Administrator's Settlement Book, 1870-1873
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pg 2. 1 Sept 1870. Petition of Martha Cantrell widow of James Cantrell, dec'd and John C. Candy, administrator of said dec'd against Aaron Cantrell, Larkin Baine and wife M. Baine, Jahu Cantrell and Charles S. Cantrell, all of DeKalb County, and Smith Cantrell and James Cantrell who are nonresidents of the state of Tennessee. --- The said James Cantrell departed this life in DeKalb County where he resided in 1870, intestate, leaving complainants Martha, his widow and the defendents above named his only heirs, all of full age except defendent Charles S. Cantrell who is a minor. John C. Candy was appointed administrator of the personal estate of the deceased. James Cantrell died possessed of 360 acres of land on the waters of Fall Creek. Petition to sell land.

pg 3-4. 26 Oct 1870. Martha Cantrell et al vs Aaron Cantrell et al. The separate answer of B.M. Cantrell, guardian ad litum to Charles S. Cantrell, minor heir of James Cantrell, dec'd. Dower has been set off for the widow.

pg 5-8. 14 Nov 1870. David Malone vs Samuel Malone, Pallis Hardcastle, Mary Hardcastle, Monroe Malone, Louisa Malone, Ira W. King, Mary L. Fisher and James N. Fisher, all residents of DeKalb County, except the last names three who are residents of Smith County. ---Yancy Malone died several years ago intestate and the abovenamed are his heirs except Ira W. King. The said Yancy died possessed of about 90 acres in the 17th district of DeKalb County. Defendants except Pallis Hardcastle and Ira W. King are minors and that the ssaid King is the regular guardian of all said defendants except Pallis and Mary Hardcastle, since Mary is the wife of said Pallis and is a minor and has no guardian (Later W.W. Wade is made her Guardian). Petition to sell land. King admits that David Malone has an undivided interest in said land.

pg 9-29. March-Oct 1871. Petition of L.B. Allen in his own right and as agent for G.W. Allen, citizens of Marshall County, Alla Givens and John Johnson, citizens of DeKalb County against Virginia McFarland, Mariah Ellen McFarland, Mary Helen McFarland, Walter P. McFarland, and William McFarland, the last three being minors over 14 years of age and Walter P. McFarland the father of the aforesaid defendants, all residing in the state of Missouri, Daniel Webster Ditto, minor over 14 years of age, Preston Rose and Adeline Rose his Wife Adeline Ditto, residents of Mississippi, Sarah Ditto, minor over 14 years of age, and John Ditto under 14 years of age and James M. Ditto (father) of the last five mnames defendants, residing in the State of Alabama. All of the minor defendants have no guardian known to your petitioner. ---Petitioners and defendants are the legal owners of two tracts of land in the 9th district of DeKalb Clounty , one containing 50 acres conveyed by Grant No. 1877 to William H. Allen and the other conveyed by a deed containing 200 acres, more or less. Walter P. McFarland married Polley H. Allen (now dec'd) who was a daughter of William H. Allen, dec'd. James M. Ditto married Elizabeth Allen and the Ditto defendants are their children, the said Elizabeth now dec'd. John J. Johnson has purchased the interest of L.B. Allen in the large tract. W.W. Wade is made guardian of the McFarland and Ditto minors in this case, and for George W. Allen. The above Allen, McFarland and Ditto persons are the heirs and distributees of Wm. H. Allen, dec'd. Deposition of L.B. (Littleberry) Allen that he has 1/4th interest in the land. Court rules that the interest in and to the said 50 acre tract of land be divested out of L.B. Allen, George W. Allen, Virginia McFarland, Moriah E. McFarland, Mary H. McFarland, Walter P. McFarland, Jr. and Wm. M. McFarland and Waltor P. McFarland, Sr., Daniel W. Ditto, Preston Rose and Wife Adeline Rose, Sarah Ditto, John Ditto, and James M. Ditto and out of all the heirs of Wm. H. Allen, dec'd and be vested in James M. Vaughn and his heirs forever.

