For the Year 1883-84

Page 2

Hooper, Mary L. Hooper, Walter Jones, Delia Jones, Denton  
Jones, Hanna Jones, John B. Jr. Jones, John H. Jones, Mary  
Justice, Wm. H. Kennedy, Maud Kidwell, Josie Lawson, James A.  
League, Callie League, George League, Mollie League, Sarah  
Lee, Callie Lee, Harry Lee James H. Lee, James W.  
Lee, Josie E. Lee, Nora H. Lee, Willie M. Lewis, Dora E.  
Lockett, Walter H. Lockhart, D. M. Mangum, Mollie Mangum, Nannie  
Marks, Geo. Neil Martin, M. T. McCall, Wm. K. McGhee, John A.  
Merritt, John R. Merritt, Laura Merritt, Louis N. Merritt, Nevada  
Moores, Harrison Moores, Helen Moores, James M. Nesmith, Dora E.  
Nesmith, J. Alvie Nollner, Cora Nollner, Wm. C. Parker, Bettie  
Patton, James A. Plunkett, R. O. Potter, Bailey B. Potter, Edward  
Potter, Eula Potter, Fannie Potter, Harriet Potter, John Harrison  
Potter, John Huston Potter, Julia R. Potter, Lizzie Potter, Nettie  
Potter, Robt. A Potter, William Puckett, Henry Richardson, Addie  
Richardson, Clifford Robinson, Alice Robinson, Henry A. Robinson, John D.  
Robinson, May Seay, Minnie May Sherill, Eliza J. Sherill, Thomas  
Shields, Belle Shields, James M. Shields, John Shields, Pembrook  
Smith, Amanda Smith, Effie Smith, Josie Smith, Mollie  
Smith, Nannie Staley, Belle Staley, George Staley, Lafayette  
Staley, Linnie Staley, Oscar Staley, Samuel Steele, Sallie  
Summers, J. A. Taylor, B. Z. Terry, Frederick Terry, John  
Tinsley, James M. Tittsworth, Nathan Turner, Edna Tyree, Ophie  
Wade, Ida Belle Wade, Mont. Walker, Laura D. Webb, Carrie  
Webb, Ernest Webb, Horace S. Webb, Mattie H. Webb, Robert  
Webb, Steele West, Bessie West, John W. C. West, Lelia  
West Luther E. West, Nellie West, Novella B. Williams, Etta M.  
Whitley, Delia Worley, Emma D. Worley, Lyda Worley, Mollie  
Worley, Silas Young, W. F. - -  
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