Will of David James Rowland

(son of Jefferson Rowland)

written December 11, 1909

transcribed by David Johnson 03/10/2009

I David Rowland do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made

Sec #1.
I direct that my executors here in after named pay my funeral expenses and all debts that I may owe as soon after my death as is possible out of the first money coming into their hands

Sec #2.
I direct that the sum of Five Hundred Dollars be set aside to be held in trust by my executors to be used in fencing and keeping the cemetary at my old home, where I desire to be buried said sum to be expended as their best judgement dictates as to the kind and quality of work

Sec #3.
I give and bequeath and divise to my wife Marina in lieu of dower the following Two tracts of land in Love Valley that I hold by deeds from B. Sexton and Dave League and for the boundaries of which, reference is here made in said deeds with the understanding that she is to hold and have the same during her life, or widowhood, without any right or power to sell her life estate in said two tracts
2nd, One Thousand Dollars in money
3rd, One Thousand Dollars in livestock of her own selection to be valued by her and my executors, and if there is not enough livestock on hand to amount to the One Thousand Dollaes, or if she does not want livestock to that amount that is to say One Thousand Dollars, the balance of all of said Thousand Dollars is to be paid her in money.
4th, All my household and kitchen furniture of every description including piano and sewing machine, all the fowls and my individual farming implements
5th, I direct that my executors set aside out of my estate for my wife Marina and the unmarried children living with her, ample provisions for one year support.

Sec #4.
After the forgoings sections and subsections have been carried out I will and direct that my executors convert the balance of my personal and real property into cash as rapidly as possible selling the realty on legal notice to the highest bidder on terms they think best, and they are hereby authorized to make deeds to the purchaser, or purchasers, and divide the proceeds of said personality and realty equally between Marina Rowland, Cordelia Lawrence, Bismark Rowland, Doke Patterson, Cleo Barry, Delma Rowland and Dolly Rowland.

Sec #5
At the death or remarriage of my wife Marina Rowland I direct that my executors sell the two tracts of land devised to her in section no 3 sub sec no 1 to the highest bidder, after legal notice, on terms they think best and make deeds to the purchaser or purchasers and divide the proceeds thereof among my children as named in sec no 4.

I do nominate and appoint Bismark Rowland of Lancaster Tennessee, and R W Patterson of Alexandria Tennessee executors of this my will in witness hereof I David Rowland have hereunto affixed my signature to this my will on this the Eleventh day of December 1909.

David Rowland

David Rowland signed the foregoing instrument and published and declared the same as and for his last will in our presents, and we at his request and in his presents, and in the presents of each other, have hereunto written our names as subscribing witnesses, on the Eleventh day of December 1909.

J W Rutland
Guy Davis

filed January 4, 1910