Administrator's Settlement Book, 1886-1907
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pg 6-9. 15 Mar 1887. Settlement of Estate of J.J. Pedigo, dec'd by J.T. Trapp, executor. Estate is divided under direction of the will as follows:

W.R. Medley and wife M.E. Medley   $613.11
Roland Pedigo     749.50
I.D. Pedigo     870.00
Samantha J. Pedigo, Minor child of J.J. Pedigo     870.00

pg 20. 1 Oct 1887. Settlement of estate of Benjamin Robinson, dec'd to the heirs, by E.N. Robinson, administrator:
E.N. Robinson's own share   $17.96
J.H. Robinson, one share     17.96
Q.A. Cripps, one share     17.96
B.F. Robinson, one share     17.96
James Robinson, one share     17.96

pg 22. 20 Oct 1887. Settlement of estate of Phillip Hass, dec'd to his heirs, by R.C. Nesmith, administrator:
Charity Blackburn   $9.56
Nancy Hullett     9.56
Artelia Hass     9.56
Rebecca Kelley     9.56
Sarah Hass     9.56
Susan Conley     9.56
Rachel Bennett     9.56
William Hass     9.56

pg 26. 6 Dec 1887. J.L. Tramell, administrator of Mary Wall, dec'd account due for distribution between the four heirs:
M.H. Tramel   $14.70
M.E. taylor     14.70
Jane Page     14.70
J.H. Tramel, Guardian of Willis Wall's heirs     14.70
M.H. tramel share was credited by J.L. Tramel's note, and M.E. Taylor's share credited by A.B. Taylor's note.

pg 33-36. 25 Feb 1888. Jackson Malone, administrator of the estate of William Christian, dec'd. Balance of the estate is to be divided into eight equal shares, giving to each original heir $4o5.81, viaz:

Harriet E. Malone       $405.81
Catherine Rowland         405.81
S.M. Christian         405.81
Mary Christian         405.81
Amanda Corley         405.81
T.N. Christian's six Children         405.81
  W.F. Christian $67.63      
  Etta Staley   67.63      
  Nancy Windham   67.63      
  John Christian   67.63      
  T.S. Christian   67.63      
  James Christian   67.63      
Jno. Christian's two children         405.81
  W.C. Christian $202.90      
  J.M. Christian   202.90      
Sarah Corley's six children         405.81
  Catharine Jackson $67.63      
  Elizabeth Deadman   67.63      
  Martha J. Webster   67.63      
  Sallie Corley   67.63      
  Isabelle Corley   67.63      
  William Corley   67.63      

PG 33-34. 22 Sept 1888. H.H. and E.N. Allen, executors of the estate of Alfred Allen, dec'd. report that the balance for distribution is to be divided into nine equal ahares of #39.59 each:

T.C. Allen   $39.59
H.H. Allen     39.59
E.N. Allen     39.59
Nancy Love     39.59
Rebecca Mullican     39.59
A.O.Allen     39.59
E.B. Allen     39.59
Martha Attnip's 3 heirs     39.59
A.B. Atnip $13.17  
H.G. Atnip   13.17  
E.C. Atnip   13.17  
William Allen's 3 heirs     39.59
Lee Allen   13.17  
Luther Allen   13.17  
Cleveland A. Allen   13.17  

pg 50. 6 Dec 1888. Settlement with J.T. Bryant, administrator of the estate of Nancy Bryand, dec'd. Estate to be divided among six heirs as follows:
Rachael Barrett   $2.57
Nancy A. Adamson     2.57
Nancy A. Adamson     2.57
Z.T. Bryant     2.57
W.R. Bryant     2.57
Jincy Barrett's 3 heirs     2.57
J.W. Barrett   0.85  
Caroline Barrett   0.85  
L.G. Barrett   0.85  

pg 51-52. 8 Sept 1888. Settlement made with M. Brown administrator of the estate of Benjamin Anderson, dec'd. Amount to be divided into four equal shares as follows:

Mary Turner, 1 share   $369.02
Birdie Anderson, 1 share     369.02
Hallie Anderson,1 share     369.02
Charlie Anderson     369.02

"Charlie Anderson being deceased, his share is divided into three equal shares..." and divided among the other heirs.

pg. 55. 16 Nov 1888. Estate of L. Capshaw, dec'd made by R.C. Nesmith, executor of said estate. "Settlement resumed with the following Results. The administrator is charged in his inventory to two houses and lots in Smithville, Tennessee which he sold to James Dearman, and against which charge he has filed the following receipts":

Jas. Dearman, guardian
Harriet Dearman
Jas. Dearman's receipt for the following shares:
Horace McGuire
Jno. McGuire
T.E. Winiard
Richard Winiard
Thos. and Eliza Bailiff
Fannie and T.L.B. Evans

pg 56-58. 5 Feb 1889. Settlement wiith H.G. Roy and J.W. Hays, administrators of the estate of James N. Roy, dec'd. The estate to be divided into 7 equal shares:

Mrs. M.J. Ford       $133.58
Lizzie Hays         133.58
Julia Hays         133.58
H.G. Roy         133.58
Amanda Wood's 3 heirs:         133.58
  Jennie Wood $44.59      
  James Wood   44.59      
  Charlie Wood   44.50      
Delia Yeargin's one heir:         133.58
  Virginia West   133.58      
Elvissa Berry's nine heirs:         133.58
  Betty [Arah] Avant $14.84      
  James Berry   14.84      
  Tennie Stevens   14.84      
  Joe Berry   14.84      
  Mary Grooms   14.84      
  Julia West's heirs   14.84      
  Zora Hays   14.84      
  William Berry   14.84      
  Lon Berry   14.84      

(This Settlement marked "Void" and reentered on page 86)

pg 76-77. 29 Oct 1889. D.C. Taylor and J.C. Taylor, administrators of the estate of J.C. Taylor, dec'd. Estate to be divided to give each of the heirs of said dec'd as follows:

Mary Turner, 1 share       $46.41
Lewis Taylor's heirs, 1 share         46.41
  Mary Helen Taylor   11.60      
  Letha Taylor   11.60      
  Nancy Taylor   11.60      
  John Taylor   11.60      
Crecy Taylor, 1 share         46.41
Annis Robinson, 1 share         46.41
Rhoda Trusty, 1 share         46.41
J.C. Taylor, 1 share         46.41
D.C. Taylor, 1 share         46.41
Nancy Taylor, 1 share         46.41
Kissiah Trusty, 1 share         46.41

Crecy Taylor's share signed for by Crecy and H.R. Taylor. Annis Robinson's share signed for by her and G.W. Robinson. Rhoda Trusty's share signed for by R.E. and Horace Trusty. Nancy Taylor's share signed for by her and T.J. Taylor, Kissiah Trusty's share signed for by her and A.T. Trusty.

pg 78-79. 13 Aug 1889. M.B. Parker, administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Parker, dec'd. Settlement results:

M.B. Parker, 1 share       $9.70
D.A. Parker, 1 share         9.70
Elizabeth Snow, 1 share         9.70
Mary Martin, 1 share         9.70
Patience E. Martin, 1 share         9.70
A.C. Parker, 1 share         9.70
John Parker's heirs, 1 share         9.70
  Lewis Parker   4.85      
  Julia Ann Womack   4.85      
Freeland Parker's heirs, 1 share         9.70
  Laura Burton   4.85      
  Caroline Davis   4.85      
William Parker's six heirs, 1 share         9.70
  Elizabeth Parker   1.60      
  Mary Parker   1.60      
  Emiline Clayborn   1.60      
  Nancy Parker   1.60      
  William Parker   1.60      
  Earnest Parker   1.60      
John Parker's heirs, 1 share
by R.F. Jones, guardian

pg 89-90. 12 Dec 1889. D.W. Webb, administrator of E.W. Webb, dec'd. Settlement would give each of the five heirs $309.17 each:

Bethel Webb's Heirs, 1 share       $309.17
D.W. Webb, 1 share         309.17
J.W. Redman, 1 share         309.17
Julius Webb, 1 share         309.17
Evin Webb, 1 share         309.17

pg 94-95. 30 Apr 1890. Cain Teague, administrator of the estate of Jno. Teague, dec'd. Estate to be divided into eight shares:

Mary Phillips, 1 share       $5.00
Jordon Teague, 1 share         5.00
Hannah James, share to be divided
into 4 shares of $0.25 each[?]
  Dan James   0.25      
  Sam James   0.25      
  Mary James   0.25      
  Wash James   0.25      
Frank Teague, 1 share         5.00
Phillis Teague, 1 share         5.00
Charles Teague, 1 share         5.00
A. Teague's heirs, 1 share         5.00
  Charles Teague   1.25      
  William Teague   1.25      
  Mat Teague   1.25      
  Harriett Teague   1.25      
Cain Teague, 1 share         5.00

(The amount of money given the James and Teague heirs does not equal one full share.)

pg 106-108. 25 Sept 1890. W.A. and J.S. Tramel, administrators of the estate of J.H. Tramel, dec'd. Julia Tramel [the widow] agrees to take a child's share in the said estate. The heirs to receive:

W.A. Tramel, 1 share       $195.03
J.S. Tramel, 1 share         195.03
J.R. Tramel, 1 share         195.03
D.H. Tramel, 1 share         195.03
Laura Blackburn, 1 share         195.03
Sarah Barry, 1 share         195.03
Marvin Tramel, 1 share         195.03

Laura is the wife of W.S. Blackburn. Sarah is the wife of A.C. Barry.

pg 115. 21 Feb 1891. M.C. Green executor of the estate of J.J. Mullican, dec'd. Balance in executors hands to be given to the six heirs:

