James W. Lee, Jr.

This book was written by James W. Lee, Jr. He was the son of James W. b. 1874 and Nancy (Nannie) Smith Lee b. 1874. The Lee's left Smithville on 29 September, 1923 for Dallas, Texas. They had three sons. George R. b. 1895, James W., Jr. b. 1906 and Richard b. 1911. James Jr. was about 16 years old when they made the move to Texas.

James Jr. wrote the book in 1975 about his Reminiscences of Smithville as a young boy.

I want to thank James W. Lee, III and his mother Mildred Lee, for allowing me to use this book on the DeKalb County page.

"Miss Nannie", as she was known in Smithville, began as a young girl, making records of births, deaths and other interesting events occurring in the small village of Smithville. She continued adding to these records until her death. The information was hand written in a ledger book with about 275 pages. She made a book for each of her sons. Just to name a few of the families that are in the book are: Allen, Tyree, Cantrell, Smith, Webb, Potter, Terry, Davis and more.

James W. Lee, III, who lives in Duncanville, Texas, has one of the ledgers. He had stated that he is willing to do look ups for any one that might be interested.

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