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Stokes's Cavalry
The Fifth (Union) Regiment of Tennessee Cavalry, sometimes called the First Middle Tennessee Cavalry, was organized at Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Carthage, from July 15, 1862, to March 26, 1864, to serve three years, and was mustered out of service August 14, 1856. The regiment consisted of twelve companies and was recruited by Col. William B. Stokes, acting under authority from Military Governor Andrew Johnson. The regiment was in various battles and skirmishes during the latter part of 1862 and was in the battle of Murfreesboro, or Stone's River. From that battle til the close of the war the regiment was employed mainly in detachments in the eastern part of Middle Tennessee. One battalion was stationed at Shelbyvile for some time and was kept busy also, as, among other duties, it was required to carry the mail from that point to Gallatin. A portion of Stokes's command, under Captain Cain and Lieutenant Carter, was in the battle of Lookout Mountain. A part was also at Chickamauga and Chattano oga under Lieuts. Wingate T. Robinson and Nelson. Subsequently the regiment was ordered to Sparta, Tenn., to bread up the guerrilla bands under Ferguson, Hughes, and Bledso, a contest in which no quarter was given. After this it was ordered to Nashville , where, under Lieut. Col. W. J. Clift, it participated in the battle in front of that city. Upon the removal of the command to Nashville, Colonel Stokes was assigned to command the forces at Carthage.

Three of Stokes's regiments-- Company A, J. H. Blackburn, Captain; Company B, Shelah Waters, Captain; and Company K, E. W. Bass, Captain--were made up of DeKalb County men.

There were some resignations from this regiment in 1864, and a new regiment was formed by J. H. Blackburn. Colonel Stokes resigned March 10, 1865, but was breveted brigadier general by President Andrew Johnson. Other resignations from Stokes's origi nal regiment were; Maj. Shelah Waters, January 24, 1865; Capt. John T. Armstrong, April 7, 1865; Capt. J. H. Blackburn, June 5, 1864; Capt. James T. Exum, March 10, 1865; Capt. Monroe Floyd (who married Captain Blackburn's sister), May 11, 1865; Ca pt. Robert Cain, July 13, 1865. First Lieutenants resigned: W. M. Beasley, October 16, 1862; James Worthan, March 21, 1863; H. L. Newberry, April 8, 1863; William L. Hathaway, April 10, 1864; Sylvanus Puckett, September 1, 1864; Thomas A. Beaton, January 6, 1862; A. A. Carter, February 21, 1865. Second Lieutenants resigned: J. M. Phillips, Marshall B. Truax, C. T. Martin, E. H. Stone, W. J. Bryson.

Those discharged were: Second Lieuts. James H. Gossett, March 3, 1863, R. C. Couch, April 25, 1863 (but recommissioned first lieutenant September 4, 1863), and Charles T. Martin, May 20, 1863 (but commissioned second lieutenant September 4, 1863).

Those killed were: Capt. A. T. Julian, near Hillsboro, Tenn., March 18, 1863, and Surgeon J. B. Moore, killed by guerrillas September 5, 1864.

Dismissals Were: Capt. E. W. Bass, December 4, 1864; First Lieuts. R. H. Sivley, January 10, 1864, John T. Van Keren, December 14, 1864, and E. Chastaine, September 25, 1864. First Lieut. Robert A. Shepard was cashiered in January, 1863.

Maj. John Murphey on May 15, 1864, was promoted to Lieutenant colonel of the Second Regiment of Mounted Infantry, and on February 7, 1865, Capt. Thomas Waters was promoted to major of the Fourth Regiment (Blackburn's) of Tennessee Infantry. Wi lliam J. Clift was appointed lieutenant colonel June 30, 1864. John Wortham on July 1, 1864, and Faver Cason on June 24, 1865, were appointed majors.

The following captains were appointed some months after the regiment was organized: W. O. Rickman, April 22, 1863; R. C. Couch, September 10, 1863; James Clift, March 26, 1864; H. N. T. Ship, July 1, 1864.
W. P. Hough was made first lieutenant November 11, 1862; W. B. Pickering, adjutant, June 9, 1863. Second Lieutenants: W. H. Nelson, August 6, 1863; Wingate T. Robinson, August 9, 1863; J. B. Raulston, September 10, 1863; W. G. Davis, July 10, 1864; E . H. Gowen, December 14, 1864; C. W. Stewart, regimental quartermaster, February 8, 1865.

Later appointments of second lieutenants were: Elisha P. Reynolds, January 23, 1863; John B. Turner, August 9, 1863; J. W. Mallard, November 4, 1863; Henry H. Morris, January 1, 1864; H. M. Marshall, February 28, 1864; John H. White, July 10, 1864; J. W. Bryan, February 7, 1865; G. B. Johnson, February 22, 1865.

