John Fisher Biography

John Fisher was a Revolutionary War veteran who moved from NC to near Belk, which was in Warren County during his lifetime, but was located in DeKalb Co., TN just months after his death, when DeKalb Co. was formed from Warren and Smith Counties the same year. His widow applied to receive his pension, residing in DeKalb Co., TN on the same property. John is buried there in DeKalb Co., TN with a DAR grave marker.

From Linda Boothe on March 16, 2011:

From the Revolutionary War pension file of John Fisher  W.25580:

Letter dated Sep 12, 1929 to Mrs. John Eldridge Bentley, McMinnville, TN Rev. A1812 Wars Section, ADT

"Dear Madam,  I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War Pension claim, W.25580, it appears that John Fisher was born Sept. 11, 1756, in Halifax County, Virginia.  He moved with his father (name not given) to Orange County, from there to Lincoln County and from there to Rutherford County, North Carolina.  While a resident of Rutherford County, North Carolina, he enlisted and served as a private as follows:  From late in 1776, or early in 1777, four months in Captain James (?) Jones' Company in Colonel William Graham's North Carolina Regiment; from some time in 1780, about two months before the battle of King's Mountain, ten months in Captain Tutt's Company in Colonel LeRoy Hammond's South Carolina Regiment, he was taken prisoner by Ferguson but made his escape when the latter was defeated at King's Mountain and soon rejoined Captain Tutt's Company and Colonel Hammond's Regiment.  A few days after his return home, as enlisted and served four months in Captain Tutt's Company in Colonel LeRoy Hammond's South Carolina Regiment.  He was allowed pension on his application executed July 2, 1833, at which time he was living in Warren County, Tennessee.  He died April 11, 1837, in DeKalb County, Tennessee.  The soldier married December 28, 1825, in Warren County, Tennessee, Lucinda Tramel.  She was allowed pension on her application executed July 17, 1855, at which time she was living in DeKalb County, Tennessee, aged seventy years.  The soldier's son, name not given, was killed at the battle of New Orleans.  There are no further data relative to family.  Very truly yours, E.W. Morgain, Acting Commissioner."
His War Department Revolutionary Claim awarded him $60 per annum.

Family show that he was married in 1776 in NC spouse unknown.  Then to Elizabeth Tubb 29 Oct 1779 in Rutherford County, NC (12  children and his daughter, Mourning is my ancestor).  Then he married Lucinda Tramel 28 Dec 1825 in Warren Co., TN.  His father is Nicholas Fisher, mother, Elizabeth Kearse.  His will was dated 13 Mar 1837, Warren Co., TN.

From Capt. Lawrence H. Steele on Sept. 8, 2011:

There are two Fisher cemeteries in DeKalb County, TN. One near Temperance Hall, which is descendants of John Fisher, Sr and the Old Fisher Cemetery is on the old Fisher land in the SE part of the County near Warren County in the Belk Community. John Fisher is buried in the old Fisher cemetery with his second and third wives and his son David and a bunch more.

John Fisher, Sr. is not buried in Caney Fork Baptist Church.  He does have a DAR headstone marking his grave in the Old Fisher Cemetery, and his second and third wife's are apparently buried on each side of him (but in what order I have not been able to confirm firmly, yet, although it is thought that his second wife would be buried to the right of him as you stand looking at his headstone, and Lucinda, his third wife is buried to the left, since she died after him).

The old Fisher Cemetery is located on the old Fisher land grant that was given to him and several of his sons for their Revolutionary War Service, and from what I was told, the old deeds to the parcels of land that is owned there now, still contains the older Fisher descendant's on the deeds.  I requested a copy, and was told that they would be happy to provide a copy.  I still have to send them a letter and ask for it.

Anyway, the Old Fisher Cemetery near the Belk Community is located at:

Go South on 56 out of Smithville to Highway 288 and turn left.
Follow 288 (which is also Kentonburg Road, Antioch Road and Belk Road) until you get to Wright Bend Road (there is little convenience store to your left at the junction.
Turn left on Wright Bend Road and follow it out until you get to Mr. Grady Ray's house on the right (it is a newer red brick home).  Stop.
The Old Fisher Cemetery is located on his property which used to be the old Fisher land as discussed above.  His sister lives down the road a bit and all of his land and the 3-4 farms around his used to all be the Old Fisher land.  The Old Fisher land home stood at the top of the hill behind his current home, and the Cemetery is located in a grove of trees, off to the side of where the old homestead once stood.