pg 30-33. 5 Dec 1870-3 Jul 1872. William Steel and wife Elizabeth and Mary A. Vickars of DeKalb County vs Hardin C. Vickars of White County, Rebecca Vicars of DeKalb County, Elizabeth Vickars, Mary E. Vickars, John H. Vicors age 18 years, Sarah C. Vicors age 13 years, Lindsey A. Vicors aged 7 years (the last named minors without guardian), the last named defendents all of Putman County. --- Petitioners will show the court that Nancy Vicars died in DeKalb County intestate in the middle of 1869. She had no administrator and little personal estate, however she died seized and possessed of a tract of land in the 8th district of DeKalb County where she recently lived and where James Morrow, alias James Vicors and Rebecca Vicors now live, containing 50 Acres. Rebecca Vicars and Mary A. Vicors are the daughters of Nancy Vicars, dec'd. William Steel is the husband of Elizabeth Steel and Elizabeth Vicars is the widow of Lindsey Vickars who was a son of Nancy Vicars. Mary C. Vicars, John H. Vicars, Sarah C. Vicars and Lindsay Vicars are the children and widow of said Lindsay Vicars, thus being heirs at law of Nancy Vicars. Rebecca and James Vicars have taken possession of the personal property and real estate of the dec'd Nancy Vicars. Mrs. Elizabeth Steel avers that she heard that he mother Nancy would be put upon the county for burial expenses, and knowing that her mother left adequate funds for burial, she brings this cause to court. The land to be sold for distribution.

pg 41-46. 22 Apr 1871-27 Oct 1871. Petition of Irena Lawson, Washington Webb and wife Julia A.T. Webb (formerly Julia A.T. Gibbs), John Gibbs, Laura Gibbs, Marion Webb and wife Jane (formerly Jane Gibbs), Sarah Gibbs and William Gibbs of Warren County, complainants vs Nancy Frances Gibbs, widow of John Gibbs, dec'd of DeKalb County,, Priscillar Gibbs, minor under 21 years and citizen of Warren County, Ruthy G., Elizabeth H., George W., Francis Marion, Rebecca A., Lewella S. Gibbs, all minors under 21 and of DeKalb County. --- John Gibbs of DeKalb County died intestate on 2 Mar 1851 possessing a tract of land of about 100 acres. The following are his heirs and distributees: Irena Lawson whose husband Willam Lawson is dead (she is the only primary heir of said deceased John Gibbs), John Gibbs, Julia A.T. Webb, Louisa Ann Gibbs, Jane Webb, Sarah Gibbs, William Gibbs, and Priscillar Gibbs are minors under 21 years, all children of Jesse Gibbs who died in 1854 and thus are grandchildren of John Gibbs, dec'd; Rutha G., Elizabeth H., George W., Francis Marion, Reubin H., and Lewella S. Gibbs are minors under 21 and children of Jonas R. Gibbs and thus are grandchildren of daid John Gibbs, dec'd. Dower is set apart for Nancy Frances Gibbs, widow of of the dec'd John.

pg 47-55. 4 Dec 1871. Petition of W.G. Crosley, administrator of John L. Boyed vs Generovy Boyed and William Boyed, citizens of Wilson County. --- John L Boyed died over 2 years ago leaving debts and little personal property, but several small tracts of land. Defendants William and Generovy Boyed are minor heirs of John L. Boyed. Property to be sold for debts and distribution.

pg 56-62. 2 Jul 1870-7 Oct 1870. Mary J. Chapman vs William Keith and wife Louisey Keith (formerly Chapman), and Leroy Neale and his wife Frances Neale (formerly Chapman), James Chapman, Alice Chapman, William Chapman, Cullom Chapman, Elijah Chapman, John Chapman, Allice Chapman, Tennessee Chapman, all minor heirs of Sampson Chapman, dec'd, except William Keith and wife Louisey and all citizens of DeKalb County. --- Mary J. Chapman and Sampson Chapman interrmarried in 1868. Sampson died in June 1870. She is due in her right as widow of said Sampson a child's part of the estate. The land is in the 2nd District on Dismal Creek. Sampson was owner of one undivided interest in the land with Wiley Chapman owner of the other half.

