In the name of God, amen.

I, Leonard Fite, of Dekalb County of Tennessee, being weak in body but of sound mind, Blessed be God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Peggy Fite, the small roome South end of my Dwellng House, one negro named Henry, to Acres of my farm where she may choose it, one half of the gardin, and one half of the orchard, and five hundred in Specy, one bed and furniture, three chears, cupboard and furniture, and as much of the kitchen furniture as She may choose, 200 barrels of corn, the Desk and one table, 600 lbs pork, one cow and calf and all the grocerys on hand.

I will to my son, John Fite, this tract of land wereon I now live, except three acres to be laid off to include the Mill and half of the Dam, the other half of the Dam and said Mill being the property of my Sons John and Moses Fite.

Also, at the request of my daughter Catherine Moore and her husband Lemel Moore, I have given a Deed to there children to a tract of land wheron they now live, formly owned by John Fite, containing about 2 hundred acres, more or less, wh ich tract of land is the full propotion of my Estate. To said Catherine and Lemel Moore and their children, I hereby releas them from all claims that my Estate may have against them.

The ballance of my estate is to be Equally Divided between my ten Children John Fite, Jacob Fite, Elizabeth Robinson, Leonard Fite, Joseph Fite, David Fite, Moses Fite, Sally West, William Fite, Peggy Avant.

After my Death, I wish all Estate, Real and personal, to be sold at Twelve months credit the and accounts that is in a blank bound book to consistute part of my estate and to be disposed of as such.

As respects the portion of my estate that will fall to my son William, I wish it put on Interest by my executor and the interest paid semianually to him and his wife as existing sircumstances wil Dictate best. At the Discretion of said Executor , and where as said Son William is owning to Jacob Fite 57 dollars, payed as security, and to David Fite up wards of 200 Dollars by note, should said debts be un paid when said estate comes to the hands of my executors they are hereby requested to pay sai d debts and interest first out of my son William's portion of said estate, and the ballance taken care of as above directed. But, should It be considered best to purchase land with it for the support of him and family, and he so require it, and, in case o f his debts at his wifes, then its my will that it shall be so managed and the title taken in his children's name for their common benefit, and after the Death of the parents, sold and equally devided between them. This precaution is taken that no portion of my estate shall be applyed to the payments of any of his security Debts created and caused by the use of ardent spirits but that his family may enjoy it. But, should it so happen, and God grant it, may that son William should abandon the use of ardent spirits and whereby become enable to pay his debts clear of Enthulment, and in the oppinion of my Executor it should be safe to put said estate in the hands of him, it's my will that it be done.

Accordingly, but not other wise, what little I owe to be first pay, and I hereby appoint my sons John, Jacob and David Fite my Executors to this my last will and testament, requesting my body to be decently burried in plane Christian-like manner, the grave to be Enclosed as my executors think best, commanding my Spirit to God who gave it. Given under my hand this 9th day of June 1840.

Leonard Fite (Seal) Witness
Edward Robinson
Thomas Avant

State of Tennessee, Dekalb county, April Term 1842.
On motion, the last will and testament of Leonard Fite was presented in open court for probate and was duly sworn in open court by the oath of Edward Robinson and Thomas Avant, subscribing witness to the same who being first duly sworn depose and said tha t they were acquainted with Leonard Fite, the testator, and that he signed the said will in his presents by his request and ordered that said will be recorded together with the probate.

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Leonard Fite, Sr.
Leonard Fite, Jr. and wife Elizabeth Duncan
Mary Fite and husband Samuel Williams, Jr.
Laura Caroline Williams and husband William D. Beckwith
Berta Beckwith and husband John Ivan Banks
Elizabeth Banks and husband James E. Simpson
Tom Simpson

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