DeKalb Co., Tenn.

I, James George, make and publish this my last will and testament.

I direct my just debts and expenses first paid out of my property. After that is done, I give MARY HALE to her sole & separate use, one share of my estate free from the liabilities of her husband. The remainder of this bequest to go to the sisters of MARY HALE, or their children and the children of W. H. GEORGE bore in lawful wedlock, each to take a full share of sixth.

I give KIZIAH HALE, JANE KEELE, ARETTA BESS, and to MARTHA MARTIN one share each of my estate to their separate use, free from the liabilities of their husbands, with the remainder to their children respectively. I give jointly to the children of my son W. H. GEORGE born in lawful wedlock, one share of my estate. I give jointly to the children of my dead daughter REBECCA Eilridge (supposed to be ESTES), one share of my estate, MARY HALE, KIZIAH HALE, JANE KEELE and ARETTA BESS are my living daughters & MARTHA MARTIN is the only child of my deceased daughter FRANKIE VIER.

My property is mostly land where I reside, on Dry Creek, District 4, Dekalb Co., Tennessee, and I refer to my deeds and title papers for location & boundaries. I authorize my executor in his discretion to divide said land in kind among the parties herein named & make deeds accordingly, or sell the same if he thinks best either publicly or privately on such terms as he thinks best and make deeds thereto, or he may file a bill or petition to divide or sell it as he may see proper. I nominate R. C. NESMITH to Execute this my will.

Witness my hand July 23, 1892
Signed by James X(his mark) George

Signed & acknowledged in our presence and we signed as witness as the Testators request, neither of us being interested. July 1892,

NOTE: Actual death date: 4/28/1893, buried at George Cemetery, Dry Creek, Dekalb Co., TN

Submitted by: Rie Ogasawara-Estes

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