pg 69-77. 26 Apr 1872-7 Oct 1872. Petition of I.H. Hays, administrator with will annexed of John Mainor, dec'd vs James Mainor of Putnam County, Lucinda Allcorn (formerly Mainor), Mary Mainor, Martha Mainor, Gipson Mainor, George Mainor and Matilda McEnnis (formerly Mainor) all of DeKalb County; Adeline Herron and Bettie Herron of DeKalb County, William Herron of the State of Iowa, and Sarah Herron of the State of Kentucky. The four last manes are the children and heirs at law of Rebecca Herron who is dead and who was the daughter of John Mainor, dec'd and her husband Wiseman Herron of Putnam County. All other defendants are the children and heirs at law of John Mainor, dec'd. Estate indebted. Petition to sell land.

pg 78-92. 1st Monday in Nov 1871-4 Mar 1872. Petition of Aaron Frazier, executor of the estate of Henry Frazier, dec'd and Almond Frazier of DeKalb County vs James B. Frazier (a minor without guardian). --- Henry Frazier died over two years ago, owner of a large estate. Among other holdings was a tract of land of about 200 acres belonging to the dec'd except for life estate of the widow of Barthemus Pack, dec'd. Almond to get half of the eatate when he becomes of age.

pg 93-105. 22 Jul 1872-5 Oct 1872. Petition of L.P. Doggin, E.A. Coggin, Elizabeth Haggard and Jesse Haggard he husband, Louisa A. pullum and Bird Sexton, all of DeKalb County vs Walter F. Coggin, Mary N. Coggin, Mayberry M. Coggin, Sarah E. Coggin, Verenia S. Coggin and Lucy F. Coggin, heirs of William Coggin, dedc''d and Susan D. Coggin, guardian of the minor heirs of William Coggin, dec'd, Allof Clay County, Illinois and Charles Pullum, residence unknown. --- Willis Coggin died intesteate aabout 25 Apr 1860, owner of 201 acres in the 16th District of DeKalb County. He left a widow who has since died and the following named heirs, to wit: L.P. Coggin, Lucy R. Winchester, Berneta Hale, Setha Starnes, E.A. Coggins, Elizabeth Haggard, John C. Coggin, Louisa Pullum, heirs proper, each entitled to one share, and the following heirs of William Coggin, dec'd, entitled jointly to one share, to wit: Walter F. Coggin, Mary N. Coggin, Mayberry M. Coggin, Sarah E. Coggin, Verenia S. Coggin, and Lucy F. Coggin who are non-residents of this state. Charles Pullum has for several years abandoned his wife Louisa and left the county. B.S. Sexton has purchased the interest of Lucy R. Winchester and John C. Coggin in said lands. E.A. Coggin has purchased the interest of Berneta Hale and Setha Starnes in said lands.

pg 106-122. 7 Oct 1872-7 Jan 1873. Petition of Bethena C. Parsley, J. W. King and Elizabeth King, Jesse Wheeler and Nancy P. Wheeler and John H. Kingsey of Kentucky, vs Anthony T. Parsley, aged 20 years, Daniel Parsley, aged 18 years, Sarah L. King, aged 17 years, Job B. Parsley aged about 15 years, William J. Parsley aged about 10 years and Martha Partley aged about 6 years, all citizens of Kentucky. --- William Parsleiy died in Tennessee about four years ago, owner of land in the 5th District of DeKalb County, leaving Bethena C. Parsley his widow who is entitled to dower in said land. The parties to this petition are the only heirs and distributees to said dec'd. J. W. King married Elizabeth, daughter of the dec'd and Jesse Wheeler married Nancy P., another daughter of the dec'd, each of whom is of full age. John H. Kingsley married Sarah T., who was also a daughter of dec'd, but is not of full age. M. D. Smallman is guardian for the minor fefendants. One tract of the land in dispute (70 acres) was granted to an Anthony Parsley on 23 May 1837 in what is now Cannon County on the headwaters of Pine Creek (Grant No. 3909). Another tract containing 135 Acres was granted to William Parsley on 27 Sept 1854 (Grant No. 11367). Included is a deed dated 3 Oct 1842 from John Parsley to William Parsley for the land called out in Grant No. 3909 and one for 4 acres to William Parsley from Anthony Parsley dated 1 Feb 1848.

