NICKS, Barton W.S.

Barton W. S. Nicks was born in Hickman County, Tenn., and is the son of Absalom D. and Hester (Perry) Nicks. Absalom was born in North Carolina March 6, 1794, and came to Hickman County  in 1800, engaging in farming and transporting salt to Salem, Ill. He moved to Arkansas in the fall of 1847 and died in 1848. Hester was born in South Carolina October 8, 1788, and died at Williamsport, Maury Co., Tenn., July, 1858. Our subject remained with his parents until twenty-two years of age, and then began manufacturing poplar shingles, and after a year’s time engaged in transporting dry goods, groceries, cotton, etc., to Columbia and Williamsport. He then came to Montgomery County and entered the employ of Robert Baxter at the furnaces and forges. After working there four years he returned to Williamsport in 1850 and again engaged in teaming and farming. From there he went to Laurel Furnace, in Dickson County, and hauled pig-iron to Nashville for about three years. He was coal manager at Cumberland Furnace for a number of years. At present he is engaged in farming and stock raising three miles below the furnace. Our subject was married to America Agnes McGraw, who was born October 6, 1831, and to them have been born ten children: Mary R., born November 8, 1848; Martha E., born May 20, 1851; Henry Clay, born March 6, 1854; Newton C., born March 7, 1856, and died October 13, 1875; James Franklin, born January 22, 1858; Eudora Ann, born November 22, 1859; Ellenora W., born December 24, 1861, and died May 4, 1864; Barton W. S., Jr., born June 25, 1863; Florence A., born September 28, 1865, and Stephen U., born December 10, 1867, and died January 7, 1869. Mr. Nicks is a self-made man, and is worth about $8,000.