DeKalb County, Tennessee Queries
First Quarter, 2002


I am looking for a lost PHILLIPS family who lived somewhere around the Warren County area in about 1850-60. We believe my grandfather, Andrew Phillips, was born in 1855 in or near Warren Co. We have exhaused our efforts in Warren Co and decided to seek help in the surrounding area. We know he had an older brother named John and an older sister (name unknown). Andrew's father was killed in the civil war and his mother moved the family to KY, where she later died (abt 1865) leaving Andrew an orphan. We do not know the names of either of his parents. On a marriage license in about 1892 Andrew did list his mothers maiden name as COBB. Andrew told his family his father was killed at Manasses. We have searched for years to locate this family. Would appreciate hearing from any PHILLIPS or COBB researchers how might have a clue about this family.
Lee (Phillips) Todorovich
Submitted on Sun Mar 31 21:32:50 MST 2002


in search of relatives of abraham Patterson Cantrell and Martha jane Cantrell of dekalb co, tn. ch: sarah cleveland Cantrell. any info appreciated! sincerly, barbara davis
barbara davis
Submitted on Wed Mar 27 12:21:27 MST 2002


Submitted on Mon Mar 25 20:09:30 MST 2002


HOLCOMB: Would appreciate any info. on John C. Holcomb, the father of Zelpha Holcomb Walker. He had a school in Dibrell & was born in Warren Co., but then moved to Dekalb. Wife was Elizabeth ?. Can't find him im Military. He died about 1881-1882. Know nothing about her. Appreciate any help. Thank you.
Carol Frankowski -- HC 69, Box 491, Spencer, TN 38585
Submitted on Thu Mar 21 19:05:59 MST 2002


LACK - ADCOCK: I'm looking for death records of Corder LACK (1883) & wife Alyce ADCOCK LACK (after 1900). I also need parents names for Alyce Adcock. He came from White Co. but they lived in Dekalb. He was also in Civil War from there.
Carol Frankowski -- HC 69, Box 491, Spencer, TN 38585
Submitted on Thu Mar 21 19:00:25 MST 2002


WALKER - I'm looking for a death record for Alexander L. WALKER, died on March 1, 1901 in Dekalb, Co. Wife was Zelpha A. Holcomb, before she married Mr. Atwell. Alexander was in the Civil War, Perry Adcock's Div. Would like the names of Alex's parents. Thank you.
Carol Frankowski -- HC 69, Box 491, Spencer, TN 38585
Submitted on Thu Mar 21 18:53:29 MST 2002


Hello, Cissy here with a new email address! (Formerly looking for any info on HODGE,HODGES,CANTRELL,and CAPSHAW'S of Dekalb county.
Submitted on Wed Mar 20 20:26:45 MST 2002


I am trying to find info that would put Robert & Victoria in DeKalb Co or anywhere in TN after 1900, they married in 1883 and had a son LV in TEXAS in 1892(don't know where inTexas). My Dad's birth certificate has Sidney born in Smithville in 1901. But could be Smith County,as my Grandmother had to help my Dad get a replacement birth certificate just before she died.Sometime Smith Co and Smithville get mixed up. I can't find Robert in any census after 1880 and I didn't find Victoria in census again until 1920 in Robertson Co with their children.
Sue Winnett
Submitted on Sat Mar 16 20:04:27 MST 2002


Looking for Delia Roy, daughter of James N. and Susannah Roy, named in the estate settlement for James N. Roy in Feb. 1889. Who was Mr. Yeargin. She had an heir who is listed as Virginia West. Delia was the sister of Elizabeth" Lizzie" Roy Hays, Mary Jane Roy Ford, Julia Roy Hays, Elrissa Roy Barry and Henry Grant Roy. She may have been born in Virginia and has died before her father as her heir inherited her part. Any information about Delia and Virginia would be appreciated.
Marie Wingate
Submitted on Sun Mar 10 13:33:33 MST 2002


i am searching for any information on lenard charles(l.c.)martin married to a kisa(kizza) cantrell. it has been said that he was a methodist minister, possibly a traveling preacher. they had several children-w.t.tennie mae,louis, joe,richard, and mary. any info would be appreciated. they were living in dekalb co.,tn in 1880.
trena reck
Submitted on Tue Mar 5 17:00:41 MST 2002


in search of relatives and info on james harrison pinegar married to sarah"sallie" cantrell of dekalb co, tn. ch; nona mai, harlo, tom, harrison. sincerly, barbara
barbara davis
Submitted on Tue Mar 5 11:06:29 MST 2002


in search of relatives of jefferson pack and josephine fuson of dekalb co, tn. married in 1880 dekalb co, tn. sincerly, barbara
barbara davis
Submitted on Tue Mar 5 11:03:46 MST 2002


Looking for info on a M.E. Lawrence, unknown name except initial, but is a woman who's maiden name was Tarkington. I have a letter written to my great grand father in 1893, with Liberty TN as M.E.'s address. She was a niece to my great grand father
James Goff
Submitted on Sun Mar 3 18:06:42 MST 2002


would love to find family on these lines. ggrandfather was jefferson pack married josephine fuson, mary bain married to bartemus pack, matthias pinegar family, sincerly, barbara
barbara davis
Submitted on Sat Mar 2 19:18:52 MST 2002


