I John Maynard of the county of DeKalb and the state of Tennessee for and in consideration of various sums of money to me paid and for the love and affection I entertain for my sons and daughters here in after named, I give transfer and convey to each of them the property and amounts annexed to each of their names to be held by each of them in their own right.

Having deeded all my lands to four of my sons to wit, James, George, Isaac and Gibson Maynard, I desire that my wife have a sufficient amount of my property to live on during her natural life in widowhood. I also give to my sons Georg e and Isaac Maynard a good horse each.

I also give to each of my girls to wit, Nancy, Polly, Matilda, and Martha Maynard our good feather bed and furniture each and also our good cow and calf each. Also all the balance of the personal property or money that I died seized and possessed of, I give to be equally divided between all my sons and daughters after paying all of my just debts. Except William Maynard, I have given him all I ever intend for him to have of my estate in any way whatever. He the said William May nard is not to have any thing in the divisions of my property or lands. Also there is to be no sale of any of my property, but all to be divided as above set forth. And if my children above named cannot agree as to the division of the not here in nam ed how to dispose of, then they shall choose disinterested ____ to divide the property, after giving to each one of said sons and daughters according to my instruction. And there is to be no sale of any property or lands that I may die seized and possesse d of and that William Maynard is not to have any thing more of my estate. Given under my hand and seal this the 1st day of December 1853.

John X Maynard (seal)

W. J. Isbell
R. V. Gilbert

Submitted by Janine Savage Weathers

John H. Maynard
William Harrison Maynard
John Harrison Maynard
William Harvey Maynard
Pearl Luella (Maynard) Savage
Derrell James Savage
Janine (Savage) Weathers
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