Four of Stokes's officers were marked missing on the rolls: Capt. T. C. Cavis, since October, 1862; Capt. E. G. Fleming, Since December, 1862; Second Lieut. A. C. Denson, since October, 1862; Second Lieut. Carl D. Brien, since June, 1863.

General Stokes was born in Chatham County, N. C., September 9, 1814, and died at Alexandria, Tenn., March 20, 1897. As shown in the sketch of Temperance Hall, his widowed mother located on her husband's land near that village, where she remained unti l her death, in 1853. This section was attached to DeKalb County in 1850, so that the county claims William B., Jordan, and Thomas Stokes among it pioneer citizens. In 1832 General Stokes married Paralee, daughter of Col. Abraham Overall. Farming for s everal years, he began his political career in 1849 as Representative of DeKalb County. He was twice elected to the House and twice to the Senate, and, defeating John A. Savage for Congress in 1859, was reelected. He served in Congress two years after t he war, and he was the nominee of his party for the governorship in 1870. Until 1868 he resided three miles north of Liberty, when he removed to Alexandria, where he devoted himself to the practice of law.

In the memoranda of the volume by Adjutant General J. B. Brownlow giving the rolls of Tennessee Federals for 1861-65 it is said of Stokes's Regiment that it was in the routing of Colonels Bennett and Ward on the Dickerson Pike in September, 1862; in t he defeat of Colonel Dibrell, driving him out of Neely's Bend, in October, 1862; in the battle with Foprrest on the Franklin Pike, and drove him from the field at Lavergne. It was in numerous skirmishes around Nashville and on Big Harpeth in the same yea r; fought at Triune December 27, 1862, and was in the Battle of Murfreesboro from first to last; a part, under Colonel Murphey, was a Bradyville; and under Colonel Blackburn, a part was in the battle of Milton and in numerous engagements around Liberty an d Snow's Hill. The Muster Rolls of his three DeKalb County companies are given below:

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Company "A"


Captain: J. H. Blackburn
Lieutenants: W. G. Davis, John J. White


Sergeants: J. B. Allison, Robert A. Smith, F. M. Close, Hamp Woodside, Thomas E. Bratten, J. W. Thomas, Riley Dale, Lee Lafever
Corporals: John Neal, W. R. Bratten, W. J. Watson, J. W. Jones, John Garrison
W. D. Davis, J. White, J. A. Allen, R. A. Smith, T. E. Bratten, J. W. Thomas, Riley Dale, Lee Lafever, John Neal, W. R. Bratten, W. J. Watson, J. W. Jones, John Garrison, Sol A. Neal, Thomas Kirby, E. C. Edwards, J. M. Allen, W. G. Allison, William Arnold , Lige Bryant, James Blythe, Calvin Blythe, P. Bozarth, Pete Brazwell, J. M. Brazwell, N. H. Craddock, J. W. Crook, J. R. Corder, Jim Carney, Thomas Cripps, Fred Chest, Joseph Davis, Reuben Davis, William Davis, D. D. Driver, J. Ested, W. R. Farler, Jap F itts, W. J. Givan, Jonathan Griffith, J. M. Hays, Jasper Hays, Joe Hendrixon, James Hollandsworth, H. N. Hill, C. D. Hutchens, J. H. Hendrixon, Wilson hendrixon, William Hill, H. James, M. F. Jones, W. H. Jackson, John Keef, John Lynch, J. B. McGee, James McGee, J. A. Mahan, William Manared, Elisha Morris, Mon Malone, W. S. Parker, A. W. Patterson, D. C. Patten, W. J. Pugh, Hiser Richardson, B. F. Read, A. A. Robinson, Thomas Self, J. S. Shehane, Peter Starnes, James Smithson, Monroe Spencer, J. J. Smith, W. G. Smiley, Wilson Taylor, J. C. Vickers, Thomas Vinson, William Warford, G. P. W. Williams, J. W. Wooden, Oscar A. Woodworth, W. H. Word, J. B. Yeargin, J. H. Blackburn, Monroe Floyd, W. L. Hathaway, J. J. Evans, J. H. Gossett, J. T. Exum, A. J. Garri son, L. N. Woodside, Martin E. Quinn, E. H. Stone, James H. Blackburn, , George Adamson, C. M. Brown, W. W. Govern, R. M. Hawkins, Henry Malone, Ed Pennington, Josiah Youngblood, Elijah Yeargin, J. Murphy, P. M. Radford, James H. Bratten, William A. Dale, D. A. Davis, Joseph Adamson, David Barr, Hiram Barret, William Bullard, J. M. Campbell, J. J. Chapman, A. G. Davis, R. H. Green, G. H. Leaver, S. J. McCalib, R. S. Neely, G. W. Robinson, J. B. Scott, J. M. Smith, A. M. Stone, W. J. Vickers, S. M. William s, Joseph Wilcher, A. Yeargin, James Garrett, Elisha Kerly, F. C. Overcast.


