Will of William B. Rice Sr.
Will Book A, Pages 68,69
Dekalb County, TN

".....and effect, that may remain in your hands and do all other things that may be required according to the provisions of said will and the law of the land. W. R. Lawrence, Clerk at office the 3rd day of November 1845, and the year of Americ an Independance the 70th.

State of Tennessee, Dekalb County

October 2nd, 1845. In the name of God. I, William B. Rice Sr., know that I have once to die, do hereby bequeath unto God my soul and body. I, the said William B. Rice Sr., am low in body but sound in judgement and memory, do beque ath unto my son, William Rice Jr., one hundred and twenty-two acres of land where my son, William, now lives containing twenty-two acres, and the hundred acre tract of land which I design to give to my son, William Rice Jr. I do also bequeath unto my beloved wife, Eleanor Rice, and my poor, afflicted daughter, Martha Rice all of my ridge farm where I now live, including the farm with all my goods and chattles embracing all the property both in and out of doors during th eir mutual life. After their death, than I want James Tallent and Mary Tallent, Silas Howell and Matilda Howell....[not legible]...what is left after the decease of my wife, Eleanor Rice and Martha Rice. I do also bequ eath unto my daughter, Elizabeth Rice, ten dollars out of the effects of my estate. I also bequeath unto Marion Rice and John Rice one dollar each out of the effects of my deceased estate. I furthermore request that my three head of horses be sold on a credit of twelve months with bond and approved security and I further want and request that all my just debts be paid out the proceeds of the sale of my horses to go to the support of my wife, Eleanor. In testimony whereof I h ave hereto set my name in the presence of us." (Signed)William B. Rice Sr.

G. W. Baker
Elijah Hickey

Submitted by: Willie Smith

My Line of Descent:
William B. Rice
John A. Rice
Marion Rice
William Augusta Rice
William Logan Rice
Gladys Marie Rice
Willie D. Smith

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