DeKalb Co., Tenn.

I John Heath of the County DeKalb and State Tennessee Planter do make and publish my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made, I direct that my Body be decently Entered at the Grave Yard in said John Heaths pasture and in said County in a manner suitable to my condition in life and to such worldly estate as it hath please God to Entrust me with I dispose of the same as follows. First I direct that all my Debt and funeral expenses be as soon paid after my Decease as possible out of any moneys that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my Executors from any portion of my Estate, real or Personal. Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wifeMarget Heath all my House hold and kitchen furniture and all of stock of horses, hogs and cattle and sheep. Also one negro boy named Henderson and all of my money and cash notes also I give and unto my beloved daughter Nancy James and her bodily Heirs a certain tract of Land on the South of Caney Fork river where on I now live which is to say the upper part of the bottom down to conditional line-
Marked by Z. Kirkland sec I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Martha James the part my tract of lands from S.S. Conditional line containing by supposition eighty three acres to said Martha James and her bodily heirs. I also Give and bequeath unto my beloved son Willian Heath One dollar in Cash.  I also Give and bequeath unto my beloved son John Heath one Dollar in Cash. I also Give and bequeath unto my beloved son Richard Heath one Dollar in Cash. I also Give and bequeath unto my beloved son Lamarcus Heath one Dollar in Cash. I also give and bequeath unto my beloved son Simon P. Heath one dollar in Cash. I also Give the rest of my Estate after the Decease of My Beloved wife to my beloved daughters Nancy James and Martha James what there is found and Equal portion to both. I do here by make ordain and appoint Hampton James and Thomas James Executors of this my last will and testament in witness where of I John Heath the said testator set hand and seal this 20th of August in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and forty two.

John Heath
his mark

State of Tennessee
DeKalb County } June Term 1843

On motion a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of John Heath dec'd who died in DeKalb County Tennessee was presented in open court for probate and was duly proven in open court by the oath of Zachariah Kirkland and Nicholas Parsley subscribing witness to the same who being first duly sworn in open court depose and say they were acquainted with John Heath the within testator and that they signed the said will by his request in his presence at his dwelling house in said County and in motion ordered that said will be admitted to records.

P.M. Wade, Clerk of DeKalb County Court

Barbara Wilhite
Baxter, Tennessee


John & Marget (Moss?) Heath
James Hampton & Martha (Heath) James
Wayme* & margaret (James) Maynard
Clarence Henry & Mary Ida (Maynard) Trobaugh
Thurman Franklin & Dorthy Christine (Trobaugh) Neill
Barbara Suzanne (Neill) Wilhite

*This is not a typo- his name was spelled with an M, not an N. I used to think maybe it was short for Waymon, but can't find anything to substantiate that.

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