From the Nashville Clarion & State Gazette, 2 August 1814, reprinted as “Land in Giles County On Block For Unpaid 1813 Property Taxes” by the Tennessee Genealogical Society in Ansearchin, Vol 44, No. 1, Spring 1997.

Land in Giles County On Block For Unpaid 1813 Property Taxes

GILES COUNTY COURT – MARCH SESSION 1814 James Buford, Esq., sherriff and collector of the public and county tax for the year 1813, reports to this court that taxes remain due and unpaid for the folloaing tracts of land for 1813 and he cannot find in his county any goods and chattels belonging to the owners thereof whereon he can destrain for the same, to-wit: Reputed Owner Acres Situation John Baldridge 160 Elk River John Childress 4,700 Richland Creek John Childress 1,000 Elk River Francis Childs 3,000 Richland (Warrant #695) Joseph East 200 Pigeon Roost Creek Richard Hightour 640 Richland Richard Hightour 230 Bradshaw’s Creek Hightour & Haywood 110 Robertson’s Creek Robert Lanier 500 West of Elk R.(Grant 1995) Robert Lanier 100 Elk River Hightour & Haywood 500 Richland Creek James Lewis 400 Saved out of a 2000-acre entry William B. Lewis 300 South side of Elk River James Morrison 200 Entry waters Buchanan’s Creek John M’Donald 227 Buchanan’s Creek J. C. & D.W. M’Ree 840 Robertson Creek Estate of H. Murphey 640 (no location given) Estate of H. Murphey 427 (no location given) William Neal 100 Richland Creek Isaac Price 1,000 Mouth of Richland Creek Jacob Perkins 4,000 Richland Creek Thomas Whitson 140 Elk River James Temple 300 Elk River James Temple 39 Reynold’s Creek James Temple 26 Reynold’s Creek James Temple 86 Sinking Creek James Read, Jr. 4,657 Richland 1 white poll and 1 black Edward Thursby 10 Part of an old grant to S. Donaldson John Wilson 5,000 Blue Creek It is therefore ordered that judgment be entered up against the owners of said tracts … and that said tracts (or as much of as will be sufficient to satisfy the taxes, costs, and charges due) be sold at the courthouse in Pulaski on the first Monday in November next. (signed) German Lester. Court Clerk.

Note: Most of the larger tracts are early North Carolina grants.