pg 123-146. 4 Feb 1869 - 6 Mar 1873. James L. Clovert, admiistrator with will annexed of M.T. Martin, dec'd vs Nancy Tinsley and James M. Tinsley, Bonita Martin, Mattie T. Martin, Martin T. Martin, Travis A. Martin, James M. Allen, Alexander Martin, Richard Hays and Missouri Hays, John S. Allen and Martha Gertha Tinsley, ___ A. Tinsley, Travis Phillips, Nathaniel Parker and Mary A. Parker, citizens of DeKalb County. --- Mathew T. Martin died about the year 1863, leaving a will and property in DeKalb County. Samuel L. Tyree was first appointed administrator on this estate. Mathew T. Martin, dec'd was the owner of land on Walker Shoals of Caney Fork River, described in Grant No. 10665. Nancy Tinsley was the wife and widow of Mathew T., dec'd, and is entitled to dower. She is now married to J.M. Tinsley. Said Bonita Martin and T.A. Martin are the only children and heirs of M.T. Martin and are minors. M.T. and A.M. Martin were brothers. --- A.M. Martin died intestate, unmarried and childless and Alexander Martin, his father, was his adinistrator. Miwwouri Hays is a sister of A.M. Martin and is married to John S. Allen. Mary A. Parker is a sister to A.M. Martin and is married to N. Parker. Travis Phillips is the only child and heir of Elizabeth Phillips who was a sister of A.M. Martin and she also died intestate. Said M.A. and Rutha are girls and minors without guardian. All the parties herein named excep5t the petitioner and J.M. Tinsley, Alexander Martin and J.M. Aller are the only heirs of Abraham M. Martin, dec'd. Said lands are not worth more than $1000.00 and are of sucha chracter that they cannot be divided and should be sold for division. The will of M.T. Martin is "uncertain and indefinite."

pg 144-170. 2 Jun 1873-1 Sept 1873. Petition of William Childress, Nancy Goff, John Waddle, Eliza Waddle, Almon Medlin, Elizabeth Medlin, Harmon Robinson, Susan Robinson, citizens of DeKalb County, J.B. Hutchings, Sarah Hutchings, citizens of White County, John Rainey Vicars and Charity Vicars, citizens of Kentucky vs Luella Childress, citizen of DeKalb County. --- Hiram Childress died intestate in DeKalb County in about 1872, leaving the petitioners and defendant as his only heirs, equally entitled to the said dec'd estate. Nancy Goff is a daughter of said Hiram Childress and she married Frank Goff who has since dies. Eliza Waddle is a daughter of Hiram Childress and she married John Waddle. Elizabeth Medlin, anothe daughter of Hiram Childress married Almon Medlin. Susan Robinson is also a daughter of said Hiram and she is married to Harmon Robinson. Defendant Luella Childress is a minor daughter of said Hiram Childress without regular guardian and is a half sister to said Hiram's other children, said defendant being about 10 or 12 months old. Susan Childress is the surviving widow of the dec'd and is entitled to dower. The land owned by Hiran Childress, dec'd was in the 14th District on Falling Water River, described in Grant No. 1096 and 4713. (Grant 4713, dated 3 Jan 1826, granted to Middleton McDaniel, 200 acres. Grant 1096 dated 12 Sept 1826,granted to Isaac Taylor. Both grants by the Entry Taker of White County.)

pg 167-181. 14 Jun 1872 - 7 Jun 1873. Petition of M.D. Smallman, administrator of Thomas R. Whaley, dec'd vs Martha Whaley, widow of the dec'd, James E. Whaley, John L. Whaley, John Brown and wife Emma, formerly Emma Whaley, Onesinus W. Whaley, Catherine Whaley, Martha Whaley, and Charles Whaley and Lula Lee Farris. The said defendents Onesinus W., Catherine, Martha, Charles and Lulla Lee are minors without regular guardian. The defendents (except Martha the widow) are the only children and heirs at law of said dec'd, except Lula Lee Farris who is a granddaughter whose parents are dead.

pg 181-200. 9 Feb 1873-31 Jan 1974. Petition of Mary Bullard, widow of Henry Bullard, dec'd, and Joseph Hibdon and wife Rachel, formerly Rachel Bullard, Thomas Sullens and wife Intha J. Sullen, formerly I.J. Bullard, and susan Bullard, all heirs of said Henry Bullard, dec'd vs N.G. Maddux, guardain of the minor heirs of Henry Bullard, dec'd, viz: Henry, Jr., William, Allen, and Elizabeth Bullard, each of the said minors is also made defendant. --- Henry bullard died intestate about 1869.