A.C. Mullican       $14.55
M.C. Green         14.55
R.M. Trapp         14.55
E.N. Allen         14.55
J.J. Mullican         14.55
R.L. Page         14.55

pg 120-121. 31 Mar 1891. W.H. Bass administrator of the estate of John A. Bass, dec'd. Each of the heirs are entitled to the following credits:

Maggie Bass       $1000.00
E.E. Bass         1000.00
W.H. Bass         1000.00
W.D. Bass as guardian of [?].         1000.00
W.D. Bass as guardian of [?].         1000.00

[1880 Census of DeKalb County gives two younger sons of John A. Bass as Lannes and Clarence L. Bass]

pg 126-128. 3 Sept 1890. W.L. Turney, administrator of the estate of Mary Turney. Balance in the hands of the administrator, $3483.84 which would give to each of the eleven heirs, to wit:

Emiline Keaton, dec'd, 1 share
  Cleo Turney her only heir
Catherine Cooper, 1 share         334.39
Elizabeth Blair, dec'd, 1 share         334.39
    She left seven children, each to
    receive 1/7th of her share. Of
    full age are;
      R.L. Blair
      H.F. Blair
      E.J. Blair
      F.M. Blair
      A deceased daughter M.C. Bradley
      who died leaving three children:
        A.E.E. Bradley
        William A. Bradley
        U.S. Bradley
      Sarah Blasingame
      A deceased son Joe Blair, who died
      leaving the following minors:
        M.S. Blair
        J.F. Blair
Sarah Blair, dec'd 1 share         334.39
  She left 5 children:
    Joe F. Blair
    Henry M. Blair
    John Blair
    Mary phillips who is dead
    leaving two children:
        William Phillips
        Sarah E. Phillips
    Eliza Wasom who is dead
      Leaving 5 Children:
        M.E. Wasom
        B.L. Wasom
Henry B. Turney, dec'd, 1 share         334.39
  He left three children:
      Mary E. Turney
      Sarah E. Turney
      Joseph E. Turney
W.L. Turney, 1 share (less debts)         334.39
Rebecca Dodd, dec'd, 1 share         334.39
  She left seven children, viz:
      J.J. Dodd
      J.W. Dodd
      H.L.W. Dodd
      R.F. Dodd
      Shug Dodd
      Henry M. Dodd
      Mollie Dodd, dec'd.
George Turney, 1 share         334.39
M.C.(Mary) Turney, 1 share         334.39
P.I. (Isaac) Turney, 1 share         334.39

[Only 10 shares listed. See the estate settlement of Joseph Turney who died ca 1854, husband of Mary Turney, dec'd for an earlier listing of the heirs.]

pg 137. 12 Dec 1891. "James M. Page, executor of the estate of James Page, dec'd. Whereas it appears from an agreement on file dated 13 Jul 1891, made between James Marion Page, executor of James Page, dec'd and Mary A. Robinson and her husband Andy Robinson, Margaret J. Page and her husband E.C. Page, and Lucinda Redman and her husband J.W. Redman that the parties herein named agreed that the personal property belonging to the widow of said James Page, dec'd, shoud be equally divided between them and whereas it appears from the receipts on file that said parties did meet and divide said property... It is ordered by the Court that J.M. Page collect from each of the three heirs $1.25 to pay cost of said settlement...."

pg 147-148. 13 Dec 1892. E.A. Neal, administrator of Mary Chapman, dec'd gives each of the four heirs:

Loucinda Neal, 1 share       $317.65
M.L. Scott, 1 share         317.65
S.P. Parker, 1 share         317.65
Mary Scott, 1/2 share         158.82
J.M. Neal, 1/2 share         158.82

pg 152. 24 Dec 1892. I.D. Griffith, administrator of David Griffith, dec'd, settlement. Receipt for the full share of the balance due Lucy Griffith.

pg 156. 10 Feb 1893. D.D. Driver, administrator of Louisa Driver, dec'd. Balance in the hands of the administrator would give to each of the six heirs:

D.D. Driver, 1 share       $5.62
Daniel Driver, 1 share         5.62
Nathan Driver, 1 share         5.62
Sarah Hickman, 1 share         5.62
Parlee Crook's heirs, 1 share         5.62
Rebecca Worford, 1 share         5.62

pg 158-159. 12 Mar 1892. N.G. Maddox, administrator of R.B. Ware, dec'd settlement. To each of the four original heirs, $1138.02:

Mrs. B.M. Webb       $1138.02
Mrs. A.A. Allen         1138.02
Mrs. M.C. Maddux         1138.02
Wash. Ware's 3 children         1138.02

Mrs. Webb's receipt signed by B.M. and M.H. Webb, Mrs. Allen's receipt signed by Jessie and A.A. Allen, Mrs. M.C. Maddux'sreceipt signed for by M.C. Maddux. Wash Ware had 3 children, viz; Shelia, Jno. W., and May Ware, each of whom received $379.34.

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