugh Campbell   171   Robert Johnston   100   David D. Taylor   195
Robert Campbell       Henry Keer   100   William Thurman   90
John Campbell       Jarret Long       Eliab Vincent   273
Sam’l Carter       William Laman   100   Elisha Vincent    
Joab Campbell       Buckner Madry   200   Lewis G. Upshaw   540
James P. Connel       Edmond Madry       J. J. Upshaw    
Cornelius Daughtry   120   William S. Madry   400   Jesse Wells   160
Tho. J. Day       Elias Mitchell       Willis Whitfield   200
William Donovant       Henry Morris       George Whitfield    
James H. Deever   504   Lewis Nelson, Sr.   225   Tho. A. Westmoreland   155
Amasa Ezell       Barzillia Nelson       John York   97
Abel Ezell   358   Robert Powers            

Source:  Douthat, J. L. (2004). 1836 Giles County, Tennessee, civil districts and tax list. Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press.

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District No. 1 ~ Begins at the southeast corner of Giles Co., the point of intersection of the southern boundary of Tennessee with the western boundary of Lincoln County, running west with the state line to Elk River, then up toward the Lincoln County line, then south with that line to the beginning.  Elections were at John Menifee’s.

District No 1 Tax List

District No. 1 Tax List   District No. 1 Cont’d   District No.1 Cont’d
NAME   ACRES   Name   Acres   Name   Acres
Burwell Abernathy   300   James Hasting, Jr       Tho. F.K. Menafee    
Thomas E. Abernathy   380   Joseph Hasting       Isaac A. Menafee    
William Amis       James J. Hargrove   52   J. T. Menafee    
John Austin   40   James Hannicut       William Menafee   111
Ishmeal Boswelll       James Higgins       Sarah Massey   230
Davis Bridgeforth   400   Robert Hunnicut   170   Isaac Majors   192
William Brown   1910   Maria Hawkins   205   Larkin Majors    
Thomas Bottoms   45   Maria Hawkins   129   Elias Majors    
George Bowers       James Higgins   434   John Navare   52
David Barkley       James Higgins       Pulaski Navarre    
Jesse Bennet       David M. Higgins       Elijah Nott    
John Baskins       Tilman Holland   14   Charles Pearson   130
John Bradley   50   Elizabeth M. Jordan   230   Thomas Peebles    
Jordan Briant       Elizabeth Jennings       Jesse Peebles    
B. D. Bailes       Isaac James   315   Thomas Phillips   75
Isham Bonner       Samuel Johnston       William C. Paine    
John H. Brooks       Elijah Johnston   25   John Rhea   183
James Caldwell       Lawson H. Johnston   50   Levinia A.U. Richardson    
Doratha C. Camp   268   Sephen [Sic] W. Johnson   360   Joshua Roper    
John Carmical   90   William Justice       George Small   162
John Curry       Richard M. Jones       John Staten    
James Carter       Samuel B. James       Malcooler Smith    
Braxton Carpenter       Reuben F. Jordan       Manoah Sullivan   140
James Curry       William H. King   140   Paul Sullivan    
JohnnCalvert       Arthur King       James Smith   38
William Daley   438   William J. Kyle   10   Alexander Stewart    
Thomas B. Daley       Ben Long   150   Squire Sims   50
Abner Dunzey       Milford Long       George Toone   60
William Deadman       William Lane   50   James Taylor    
James Daley       Henry K. Latter       Abner Tatom    
Samuel W. Egan   550   Richard Luter   177   Lurel Thompson 28
Ephraim Evans       Andrw Minels-heirs   24   Jacob Templin   150
Joseph Ewing   192   William H. Moore   74   William Templin    
Reuben Freeman   412   Elliott McKinney       Malcom Thompson    
James D. Falkner  94   A.B. McKelhany       James Templin – Heirs   300
Sterling Fairon   210   J.D. Moore       Susan S. Thompson   670
John Gessom   50   Isaac Mitchell   199   James Vance   707
Robert Haden   640   Ganet Merrill   186   Jacob Vance    
E. F. Haden   100   John McKinney       John Vance   553
Ezekiel Hasting   62   Ethelwin McKinney   30   Geo. W. Vance 155
James Hasting, SR.   200   John Menafee, Sr.   190   John Watkins   57
Zachariah Hasting       Willis Menafee   74   David White   100


Source:  Douthat, J. L. (2004). 1836 Giles County, Tennessee, civil districts and tax list. Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press.

