DeKalb Co., Tenn., Will Book 1838-1854, page 16.
September 1, 1838

Benjamin Atnip Will

State of Tennessee DeKalb County September the first day in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight. In the name of God amen whereas I Benjamin Atnip of the county and state above named, and weak in body but sound in mind and now particularly that I myself am not long for this world and feeling anxious about the well fare of my beloved children hereby dispose of my estate in manner and form following that is to say.

Item first that as much of my personal property be sold as will pay all my just debts if other arrangements cannot be made to pay them.

Item 2. It is my will and desire that my land with my plantation and buildings be for the use of my wife to raise my children on during her natural life of widowhood provided nevertheless. If my wife Gemima should marry again then and in case it is m y will and desire that my wife Gemima Atnip have a childs part of my land and other property that may be on the premises.

Item 3. It is my will and desire that the following named children (to wit) Stephen, Jacob, John, and Enoch Boys - Anny, Elizabeth , Polly, Ellinor, Gemima, and Sindy girls being children of my present (this was originally "first" - this was marked out and"present" written above it) wife Gemima Atnip have as follows that is to say each one of the boys to have a horse beast Equal to one given to each one of my older sons (to wit) Joseph , Alexander, and Benjamin also it is my will and desire the above named Stephen , Jacob, John,and Enoch my son Enoch have a Cow brute equal in value to one given to Joseph and also given to Alexander

Item 4. It is my will and desire that my Daughters (to wit) Anny , Elizabeth, Polly, Ellinor, Gemima and Sindy have property or money to make them equal with the above named boys.

Item 5. It is my will and desire that in case of the death or marriage of my wife Gemima Atnip that after giving to my children as herein before denoted all the Balance left (to wit) land and all property to be sold and equally divided among the follo wing named sons and daughters Joseph Atnip, Alexander, Benjamin, Stephen , Jacob , John , and Enoch my sons and Anny, Elizabeth, Polly, Ellinor, Gemima, and Sindy daughters and as each do ordain this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills. If any of them should be and do hereby appoint my trusted friend Thomas Simpson ESQR of this county my lawful executor to carry this aforesaid will into effect.

Witness my hand and seal this day and year first above written signed sealed and delivered in the presents of the subscribing witnesses.

Benjamin Atnip
his mark

Witness names
Thomas Durham
John Welworth
names signed by request of Benjamin Atnip

State of Tennessee, DeKalb County, August term 1840 a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Benjamin Atnip decd was presented in open court by the oath of Thomas Durham and John Welworth subscribing witness to the same who being first sworn depose and said that they were acquainted with Benjamin Atnip the testator and that they signed the said will in his presents by his request and on motion ordered that said will be recorded.

Witness T.M. Wade clerk of said county court at office
4th day of August 1840,
T.M. Wade, Clerk.

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