The following is from a Journal of R.M. Johnson of Round Top, Wilson County, Tennessee.  Round Top is located about 4 miles west of Liberty, Tennessee in the edge of Wilson County.  There are a lot of DeKalb County names in the Journal.

The Journal was copied by Ria Baker and Daris Mullinax.

A Note from Ria:  You may not understand the name listed and dates.  Mr Johnson breed cattle and all the entries with names only had the persons name the cows name and the date they came to pick it up. Something like. Carrie whoever brought a heifer date put with bull.   There was no reason or enough time to copy it all so we just put down the persons name and any other information that would help locate a relative at the date stated. So if there is only a date and name that's why.

The Journal
Jim Turner died January 30, 1898
J. H. Kennedy died February 8, 1898
Mrs. Grandstaff died February 15th 1898
John R. Turner died February 20, 1898

A full and final settlement with Moses McMillen for one hundred dollars, of every thing of every kind and posession of the land and every part thereof is given now to see and the grawing crop for 1898.  Said final settlement is of every matter in dispute between us for the consideration of the said one hundred dollars as stated above.  This May 21, 1898.
                                                                                                          R. M. Johnson

I finished taking the census on 28 day of June 1900.
        My fee $79-29     1902
79-29 1892

Page 2

Says that he will (soon marry again?)
    Charles McMillen of
    Bailey, Texas arrived ____? Dec. 24th. 1897 and left for Texas on January the 4 day 1898 and that he said he would never return back to Tennessee anymore.

Charles McMillen  came back often (after?) Rebecca Willis September 19 and returned home about Sept 27 1900= Sept 27 1900

J. B. Mullinax arrived here on 23d day of Dec 1897 and left on the 13th day of January 1898.

Moss McMillen left here for the home of D. A. Willis on 20th day January 1898

M McMillen  property (lived on?) Jan. 25 1898 and paid the debt afterward on $55.80

Moses McMillen died April 4, 1900
Aged 81 years 1 month and 15 days
                          McMillen  his wife died
Lucinda died
Oct. 16, 1888    11 years 5 months and 18 days before Moses McMillen died

John Turner son of James Turner died Jan 30th. 1898 leaving widow nad 14 children in Farmers Co. Texas
H. C. and J. J. David here
May 12 and 13 1913

W. R. Lewis, here May 22 & 23, 1913

Dr. Christian here and at C. A. Robinson  June 2d 1913

W. R. Lewis here 23 & 24 June 1913

A. J. Armstrong 20
          Adamson W. J. & wife 19

Moss Allen by R. A. Bass 52, one blind mare
Adamson John W. 73 paid him $40 that L. J. Lewis paid to me for said Adamson on a note that J. W. Adamson held against W. R. Lewis as (an d?) W. R. Lewis Jr. and L. J. Lewis

Botts J. W.  27
Moon Blythe 23 26 60
& Blythe 17th  20 18
J. H. Chapman   18
H. Chumbly R. B.     21 23

Henry Dodd  wife dead
Henry Dodd killed his wife this morning at 5 o clock AM and then killed himself soom thereafter.  June 28 1913
June 28 1913

Sarah Ann Mullinax died April 29th 1913
57 years wife of Taylor Mullinax

A. J. Pugh died May 1st 1913
May 1st 1913  About 69 or 70 years

Col Joe Blackburn died on Tursday May the 15th 1913
He was a Col 4th Tenn Mont Inf.
Capt ? Co A 5 Tenn C__? Under
Col Stokes and W. J. Clift.  Both dead

Five pages are missing from the journal here.

Mrs. Ann Rich died June 24 1913
Was buried June 25th 1913
At Prosperity, Tenn  Age

This is R. M Johnson Writing after he had a stroke in 1912

Robinson Charley  22 & 23
Robinson John        18
Robinson Charley A.  38
   C A. Robinson Settlement Aug. 5 1899  72
   C A. Robinson  115 & 11

Turner Tildy  21
Taylor R. A.   30

                                          Agents 1913
Trapp               Truitt?
1 J.     R. Johnson   Books
2. J. R. Johnson   May 5 1913
3. Fred Hale  Photograpger
4. on ?       medicine  May 8
                 May 8        1913
5. Fred Hale 2@time  May 9th 1913
6. Fred Hale 3@time  May 9th 1913
7. George Pemberton here may 27 & 28 1913  specks
Jim Bob Johnson July 5th & 6th  1913

