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Submitted by Marie Wingate on 05/05/2009

Henry Grant Roy was a surveyor and lived at Forks of the Pike. His father James N Roy and Beverly Roy (father of John Fauntley Roy) moved to Tennessee from Shennandoah County, Virginia. James and Beverly married sisters Susannah and Rachel Jane Lawrence. James N. was a farmer.


Henry Grant Roy (12/03/1896-02/08/1916)



J. W. Hays and his wife Elizabeth Roy
(daughter of James N. Roy)



James Fantley Roy (02/21/1883-08/20/1974)
and his wife Bettie Myrtle Keaton Roy

Bettie Myrtle Keaton grew up in Cottage Home
Photo taken about 1906.



James Fantley was a surveyor and for
a period of time Dekalb County Court Clerk.


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