pg 201-219 [Blank]

pg 220-231. 31 Aug 1874-Nov 1874. Petition of D.P. Taylor and Perry Adcock, Jr. vs Fielding Turner, guardian of Noah Adcock, Mary Adcock, and William Adcock. --- William Adcock, Sr. died intestate in DeKalb County seven years ago, leaving a widow who has since married defendant Turner, and four children, Perry, Noah, Mary and William Adcock as his only heirs. Noah, Mary, and William are minors. "Perry is of full age" and since becoming of age has sold his interest in the estate of his father D.P. Taylor.

pg 234-241. 8 Sept 1874-25 Sept 1874. W.T. Moores, administrator of T.L.Word, dec'd, and E.P. Word vs John Word, a minor. --- T.L.Word, died 26 Jun 1874 leaving a nuncupative will. Hel left a widow E.P. Word and "one son by his other wife". Both reside in DeKalb County.

pg 245-277. 7 Jul 1874-26 Oct 1874. Petitioner Wm. E. Foutch, as executor of William Foutch, dec'd and in his own right, James M. Foutch, Levy Foutch, John Blue and Wife Susan Blue (forjerly Susan Foutch0, all citizens of DeKalb County and john A. Foutch, a citizen of Kentucky vs James M. Foutch, Martin L. Foutch, Bettie Foutch, Adline Foutch, William B. Foutch, all minor heirs and children of Martin B. Foutch, dec'd who was a son of William Foutch, Sr., dec'd, all of deKalb County, Louis Finley and George Finley (said George being a minor), Nancy J. Webb, Willie F. Webb, Joe W. Webb, Leonora Webb, Mollie M. Webb, William M. Finley and Joel Finley, minors, Wilson Jackson and wife Jane jackson, formerly Jane Foutch of Kentucky. --- William Foutch, Sr. departed this life "some time since in DeKalb County" leaving a will. Petitioners and defendants are all heirs of said William Foutch, Sr., dec'd and legatees under said will. William E. Foutch, James M. Foutch, Levi Foutch and John A. Foutch are each entitled to 1/8th interest. Defendants James M. Foutch, Thomas J. Foutch, Martin L. Foutch, Bettie Foutch, Adline Foutch, and William B. Foutch are grandchildren of said William Foutch, Sr., dec'd and are jointly entitled to 1/8th. Lewis Finley, George Finley, Nancy J. Webb, Willie F. Webb, Joe W. Webb, Ludora Webb, Mollie M. Webb, William M. Finley, Joel Finley Jointly represent a 1/8th interest in said land, beint children and grandchildren of Mahaly Finley, dec'd who was the daughter of the testator. Wilson Jackson and wife represent a 1/8th interest, Jackson's wife being a daughter of the dec'd. Petitipner John Blue and wife represent a 1/8th interest, said Blue's wife also being a daughter of said William Foutch, Sr., dec'd.