George Pemberton    Specks
July the 14th & 15th 1913   7-14-15-13

M Turney  Sept 12 & 13  1913

W. R. Lewis   Oct. 6 & 7 1913
George Pemberton Oct 3 & 4 1913
George Pemberton  Nov 24 & 25 1913
Boy at C. A. Robinson & wife  Dec 4 1913

Killed hogs Dec 9 1913

1913 colt born

O. (D.?) Hooper patch born 2d May 1913
Meare to Woods horse on the 10th day May 1913.  Out 10th April 1914

Went to see Wm. R. Lewis on 6th day July 1913  he was sick

Jim R. Johnson here in Nov. 1913
   George Pemberton- -------
                Patton Med-------
Dec. 14     Jim Bob Johnson

Wool & sheep  24

19 years
Bought Moses McMillen came November 1894   Nov 24 1894

1 note due on 25th day Dec 1894 to Moses McMillen on a Tennessee Mc Millen made to Mose McMillen and assigned over to Tennessee McMillen the same day and date nov 24th 1894 due Dec 1894
witness by John C. Johnson to D. R. Roberts

1894 amount  $100.00
Nov. 30  Paid by check on Bank of Alexandria to Tennessee McMillen
Nov. 30, 1894 (Tennessee McMillen got their check

1895 Jan 4 Paid to
Tennessee McMillen
By check in full of first land note Dec. 25, 1894.  Jan 4 1894  (A. B. D-----? got the check 100.00) Paid in full 100.00
                           R. M. Johnson
Dare  Nov. 24-2 a note made dates  Nov. 25, 1894
1894 to Moses McMillen date Nov. 25, 1894 and due on 25th day of Dec. 1895, for the laws
Dec. 25 Amount   100.00 Paid in full

1895  Paid to Moses McMillen and Tennessee McMillen on 14 day of Aug 1895
M. McMillen got 25. 00 and A. B. Darry got $25.00 M. McMillen & T McMillen
With which was made for J. W. McMillen to pay mules.

Feb 7 1896  Paid Moses McMillen and Tennessee McMillen fifty dollars in full of loan note in the -------?  of Mrs. Jane Johnson which pay off the note that is due Dec 25  1895
                                        R. M. Johnson

Paid to Moses McMillen and Tennessee McMillen one hundred dollars (100.00) in full pay amount of the land note that I gave to Moses McMillen for the land I bought from him, said note being due Dec. 25, 1896, for the sum of one hundred dollars, which I paid in full this day in the presence of John C. Johnson who wittness the signatures of the said Moses McMillen and Tennessee McMillen.  This is the third pay amount all of which to have paid and discharged in full.  Tis the 12th day of December 1896.     100.00    R. M. Johnson

4 Land note  ----------?  Nov 25th 1894
-----? 25 day Dec. 1897

Jan 7, 1898  Paid by ck. 100.00 to J. B. Mullinax and wife Mulling
Tennessee McMillen  in full of 4th land for the land & bought of Mose McMillen on 24 Nov. 1894 said note being due Dec. 25, 1897
This Jan 7th 1898
                            R. M. Johnson

Tennessee Mc Millen having married J. B. Mullinax on 6th day of Jan. 1898 and said note having been herefore transferred the said Tennessee McMillen Mullinax wife of J. B. Mullinax it became necessary to pay the note off to both of these in person which I did by check on 7th day of Jan. 1898 in full of the one hundred dollars check no. 76
This Jan. 7th 1898
                           R. M. Johnson

5th ---------  ------? Moses McMillen
finally payment Dec 25, 1898

1896  Alex. Blythe Amount for 1896

A. J. Pugh  died  May 1st 1913   was an EX U. S. Soldier

Sept 4, 1896  Deed made before W. C. Jennings.  Paid to W J. Adamson for 40 acres of land in full payment for the said land for which W. J. Adamson and wife M. A. Adamson executed their joint deed to one acknowledging the cash payment of the six hundred and seventy five dollars all of which money I paid in the presence of
John C. Johnson at my front gate near the public road  Sept. 10th 1896.
                                      R. M. Johmson

