The Cantrell, Bethell, Magness and Webb Connection.

The following papers were written by the DeKalb County Historian, Thomas G. Webb. This is a series of papers showing the connection between the Cantrell's, Bethel's, Magness's and the Webb's of DeKalb County. My Family (The Fosters)are also connected. The contents of these pages are copyright 2000 to Thomas G. Webb. all rights are reserved. The information on these pages are free for private use, but may not be included in any compilation or collection in any media form for either private or commercial use without the author's consent. I am using these papers on this page with Mr. Webbs permission.

Abraham Cantrell History

Sampson Bethell History

Richard Cantrell History

The Magness History

Appendix to The Magness History

Daniel Watkins Webb History

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