I, James Simpson, of the County DeKalb and the State of Tennessee, feeling myself fast declining and not knowing how long it may please the Divine Providence for me to live and being this day perfectly sound in mind do make, ordain, and desire this to be my last will and testament revoking all others.

First, I will and bequeath all my property both real and personal to my executor to be by him disposed of in the way and manner hereinafter directed.

2nd, It is my will that after my decease that my body be buried in a decent place and manner.

3rd, I direct that such of my personal property as my family can most conveniently spare be sold sufficient to pay all my just debts- that the same be sold upon such terms at public sale as may sum most to the interest of my estate.

4th, I give all the remainder of my property to my beloved wife Ruthy during her natural life or widowhood with the provision that She is to give each of my children one bed and furniture whenever they may marry and in the event there should no t be a bed for each of them, those who may not receive a bed are to have the worth of one in money or some other property of my estate.

5th, I will and direct that my beloved wife keep all the rest and remainder of my property both real and personal, for the purpose of raising my children and at her death that the same, both real and personal, be sold publicly upon such terms as may s eem most beneficial and that the proceeds thereof be divided among all my children in the following manner - that is to say those of my children who may have been previously advanced by me or from the proceeds from my estate are not to receive any part of same until all the rest of my children shall each receive an amount equal to those previously advanced and the whole of my estate is to be equally divided among all my children.

6th, I direct my executor to execute a General Warranted deed of conveyance to Finley Morten for two acres of land on the southwest corner of my tract including the house wherein he now lives.

7th, It is my will if my two grandchildren Mary Elizabeth and Ruthy Ann Ferriman should live to become of lawful age or marry that they upon the final division of my estate are to receive that portion of the same that their Mother would have been entitled to if she had been living.

8th, I hereby constitute and appoint my son Matthew Simpson the executor to execute this my last will and testament -- the extension have in above named of the words family and Ruthy and so interested before this instrument is signed by me the testator this the 17th day of April 1841.

Tom Simpson
8101 Antioch Ch Rd W
Lenior City, TN 37772
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