                                                1897  1896

Charlie Robinson                                                 L. D. Hamilton
Nat Hickman                                                        Jones & Roy
E. Hickman                                                           L. H. Fite
George Blythe                                                       Moon Blythe
Moon Blythe                                                          Betsy George
A. Robinson                                                          J. B. Adams
P. Williamson                                                         J. W. Botts
Joe Forest?                                                             R. A. Taylor
W. J. Adamson                                                       John C. Johnson
W. M. H.                                                                 R. S. Roberts
R. P. McClain                                                         James Brown
Hall Tubb                                                               R. A. Taylor
Levi Tubb                                                               Hal Tubbs
r. B. Chumly
Moon Blythe
J. F. McMabb
Tennie McMillen
J. H. Malone
Harry Moose

Nancy Jennings mortage on farm of Nov. 22, 1897
87 acres more or less for 70.35 due Dec. 24, 1898

Checks issued to the following persons in 1897

J. J. Jewell                                                                N. Jennings
R. P. Mcclain                                                            Nannie Lewis
W. H. Harde                                                             J. B. Mullinax
J. L. Knight
Woods & Jennings
Charles Robinson
 R. B. Chumbly
M. Blythe
Vick & Bright
J. F. McKnabb
Adamson & Turner
Charley Robinson
Tennie McMillen
Measle & Malone
Patterson & Ray
B. Robinson
R. A. Taylor
L. H. Fite
 R. Roberts

Charlie McMillen got here Dec. 24 1897

J. B. Mullinax come Dec 28, 1897

1898 check
L. Tribble & wife
H. C. David & wife
A. Johnson
R. W. Groom & wife
N. G. Maddox
J. M. Reeves

Sickness & C     1898

Aug 6  R. M Johnson had a left hand had rising lanced this day which had to be codorised on account of the great pain and very hot fire in his hand by Dr. Young  got better in 3 weeks or a little over.

Aug 19, 1898  John C. Johnson came home from school sick with from the day
Dr. Young came by  Aug. 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, Sept 1   Bill 7.00

Oct. 1st 1898  Sold to Ann? Turner 1 red cow for 25.00
1 cow to John Odom  cripple cow 20.00

J. L. Ford moved into my house
Dec. 29, 1902


R. S. Roberts
C.P.  Rich
Lin Reeves
J. N. Hobbs
C.D. Jennings
W. H. Tally
C.A. Robinson
W. R. Robinson
John Johnson
W. F. Young
 Mose McMillen
Anna Turner
James Murphy
Womack & Potts
 Craddock & Pistole
J. N. Hobb
L. H. Fite
Moon Blythe  wife Nancy
George Owen
J. D. Bond
 Lanis Jennings
Lewis Martin

1899  May 21 
Greatest hail-storm ever known in this neighborhood, in many years, if ever,  At 3 PM damaging wheat considerably.

Moses McMillen died April 4, 1900
Aged 81 yrs. 1 mon. and 15 days
Buried the same day.

D. A. Willis May 7th 1900 difference of 1 mo. and 3 days

Sarah Barrett died April 27, 1906
Nat Blythe died, 11 Feb. 1906

Rev. Bird Tribble fell dead
June 20, 1918 off from home
John thompson  June 20th Bro-in-law to Geo. Pemberton
Mrs Melissia Reeves
Walter Edwards killed by lighting June 27-1918
Ula May Loden left here today June 29, 1918 after staying 5 months and 19 day

July 3, 1912  Old man Murphy burned to death at his home near Commerce in Wilson County TN  he was alone
Peddler living alone in out way place.

July 8  J. H. Overall died  ----? About 70
Ex member  Co. K 5 Tenn Vol
Car. 5 Right TN vol less.

July 16, 1912  Mrs. Ben Robinson died at her home.  Buried on 17th July 1912

8-4 Charles T. Turner came  ----? Left for Rutherford Co. Turner  45 years old 9th Aug 1912 -----? Was born on 9th August 1867

8-24-John Hawkins, Esq. Died being about 80 yrs. Old

6-28  8:30 PM  Wesley Jennings died at 8-30 PM being living 68 on 7 of Oct. 1912

Nancy Jennings  32 mortage

Charles T. Turner was born Aug 9th 1867.  Was 45 years old Aug 9, 1912
Was here on a visit in August 4 to Aug 6th 1912

Fred Hale  here delivering 12 pictures on May 21, 1913

George Pemberton here 27th May, 1913

W. R. Lewis here   23 & 24 June 1913

Mrs Ida Grooms & children here 27 June 1913

Davis Rucker & Bo? Here 6-27-13

L. D. Hamilton, here  6-27-13

1913  Feb 18 Mrs. B. Kennedy died

Charles T. Turner came here 8-4 from Texas on the 4 day of August 1912 and left him on 6 day Aug. 1912
2 Estes girls were with him here and his wife, son and daughter,
Post Office  Bailey Texas  Fannin Co.

