James W. Lee, Jr.

Thomas Wolfe has written a story titled YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN. With apologies to him, I say you can, and I have a story to prove it.

This little poem is written to my first little sweetheart, that "Sweet Little Girl" on page 40.

The early years are wasteful years,
Abundant days of spring;
and bees are probing all the flowers,
with ne'er a thought of what the next might bring.

The middle years are fruitful years,
and summer roses smile.
beneath a bright and azure sky,
could cure our ills if we would rest a while.

The later years are frugal years,
we only have a few,
filled with a tender longing for,
the things we did, and things we failed to do.

Chapter 1
Return Of The Natives
Chapter 2
Neighborhood Funnies
Chapter 3
Neighborhood Mayhem
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Other Tales
Chapter 6
Love and Halloween
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Trip to Nashville
Chapter 9
Texas Pre-View
Chapter 10
Around the Square to Blackbottom
Chapter 11
Town Baseball
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Pure Fountain High School
Chapter 14
School Athletics
Chapter 15
A New Day at Pure Fountain High
Chapter 16
Trips Back Home
Chapter 17
War Years
Chapter 18
Nearing the Bridge
Chapter 19
Return of the Native

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