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First Name Last Name Page #   First Name Last Name Page #
Mary Alexander 41 Robert Percy Gardner 115
Louise (Vance) Bailey 83 John Robert Gardner 115
Austin Baugh 25 Rev. William Gardner 116
Rosetta Beatty 76, 79 Alma (Bridgeforth) Gardner 118
Martha Beatty 79 Stephen Gardner, Jr. 113
Mary (Gardner) Benson 74 Stephen Gardner, Jr. 120
Mitchell & Mattie Birdsong 64, 82 Flournoy Gardner, Sr. 95
Sim Bledsoe 14 Buford W. Gardner, Sr. 102
Swettie Bledsoe 77 Charles Atwarter Garrison 114
Mary Ida (Garrison) Bledsoe 117 Annie (McKissack) Gray 11
Anna Lee Bledsoe 119 Henry Gray 11
Emma (Stevenson) Bledsoe 119 Russell Grisby 76
Dr. Robert Fulton Boyd 14 Richard  and Louis (sister) Harwell 29
Velma (Gardner) Braden 75 Clark Harwell 41
Alfred Brenson 111 Richard & Mary (Foust) Harwell 48
James Thomas Bridgeforth 30, 61 Dorothy Jean (Gardner) Henry 106
Sam Bridgeforth 34 A. Thomas Hill 24
Teo Bridgeforth 47 John Ed Holt 76
Isaiah Sr. & Lizze Brea (Bledsoe Bridgeforth 66 Amanda (Brown) Holt 101
Hezekiah Bridgeforth 98 Thaddeus “Thad” Holt 114
Arnie Arch & Mary Lou (Carter) Burch 63 Sarah Holt 118
Rev. Harvey Butler 35 Pearl McKissack Johnson 11
Minor & Betty (Anthony) Carter 12 Mildred Louise Johnson 40
M.D. Chainey 60 Millie Johnson 76
Edward Allen Clack 62 Dr. William Alberta Lewis 13
Elizabeth (Gardner) Clack 112 Sally (Pruitt) Lewis 54
Mary (Gardner) Clay 58 Dr. David Marshall 21
Robert, John, Roosevelt, H. Wood Coleman 59 Annie McKissack Maxwell 11
Charles & Parlee (Gardner) Coleman 63, 112 James McClaurine 55
Ellen (Gardner) Cooper 86 Monroe McClaurine, Jr 85
Jody “Joe D” Daly 69 Moses McKissack 9
James Alex Davis 39 Gabriel McKissack 11
Sarah Davis 51 Lizzie Black McKissack 11
Laverta, Gladys, Tommie, Scott Davis 57 Calvin McKissack 11
Isabella (Pruitt Lewis) Davis 80 William McKissack 11
Lavern Davis 96 Abraham McKissack 11
Grant Davis 102 Arthur McKissack 11
Anne Deberry 11 Thomas McKissack 11
Amanda McKissack Deberry 11 Moses McKissack, III 11
Rosa (Bridgeforth) Driver 22 Tobe Mclin 60
Lex & Ethel Bridgeforth Holt) Driver 64 Aaron & Van (brothers) Moody 90
Ella Mary Eddings 53,58 Robert “Dean” Neese 89
Iwilla Eddings 77, 84 Willie Lee Neese 93
Susan “Susie” (Gardner) Eddings 78 Emma (Holt) Neese 98
Anna Lee Eddings 84 Phillip Rhodes 19
Josephine Fitzpatrick 25 Carl & Alberta (Eddings) Sloan 53
Lula (Holt) Freeman 76 Jewell Dean Sloan 94
Matt Gardner 19, 32,
55, 59,
Jones Smith 13, 15
Rev. Raymond Gardner 35 Alice & Maimie Smith 62
Martin Luther Gardner 40 Minnie Bell (Coleman) Smith 73
Rev. Shellie Lee Gardner 42 Mattie “Pinkie” Smith 116
Raymond & Frances Gardner 46 Prince & Georgia (Benson) Stevenson 45
Richard & Florinda (Holt) Gardner 47 Mary Sue Stevenson 65
Atha & Ether (Bonner) Gardner 49 Eva Stevenson 86
Henrietta (Jenkins) Gardner 50 Henry Stevenson 106
John & Lera (Driver) Gardner 51, 65,
Howard P. Swinea 70
Walter & Lura (Daughter) Gardner 65 Yancy (Daughter) Swinea 100
Booker T. Gardner 67 Yancy (Father) Swinea 105
Clyde & Cathy Gardner 71 Lizzie (Gardner) Swinney 99
Walker & Lura (Daughter) Gardner 65, 72 Mitchell Swinney 120
Henrietta “Henn” Gardner 77 Mary Frances (McKissack) Utley 11
Adelle Gardner 85 Greatus “Jeep” Vance 71
Gardner Boys Gardner 87 Ellen (Gardner Vance 81
Willie T. Gardner 91 William Houston Vance 81
James William Gardner 95 Kelso Vance 104
Stephen Gardner 97 Ervis Vassar 48, 83
Rev. Raymond Gardner 103 John Vassar 109
Rachel (Vasser) Gardner 107 Mary Ellis Vassar 110
Mary Magdelene (Maggie) Gardner 107 Bertha (Blair) Vassar 111
L. Z. “Hog” Gardner 108 Sam Walter 35
Louis Gardner 109
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Below is the index for “North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778-1791” Compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner.  Please browse the index and contact Bettye Liberty with first and last name if you need a lookup in the book.