I am looking for any information about William Neal. He married Charity ???? William was born in Kentucky. Charity was born in Tn. Their children: Charity, Arrena, Arnold, Mecca, Sarah, Mary, Samantha, and Lafayette (my ggrandfather) I know they were in Dekalb co. in 1850 and 1860. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I will share what information I have. Thanks
Sue Evans Smith
Submitted on Fri Mar 1 18:42:19 MST 2002


My grandmothers ( father's side ) was Zora and Grandpa was William, My dad was Charles Andrew Vanatta who married Dorothy June Stevens around 1952.
Michael Wayne Vanatta
Submitted on Thu Feb 28 11:20:01 MST 2002


Seeking information on the parents of King Holder b1850 Dekalb Co.d??Was married to Lee Ann Adcock bMay 15 1859 dAug 1 1894 Dekalb Co. They were married in Dekalb Co. on March 18 1875. Would appreciate any information.
Submitted on Thu Feb 28 11:02:52 MST 2002


am looking for information on BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CANTRELL, DUFF or DUFFY O. CANTRELL ELBA FISHER aka ELBA CANTRELL, were in dekalb co. 1920 census. DAVID CANTRELL 1910 census, possibly cemetery records, marriage or death. Thanks BOB
bob cantrell
Submitted on Wed Feb 27 20:13:04 MST 2002


Seeking information about Emma Estes who married John A. Turney, September 16, 1880, in Dekalb County, TN.?
Sarah Bastien
Submitted on Sun Feb 24 17:17:42 MST 2002


We are looking for information on Harrison HODGES,born between 1916-1920. He is the son of Frank and Della CANTRELL HODGES, listed in the 1910 Dekalb Co. census,later moving their family to Madison County Alabama before the 1920 Alabama census. Any information would help. Thank You, Lisa Hodges
Lisa Hodges
Submitted on Sun Feb 24 15:53:08 MST 2002


I am looking for information on Reverend Andrew Jackson BRIEN who married Sarah Octava DODD in Smithville, Dekalb County, Tennessee in April of 1900. They also had a son at this time Charles Lester BRIEN, born April of 1900. Any information in regards to these would be greatly appreciated.
Sharon Wallace -- PO Box 316, Monrovia, CA 91017
Submitted on Thu Feb 21 12:53:03 MST 2002


William Jackson married Caroline Oakley 11 Jan 1866, wanting any info on this family, children Mary A. b. 1867, Samuel b.1871, Wilson b.1873, Robert b. 1876
Judy Oakley -- 110 Johnston Pkwy, Raymore, MO 64083
Submitted on Tue Feb 19 10:35:16 MST 2002


Seeking information on the family of S.H. MOSS listed on the 1900 U.S.Census for DeKalb Co., TN. Census indicates S.H. was b. Sep 1863 in TN and his wife Mary E. b. Jan 1866 in TN. Census indicates four children ages 15, 14, 12 and 2. Any information concerning this family would be greatly appreciated.
Bill Morrow
Submitted on Mon Feb 11 18:21:50 MST 2002


Seaching for information on M.F.Ford who married John W.Gay in 1881 in Dekalb County, Tn. Who was she is Ford maiden Name who parents where? where did they go?
Evelyn Gay Vaughn
Submitted on Sat Feb 9 03:07:20 MST 2002


I have been away for a while and am still trying to lacate information On Thomas Joshaway PACK And any of his children.
John T. Pack
Submitted on Thu Feb 7 17:28:56 MST 2002


This is a brickwall effort---I am searching for the maiden surname of Rhoda(?)VICK(dob 1798 to dod 1867).Rhoda ? married Littleberry VICK(dob 1798-1867) about 1818 supposedly in Liberty TN.All I know of Rhoda's early life is that she says in a later census that she was born in VA.
Roda & Littleberry VICK lived,raised their family and died in Liberty,Tn(Smith(later Dekalb)Co)TN. Littleberry's VICK family were residents of Smith Co TN--In 1820 census Smith Co, there is a Rhoda BLANKENSHIP listed: (as follows)
1 M under 10,2 M 10-16,1 F under 10, 1 F over 45. My mind is attempting to make this my Rhoda (?) VICK's mom ,whose husband had recently died.(Sound possible)------Does anayone have any knowledge of this Rhoda BLANKENSHIP? Please reply. I would lke to get a "good" reply on this one.---Judy ADAMS Woods
Judy ADAMS Woods -- 1020 Iverson Ave, Nashville, TN 37216
Submitted on Mon Feb 4 15:24:32 MST 2002


Does anyone know where in Dekalb county (Near Alexandria I think) that the bowers family lived? They were there before the civil war, during, and possibly after. I would greatly appreciate any info that you can give me also if you might know where the family is buried. Thanks so much!
Donnie Vaughn
Submitted on Wed Jan 23 16:32:27 MST 2002