Jacob McMillen died August 14, 1912 before 3 PM

Wesley Jennings died on the 28 August at 8-30 PM, 1912
Soldier in the K 5 TENN Cav 1863 to Aug 14 1865

Benton McMillen died Oct 28 1912  27 yrs old
He was John McMillen s  son

Mollie Estes and daughter Fanny here Nov. 13 & 14  1912

George Pemberton here Nov 13 & 14 1912__________specks

1913 died Feb 8 Mrs. Babe Kennedy about 60 yrs.
C.A. Robinson to Dora Williams
Married by C. K. Robinson, J. P.  Jan. 2nd 1901

Moved to themselves Jan 7 on Monday to the Sid Thompson house
Living with us 7 yr. 9 month and 19 days

Wade Sneed to Clemmey Jennings
May 3, 1900
By R. M. Robinson, J. P.

Jan 30 Jeff Robinson died 1913
Jan 11  Ed Robinson died 1912
            Difference in time  1 year & 19 day

Eula Mear Lodin came Jan 11, 1912
Myrtle Hays came Jan 30, 1913

Mar 25 Mrs Eva Reeves 1913

Rev. M. B. Skott (Scott) died April 15,  1913      He was an Ex U.S. Soldier

Mrs. Sarah Ann Mullinax died April 29, 1913

A. J. Pugh  May 1st 1913   Ex  U. S. Soldier

Tom Allen, Son of George Allen died May 7, 1913

Oct 6, 1913 Bird Fite

William Baine to Cora Lester 7/28/1912     By C. D. Jennings  J. P.

Eula Mai Lodin Left June 29 Left June 29 and came back July 29, 1912 and is here again July 30, 1912

John Hawkins died  8/24/1912
Lucy Moody died 10/20/1912

John C. Vandergriff died on 2nd day of Jan 1913  soldier 5 TENN Cav

Jeff Robinson died- 1-30-1913

Mrs. B Kennedy died  1913 Feb 8-13

John Walden died wih acute reumatism April 2, 1913.  Buried 3, 1913.

Tilhey Mullinax McWilliams  (McMillen?)
Died  Sept 23, 1904, near Bailey, Texas

Mary Jane David died and was buried at Prosperity Sept 16, 1905
Born May 1849 and was therefore 56 years 2 months & 25 days old

J. C. Johnson & wife had a girl born Feb 12, 1906 Name Mary Jane Johnson    (note by Daris Mullinax...This was Mary Jane Woods.)

March 20, 1906 Mary Hobbs came here to live.  Left in 1 week.

Jan 29, 1906  Anna Mai Petty left us.

Mrs. Sarah Barrett wife of H. F. Barrett died April 27th/ 1906

Nat Blythe died Feb 11, 1906

Eula Mary Loden left here on 29 June 1912   came back July 29, 1912

Now at Huntsville, TN  Eula May Lodin lived with (us) from 11 Jan 1912 to Oct 1912

Meos? Willimans Estes died today Nov 29, 1903

Mrs. M. J. Johnson died today Sept 29, 1904
Born June 24, 1833 Aged 71 yrs. 3mon. and 5 days

Mrs Anna Lee Jennings died
This wife of C. D. Jennings on the 21st day of 1904, of consumption

J. W. McMillen came here Dec. 23, 1904 and left for home Jan 2, 1905

James W. McMillen moved to Texas in 14th day of Oct 1895 being 9 years ago.

James H. Ward died at his home Dec. 21 1904, aged 72 yr. 10 mon & 28 days, he was born in Wilson Co. TN Jan 23, 1832
Married Aug. 1850
     Leaving Brothers & sisters

J. R. Ward  Mount Vernon, Ills
Mrs E. C. Leeman Henderson s Cross Roads
Mrs. J. C. Mooney, Dix Ills
Mrs. J. H. Mount Rhone, Texas

Baxter Robinson to Pati Roberts, Sunday Dec 14, 1902

Dona Robinson had boy Feb 23, 1903 this day (Grayden)

Victoria Lewis, dauter of W. R. Lewis died of slow fever, Mar. 24, 1903

Big rain doing much damage April 8, 1903

June 11, 1903  2 teeth pulled by DR.