pg 278-300. 15 Sep 1873-6 Dec 1873. Petitioner William T. Griffith in his own right and as administrator with will annexed of Amos Griffith, dec'd, Mary E. Griffith, Jonathan J. Griffith and Peyton G. Griffith, James C. Jones and wife Mary J. Jones, citizens of DeKalb County and Jonathan Patton and wife Elizabeth, citizens of Wilson County, Tn vs George Womack and wife Esther A. Womack, age 18 years, Henry Dodd and wife Artamissa Dodd, citizens of Warren County, Mary L. Griffith, Jonathan L. Griffith, Isaac D. Cantrell and wife Elizabeth Cantrell, Turner Wood in his own right and as guardian of John Wood, age 6 years, Joseph Griffith age 20 years, Isaac H. Griffith age 17 years, and of George W. Griffith Age 14 years, Martin Cantrell (no age given), Ephriam G. Griffith, age 16 years, Isaac D. Griffith age 20 years, James A. Griffith age 13 years, the last three named and Esther A. Womack are minors without guardian. --- Amos Griffith died in DeKalb County about Dec. 1863 leaving a probated will which mentions 1/2 interest in Land Grant No. 2179 from the State of Tennessee to Abraham Cantrell and by deed to Thomas Allen and David Fite in July 1835. --- Peyton Griffith in his lifetime was the owner of the other half intrest un the same land and died testate leaving Mary L. Griffith his widow, Jonathan L. Griffith his son, Elizabeth Cantrell his daughter who married Isaac Cantrell, John Wood his grandson, a son of Edith C. Wood his daughter who married Turner Wood and died intestate, single and childless, the first died unnamed and the second who died was names Elizabeth Cantrell. Arthumissia Dodd, dauhgter of said Peyton Griffith is married to Henry C. Dodd. --- Mary E. Griffith is the widow of Amos Griffith. William L. Griffith, Jonathon J. Griffith, Peyton T. Griffith, Isaac S. Griffith, Ephriam Griffith, James D. Griffith, Esther A. Womack (who married George Womack), Mary J. Jones (who married James C. Jones), Elizabeth Patton (who married Jonathan Patton) all are the children of Amos Griggith, dec'd and his only heirs. --- Mary L. Griffith is entitled to dower on Peyton Griffith's interest in said 100 acres. [The land that was held jointly by Amos and Peyton was in District 5 of DeKalb County. Peyton Griffith was executor of Amos Griffith's will, but died before he had sone anything towards complying with the will.]

pg 301-325. 3 Jun 1873-17 Sept 1873. Bill of Complaint. Joseph Griffith, administrator of Benjamin Bennett, Sr., dec'd and his wife Susannah Griffith (formerly Susanna F. Scott, daughter of Rebecca Scott and granddaughter of Benjamin Bennett, sr., dec'd. Said Rebecca Scott was formerly Rebecca Bennett and daughter of Benjamin Bennett, dec'd), and Mary Chapman, (widow of James Chapman, dec'd, formerly Mary Bennett), L.M. Scott and William Newton Scott vs the minor heirs of J.B. Scott, dec'd who was the son of Rebecca Scott, dec'd and grandson of Benjamin Bennett, sr., dec'd. (Names of said minors are Victoria Bennett, wife of Thomas Bennett, formerly Victoria Scott, Sarah R. Scott, Elijah Scott, Anna J. Scott, and Thomas Bennett, husband of Victoria Bennett, all of DeKlab county); taylor Bennett, (son of Benjamin Bennett, Sr., dec'd) of the State of Kentucky; Parthena JOhnson, (granddaughter of Benjamin Bennett and daughter of Henry Bennett along with ______Johnson her husband, given mane unknown) of Missouri; Alcy Johnson, (widow of Coleman Johnson and daughter of Benjamin Bennett, sr., dec'd) resident of Missouri; Sarah Bennett (widow of Harrison Bennett, dec'd and daughter of Benjamin Bennett, sr.,) if the State of Arkansas. Also the heirs of Henry Bennett (son of Benjamin Bennett, Sr., dec'd)consisting of Matildy G. Hill, formerly Matildy G. Bennett who married Henderson Hill but who has since been divorced from Him, Louetta Bennett, granddaughter of Benjamin Bennett, now reported tobe Louetta Scott by virture of her marriage with one John Scott of the State of Missouri, Malissa Scott, widow of William Scott formerly Malissa Bennett of the State of Missouri, granddaughter of said Benjamin Bennett, Sr., dec'd. Also the heirs of Sarah C. Blythe, (daughter of Rebecca Scott and granddaughter of Benjamin Bennett, Sr.) and her husband James Blythe, both of whom are dead. Their heirs are, to wit: Rebecca Blythe, Tennessee Blythe and Jane Blythe, plus two or three others, manes unknown, residents of Arkansas. Also the heirs of Jasper Scott, dec'd son of Rebeccs Scott and grandson of Benjamin Bennett, Sr., dec'd, manes unknown except for one named James Scott, residents of the State of Illinois. --- Benjamin Bennett Departed this life 14 February `1873 possessing land in the 11th and 13th Districts of DeKalb County. He left no widow, his wife having died many years before. Deposition of John Griffith that Benjamin Griffith Sr. had seben children, one dying in infancy more than 50 years ago, the other six married and none of them died childless. Petition for sale of land for distribution.

[End of Administrator's Settlement Book 1870-1873]

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