Eli Vick's Ledger

The following information was furnished by Dale Cantrell of Liberty, Tn.
"Thanks Dale!"

July 17th, 1845 -- December 15th, 1845
These names were taken from the original ledger book, which is in the possession of Ed Organ, Nashville, TN, a direct descendant of Eli Vick. A copy is held by Dale Givan Cantrell, Liberty, Tn. I have tried to copy these as accurately and exactly as they appear in the ledger. Most of these are "charges", and below each name is a list of the goods purchased. It was nearly impossible to list/decipher the items bought and I decided that the names were most important, as the 1840 census does not give as much information as we would wish. When a notation is given, i.e. (son of John), this is not listed in every charge, but occasionally.

This store was located on Eli Vick's place, near Allen Bluff and Forks of Pike, DeKalb Co. Tn.

Ledger Entries A-L

Abram Adams Jacob Adams Peter Adams Wm. Adams
Jesse M. Adamson Joseph Adamson Presly Adamson Thomas Adamson
James Allen John Allen John H. Allen Moses Allen
Nancy Allen Benjamin Anderson Frances S. Anderson James Anderson
July Ashworth Thos. Ashworth John Ausburn Benjamin Avant
Wm. C. Avant Harrison Bane Marthie Bane John Barger
Samuel Barger Syntha Barger Archibald Bass Ezekiel Bass
Jos?? Bass Josiah S. Bass Harrison Bayne Dr. J.A.Beant? Beaty?
James Beaty? Baty? Asa Bennett George W. Bennett Thos. Bennett
William Bennett William Bennett, Sen. Elizabeth Bethel Goldsbury Blades
Polly Blades Isaac L. Blair Wm. Blair Robert N. Bogle
John Bowers Wm. Boyd Wm. G. Brant Asa Brashear
Cloah Braswell Lemuel Braswell Sampson Braswell Samuel Braswell
Wm. Braswell Elizabeth Bratten Hetta Bratten Isaac Bratten
James Bratten Joshua Bratten Marion Bratten Sarah Bratten
Thomas Bratten Asa Burton Samuel M. Burton John B. Claiborne
Nancy Clark Peter W. Clark Wm. B. Clark John W. Close
Syntha Coats C. B. Coble John Collins Rich? Cookes?
Bethel Cooper Joseph Cooper Rachel & Joseph Cooper Simon Craddock
John Crook David Crowder John Curtis Henry Daugherty
J. B. David Allon Davis & Wm Selph Benjamin Davis Caleb Davis
Joseph Davis Solomon Davis Thos. D. Davis Lakey Deen
Matthew Dennis Sarah Dirsen? Dirksen? Hyrum Dodd James W. Dodd
Ervin Driver Little B. Driver Thomas D. Driver Dr. George Eastham
Brachet Eastes Edward Evans John G. Evans Joseph Evans
Reuben Evans Daniel Fite David Fite Henry Fite
Hyrum M. Fite
(by brother John)
James M. Fite L. D. Fite Lemuel Fite
Leonard Fite Moses Fite Moses H. Fite Thos. Fite
G. C. Flowers Daniel Ford Daniel L. Ford Daniel S. Ford
Thomas Ford Richard Forister Robert E. Forister James F. Foster
Joel J. Foster John W. Foster Wm. G. Foster Henry Frasher
Ephraim Garrison Harden? Garrison Lemuel M. Garrison William W. Gay
George L. Givan Robert Givan Wm. Givan
(George's son)
Wm. G. Givan
Wm. Goggin Wolsey Givan
[Wolsey is a known slave
of "Granny" Sophia Givan]
Nancy Gossett Wm. Gothard
Dartholie Gray Dorthullia Gray Isaac Gray Martha Grindstaff
James Grooms John Hackworth Benjamin Hale James Hale
John Hale? Hall? Thomas Hale John W. Haley Alfred Hancock
Charles Hancock Cooper C. Hancock Eliza Hancock Lewis Hancock
Richard Hancock Phillip Haas
by Albert Haas
Mary Hart by
Thos. Melton, security
Cimean Hathaway James Hathaway Samuel Hathaway Samuel Hayes
Henry Hays James T. Hays John Hays John Fite Hays
Joseph Hays Nathaniel Hays Wm. Hays
(Cler Fork)
William Hays
(Dry Creek)
Joseph Hendrickson Smith Henley Charles Hill Benjamin Hindsley?
James Hollandsworth Elizabeth Hunt John Hunt Matthew Hunt
Mary Jenkins Polly Jenkins Jacob A. Jennings Joel Jennings
Willey T. Jennings Matthew Jones George & Zachariah Keaton James King
Robert King Mary D. Lamberson M. D. Lamberson -

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