R. Bud Chumbly died at his home near Prosperity, June 14, 1903 of hemorage of the Bowels Buried at Prosperity  June 15th 1903

W. T. Robinson ex Leut. & Captain 5th Regt TN ne? Cav died at Dr. James R.   Hudsons dropped dead.

Jink Marler died today June 22, 1903  he was a brother to  R. Marler

R. Marler died today Jan 23, 1903  81yr. 10m. 13 day 

Joseph H. Kennedy died on 8 day of Feb 1898 Born Jan 23, 1816
Aged 81 yrs 7 m. 15 d.

77y 4 mo 3 d   Livia  3 yr. & 10 mon. longer than John C. Johnson is who was born
Dec. 20, 1816 being 5 m & 27 day younger than the Mrs. J. H. Kennedy

Mrs. Lottie Robinson died this day May 2, 1898  Age about 84 yr

Thomas Adamson and Ida Robinson married by R. M. Johnson J. P.  May 29, 1898

June 25, 1898  Bill Hobbs died today

Sheliah Jennings and Mary Hays was married by me this day  at 10:20
AM.  Witness W. Sneed    Aug 8  1898

Oct 29, 1899 Lannis  Ford
                       Hettie Jennings   married today

Nov. 14, 1899  - John C. Johnson
                               to Susan Roberts
married this day at Ann Turner s gate by N. G. Patton, J. P.  
Charley Robinson & Lettie Roberts
1876- 2-13
    23- 9-1

J. H. Johnson married Meary Ramsey Dec 18, 1879 in Marshall County, TN

R. M. Johnson and Cynthia Gassih married Sept 12, 1969.

R. M. Johnson & Jane McMillen Married Oct 16, 1872

M          H. C. David & M. J. Johnson  Aug 14, 1872

M & D        J. N. Johnson & Elizabeth McMillen
                    -----? Died Oct 20, 1983

M     T. K. Davie & Emily Johnson  ---?

M      G. G. Turney to Bettie Johnson
                          died Aug 2, 1883

James Knight & Viola Johnson
                 died Oct. 1, 1883

W. R. Grooms & Ida Johnson  (RW)
Andy Johnson & Delia Groom  1884

M   Mernty Johnson & Ella Foutch m
                       died July 31, 1891

Henry Clay Johnson was born 187
                    Died                         187

John C. Johnson born Dec. 20, 1816

R. M. Johnson          Born Dec 15, 1812

Locky Craddock Johnson, born Feb 6, 1817

John C. Johnson, son of R. M. Johnson and Jane Johnson was born Feby 13th. 1876

Jane Johnson the wife of R. M. Johnson was born Mar. 17, 1856

R. M. Johnson & Jane McMillen m Oct 16, 1872
Those present at marriage
M. H. Fite                              x         5 dead up to Aug 29 1897   1/6  died
Lepers Fite                            x
Jma Martin                           x
Lucinda McMillen SR         x
Lucenda McMillen Jr          x
Hulda McMillen
Tennessee McMillen
Charles     McMillen
James        McMillen
Moses        McMillen   died Apr 4, 1900
Dr. John H. Johnson

Compromise with Moses McMillen on 21 day of May 1898.  In which I pay to the said Moses

Becka M Willis died in 1902 Sometime this year.
M. McMillen died 4, 1900
D A. Willis died May 7, 1900 of Colic
Beca Willis is derngia?  Sept 19, 1900

Charles McMillen came in from Texas to see Rebecca Willis on this day together with Bill Adamson the Sept 19. 1915

Old Turney died Feby 12 1901
Nearly 12 years old

J. B. Mullinax came in from Texas on the 23rd day of Dec. 1897.  And left again for Texas on the 13th day of Jan 1898
Marry Jan 6th. 1898

J. B. Mullinax,  Baily

Charles McMillen arrived here from Texas on the 24 day of Dec 1897 and left and to return to Texas this 4 day Jan 1898

John Turner died Jan 30, 1898
J. H. Kennedy died Feb 8, 1898
Mrs. Grandstaff Feb 15, 1898
John R. Turner  Feb 20, 1898
Moses McMillen April 4, 1900
D.A. Willis died May 8, 1900
Charles Mc Millen came after Rebecca Willis 19th Sept 1900 and went back about the 26 day of Sept  carry Mrs Willis with him to Texas.

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