I, Andrew Pickett, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made. First I direct that my funeral expences and all my Debts be paid as soon after Death as possible out of any money that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my Executor. Secondly I give and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Pickett all the money & cash notes that I may have on hand at my death. Also all the house hold and kitchen furnature consisting of all sizes. Together with all my wheat, corn & bacon on hand also all my hogs and sheep. My gray horse and Buggy and the Choice Milch Cow and heifer. Thirdly I have given and hereby bequeath to my son-in-law John Allen & Eveline Allen a tract of land in the state of Illinois, Their portionable part of my real Estate. Fourthly, I give to my son Joshua W. Pickett a cetain tract of land in the state of Tennessee, DeKalb County on which he now lives, Beginning on a Beech the dividing line between O.B. & Elizabeth Wright his wife and Joshua W. Pickett, Running a north direction to Hetton's Creek on up said creek with its meanders a honey locust, A. Bones Corner on the original Deed to Andrew Pickett from William Vantrease of said land will show the buts & bounds and that is his portionable part of my Real Estate.

Fifthly I have given and hereby bequeath to my son Jonathan F. Pickett a certain tract of land lying in DeKalb County Beginning sugartree running west this and will show the buts and Bounds and that is purportionable part of my Real Estate. Sixthly I have given and hereby bequeath unto O.B. Wright and Elizabeth his wife one other tract of land also lying in DeKalb County Beginning on a sugar tree running East, this and will show the Buts and Bounds. Seventhly I give and bequeath unto my son James E. Pickett a tract of land lying in DeKalb County Beginning on a Sugar tree, Frances Turner's Corner on the North Bank of a Branch Running Thence East to a Back, Thomas W. West's Corner then North of a site a crop Fence Between my two fields designated as the Big Field & Lower Field thence a strate line so as to take in all the peace of ground called the new ground To Jonathan Pickett's Corner a sugar tree his perportionable Part of my Real Estate. Eighthly I order that my horse Jim, wagon & carpenters tools and farming tools and all the cattle except what my wife gets Be sold on a twelve months credit and when the money is collected pay it over to my wife for her special Benefit.

The balance of my Real Estate together with the mansion house to my wife Elizabeth Pickett during her natural life & at her death to be sold on a twelve months credit and the money to be divided in the following manner to witt- Give my Grand Daughter Mary Malissa Pickett five hundred Dollars, James E. Pickett four hundred Dollars. The Ballance if any there should be Equally divided between my children as follows, Emeline Allen, Joshua W. Pickett, Jonathan T. Pickett, Elizabeth Wright & James E. Pickett, all of the house hold and kitchen furnature that I give my wife to do as she pleases with at her death. Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint James E. Pickett and O.B. Wright my Executors in witness where of I do to this will set my hand and seal this the 17th day of February, 1861.

Signed: Andrew Pickett

Signed, sealed in our Presence and we have subscribed our names here to in the presence of the testator.
Tennessee DeKalb Co.         David Griffith (seal)
Tennessee DeKalb Co.         James Vanatta (seal)
Tennessee DeKalb Co.         A.B. Hicks (seal)

The Probate of the Andrew Pickett Will

State of Tennessee)
DeKalb County) April Term, 1861

Court being duly organized with Alf Bane, Chairman J.B. Atwell and Jos. T. Trapp, Esgn.

When on a motion a paper purporting to be a last will and testament of Andrew Pickett a citizen of DeKalb County, Diost was presented in open court for probate and was duly proven by the oaths of David Griffith, James Vannatta and A. B. Hicks, subscribing witness to said will or paper writing who being first duly sworn in open court deposes and says they were acquainted with Andrew Pickett, the testator of said will or paper writing that the said testator acknowledged the same in their presence to be his last will and testament and that he requested them the said witnesses, Griffith, Vannatta and Hicks, to subscribe their names to the same and that they did so at his request and in his presence and the presence of each other the day the same purports to bear the date (17th Feb., 1861) and that said testator was of sound mind and disposing memory at the time of said signing and that he has since died in DeKalb County, Tenn. Ordered that said will or paperwriting be admitted to record. It further appearing from said will that the testator appointed James E. Pickett and O.B. Wright Executors of said will where upon the said James E. Pickett and O.B. Wright appeared in open court and Entered into Bond in the sum of five hundred Dollars with James Vannatta and J.J. Ford their securities Condition as the Law directs which Bond was duly acknowledged in open Court and approved. Where upon the said Wright and Pickett was duly sworn in open court. Ordered that Letter testamentary with a copy of this Will issue to them which is done First day of April, 1861.

(signed)M.F. Martin

My Line of Descent:
Andrew & Elizabeth (Campbell) Pickett
James Edward & Elizabeth (Jenkins) Pickett
George Washington & Cora Belle (Blansett) Pickett
James Edward & Ida Pauline (Guthrie) Pickett
Carol (Pickett) Thompson

I would like any descendents of Andrew Pickett to please contact me.

Carol Thompson
161 Sue Lane
Pocahontas, Ark. 72455-1337

e-mail address: twister@pokynet.com

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