[pdf-embedder url=”http://tngenweb.org/giles/files/2017/03/North-Carolina-Land-Grants-in-Tennessee-Index.pdf” title=”North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee Index”]

Source:  Compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner.

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The Tennessee State Penitentiary opened in 1831.  It was located near downtown Nashville. Prior to 1831 the convicts were housed in the county jails.  It was the suggestion of Governor McMinn to fund the construction of a state penitentiary by obtaining a bank loan.

Cell Block and D

The construction started in 1830 and opened January 1, 1831.

Governor Carroll dedicated the new penitentiary.  The new facility contained 200 cells, storehouse, hospital, and a few other buildings.  Construction on a new building began in 1893,  The new building opened in 1898.

Below is a list of prisoners from Giles County.  These names came from two published volumes of Tennessee Convicts: Early Records of the State Penitentiary, 1831-1870 located at the Tennessee Library and Archives.

You can request a penitentiary record by emailing the Tennessee Library and Archives at Reference.TSLA@tn.gov


Last Name First Name Year Race Age Crime County
Abernathy Ben 1866 C 39 larceny Giles
Allen Ceasar 1869 C 23 larceny Giles
Ars Henry 1867 18 horse stealing Giles
Ballentine Foulks 1868 C 27 larceny Giles
Beckwith Pleasant C 25 murder Giles
Brown Allen B. 1861 36 larceny Giles
Brown Stephen 1866 C larceny Giles
Clark Alonzo 1869 40 larceny Giles
Clark Alonzo 1870 C larceny Giles
Collins Charles C 19 larceny Giles
Collins Charles 1868 19 larceny Giles
Cook N. 1861 25 larceny Giles
Couch Ed C 46 horse stealing Giles
Hall William 1853 50 stabbing Giles
Hardison Allen 1868 C 22 larceny Giles
Hopgood Gorden C 17 horse stealing Giles
Kelly James 1869 C 26 rape Giles
Kelly James 1869 C rape Giles
Lightfoot John W 30 larceny Giles
Logan James 1859 22 larceny Giles
Mason Hamp 1870 C larceny Giles
McLaren Ned C 58 larceny Giles
McMillan William H. 1856 44 larceny Giles
Molen Charles 1864 19 stealing Money Giles
O’Brian Francis 1854 rape Giles
Pascall Frank 1869 C 24 larceny Giles
Pfeifer George 1864 21 stealing Giles
Reed Charles 1869 C 23 larceny Giles
Smith Bob 1866 C 21 larceny Giles
Wade John C 40 larceny Giles
Wood John 1854 57 rape Giles
Wood John 1854 57 rape Giles

Source:  http://sos.tn.gov/products/tsla/inmates-tennessee-state-penitentiary-1831-1870.



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We are pleased to share the news that Giles County, after many years, finally has a new county coordinator! Please join me in welcoming Bettye Liberty!

Bettye is currently our coordinator for Marshall County and is excited to have the opportunity to help the Giles County site now grow. If you have contributions you would like to share or have suggestions for what Bettye can add, please do not hesitate to let her know. Welcome Bettye and thank you for being a great team member in the TNGenWeb Project!


Taneya Koonce, TNGenWeb State Coordinator


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Frank HEIDLINGER, was sentenced to the penitentiary from Giles county at the July term of the Circuit Court, at Pulaski, and was taken by the Sheriff to Nashville, arriving last Saturday morning, and before he had changed his citizens clothes for those of the prison, was shot and killed by M.L. PHELPS who had been a guard at the prison for twenty years. PHELPS escaped.

Source: Whig & Tribune. 26 August 1871. Available online at Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.

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PINK M. EZELL, dealer in stoves, tinware and house-furnishing goods, is a native Pulaski, Tenn., born January 19, 1860, son of P. H. and Mary Ezell, old and prominent settlers of this county. Our subject is one of ten children, and is of Scotch-French descent. He was educated in the Pulaski schools, and when about sixteen years of age became salesman in the grocery store of W. R. Craig, and later clerked in a stove and tin store, and continued in this capacity until 1880, when he began business for himself, and has continued successfully in the stove and tinware business up to the present time. Mr. Ezell has made his own way in life, and is one of the prosperous young business men of Pulaski. In 1882 he united his fortunes with that of Mattie McCord, daughter of W. L. McCord, ex-editor of the Pulaski Citizen. Mr. and Mrs. Ezell have two daughters, named Mary and Margery. Mr. Ezell is a Democrat, and he and wife are church members.

Source: Goodspeed’s History of Giles County, 1886