I am seeking any information on a Hiram Frazier and family. I was told he lived in the 14th Dist. of DeKalb County, Tn. Would appreciate info. on his family, date of death and burial place. Thanks, Doris Allen
Doris Allen
Submitted on Tue Jan 22 18:41:49 MST 2002


I am looking for any information on a Martha Cantrell in DeKalb County Tn. I understand she was buried at the County Poor Farm. Would some one tell me where this is located. Thanks, Doris Allen
Doris Allen
Submitted on Tue Jan 22 18:36:35 MST 2002


In Smith Co.Court Minute Book 1808, Littleberry VICK and his siblings(7 of them in the court record) chose John LANCASTER to be their guardian.Leonard FITE and Thomas SMITH entered the financial bond for this court appointed guardianship.Littleberry VICK was 9 yrs old.His father was still alive,but may have been away from home.His mother was deceased.Could he have had a step-mom that died herself at that time,requiring a guardian?Also Littleberry VICKs future wife,Rhoda A.(dob1798) is my "brickwall".Can not determine her maiden surname.Could they have been early life family friends?Help needed from any LANCASTER,FITE or SMITH descendant, please.Littleberry VICK is my GGgrandfather.-Thanks. -Judy
Judy ADAMS Woods -- 1020 Iverson Avenue, Nashville, TN 37216
Submitted on Mon Jan 21 15:50:08 MST 2002


I have copies of two land deeds dated(1827)(1836)re:parcels of land added to the farm tract of Jonathan GRIFFITH(Forks of the Pike,Dismal Creek,near Liberty,TN)and his son,Moses GRIFFITH.The other names mentioned in the deed re adjoining property are John FITE,Samson WILLIAMS,Moses FITE,Charles JINKINS,Tilman BETHELL,David FITE,J.M.BENNETT,Jessee CARNEY.Any descendants of these men mentioned please contact me.So, many neighbor/children married each other and lines were linked. Jonathan GRIFFITH first settled on the land at Forks of the PIKE(Smith/Dekalb Co)about 1804.apparently came from NC--near the VA border line---Neighbor families probably travelled into Smith Co together.We may find some vital clue/link?--Judy
Judy ADAMS Woods -- 1020 Iverson Avenue, Nashville, TN 37216
Submitted on Mon Jan 21 14:52:21 MST 2002


Info please--John GRIFFITH EVANS (dob 1819)was son of Joseph EVANS and Sarah(Sally)GRIFFITH.John G.EVANS married Lucinda VICK(dob 1822)(dau of Littleberry & Rhoda VICK).GRIFFITH,EVANS and VICK were early Smith,Dekalb County families.Seek to know parents of Sarah(Sally) GRIFFITH(EVANS)or ANY info about her life or siblings.I am GGGgranddau of Jonathan GRIFFITH(dob 1782)who lived Forks of the Pike,near Liberty;and also GGgranddau of Littleberry VICK(dob 1798)who lived Liberty,TN.Hope some EVANS family descendants can help me.I'd love to swap info with you.
Judy ADAMS Woods -- 1020 Iverson Ave. , Nashville, TN 37216
Submitted on Mon Jan 21 14:11:35 MST 2002


William Green FISHER born about 1830 may be related to the Thomas Fisher family who was in Dekalb Co. about that time. Thomas Fisher was married to Orpha Moore, according to a website I viewed. My Fisher line moved to Arkansas and is related through marriage to WALL, WEBB and HUBBLE/HUBBELL. Seeking info on William Green Fisher & family.
Leona Ross
Submitted on Thu Jan 17 11:26:16 MST 2002


HAYES/HAYS. I am looking for info on James HAYS and his wife, Elizabeth (do not know surname), living in DeKalb, TN. Their children were: James, b. 1856; Sarah, b. 1857; Malinda, b. 1860; Jason, b. 1864; and Luther Elmore, my grandfather, born April 3, 1869. In the 1870 Federal Census, Elizabeth is listed as head of household. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.
Jane H. Brown
Submitted on Sat Jan 12 18:46:52 MST 2002


I am seeking information about Dr. L. HALLUM who lived in New Middleton, DeKalb County, in 1895. Also, information about Carrie HALLUM, Brad HALLUM, and Howell HALLUM. Also, Dr. Richard HALLUM, Polly ROWLAND/ROLLAND.
Pat Hallum Poynor -- 1599 Thornwood St, Wheaton, IL 60187
Submitted on Fri Jan 4 13:54:01 MST 2002


My grandmother was John (correct) Annie PACK. Her ancestors came from Rowen Co., N.C. and then possibly from Montgomery Co., MD. I have seen at least six PACKs from DeKalb Co. in Civil War roster rolls. I would be interested in communicating with any PACKS, any of their kinfolks, or any people who might know them. My name is Bill MASSEY and I live in Franklin, TN, but I am from Lewisburg/Marshall Co., TN. Thank you for your time and attention. Please contact me.
William R. (Bill) Massey -- William R. Massey, 801 Del Rio Pk., B-13, Franklin, TN 37064
Submitted on Wed Jan 2 12:31:50 MST 2002

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