J. B. Moore, by guerrillas, 1864; W. J. Vickers, by guerrillas, 1863; Died: Joseph Adamson, David Barr, Joseph Bryant, April, 1863; Andrew George, 1861.

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Company "B"


Captain: Shela Waters
Lieutenants: E. H. Gowan, J. W. Bryan


Sergeants: T. W. Kenner, J. W. McDonald, W. Wood, Ralph Compton, J. W. Saulmon, W. F. Turner,
Corporals: J. W. Brown, H. McClure, P. Horley, T. A. Morris, J. Cothran
Bugler: J. C. Haley
M. A. Alder, W. H. Anderson, S. P. Burchett, I. W. Baker, D. H. Brewer, Thomas Borum, R. I. Bell, J. T. Ballance, E. Burnett, T. B. Brown, J. H. Brockett, L. W. Cherry, J. W. B. Da is, Zach Davis, Arch Davis, Anderson Davis, T. M. C. Earhart, Horace Franc is, S. L. George, I. T. Goodson, L. M. Green,Jerome E. Goodner, J. Hale, Eli Herron, Wilson Herron, J. G. Jennings, Frank Johnson, Thomas Ketchum, J. K. C. Lance, E. H. Linton, John Morris, A. J. Merrill, A. C. Mayer, S. McDermot, W. Melvin, James Manus, John Robinson, David Redd, James Sands, Elgin Sands, W. Singleton, James Strauther, G. W. Tuck, James Talley, B. C. Vinson, J. Waggoner, J. W. Westfall, Taylor Warren, N. Winnett, C. T. Winnett, James Winnett, John Williams, T. A. Welland, M. F. Young, J. Nems, Henderson Smith, Thomas Davis, H. L. Newbury, W. W. Baker, Alex Davis, T. H. Berry, J. T. Thompson, S. B. Whitlock, W. G. Cavis, A. Ham, T. B. Oakley, James Oakley, J. P. Paty, Thomas Reeves, John Simpson, R. Wadkins, Shela Waters, Thomas Waters, J ohn Everett, J. M. Hutsell, R. P. Mayer, E. H. Gowan, J. E. Pendergrass, W. H. C. Young, B. F. Bowar, J. A. Ellis, Cass Goad, M. F. Hale, J. L. Laurance, J. M. Shairts, W. L. Thompson, H. B. Thomas, F. M. Ensory, P. Giller, A. J. Hesson, Joseph Hester, J. C. Yell, P. M. Gascock, J. M. Groop.

KILLED: J. E. Pendergrass, Murfreesboro, 1863; J. L. Laurance, in Lookout Valley

DIED: W. H. C. young, in prison January 12, 1863; B. F. Bowar, May 23, 1863; J. A. Ellis, M. V. Hale, J. M. Shairts, November 14, 1862; W. L. Thompson, December 29, 1863; Cyrus Y. Goad.

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Company "K"


Captain: E. W. Bass
Lieutenants: W. T. Robinson, John B. Turner, J. H. Smith


Sergeants: J. L. Rollins, W. R. Lewis, Marion Cubbins, John A. Bass, W. H. Trammel, James H. Overall, R. M. Johnson
Corporals: William Davis, Wells Barrett, G. B. Pedigh, T. N. Close, Alex Petty, John Tarpley, W. R. Caplinger
Bugler: John C. Bennett
J. B. Turney, Harvey Smith, J. L. Robinson, W. R. Lewis, Marion Cubbins, John A. Bass, W. H. Trammel, J. H. Overall, R. M. Johnson, William Davis, J. T. Meares, Marrion Cubbins, John A. Bass, W. H. Trammel, J. H. Overall, R. M. Johnson, William Davis, J. T. Meares, Wells Barrett, G. G. Pedigo, T. N. Close, Alex Petty, John Tarpley, W. R. Caplinger, J. C. Bennett, T. D. Oakley, B. J. Holloman, H. Y. Yeargin, Chris E. Adamson, John Adamson, W. T. Alexander, H. C. Alexander, Thomas Alexander, F. M. Allen, Ja mes Brent, Nathan Blythe, W. C. Bennett, John Case, J. G. Close, John Caplinger, John Coley, T. J. Davis, James Davis, Elam Edge, Denton Griffith, George Henley, George Hickman, W. L. Hail, W. H. Hays, Charles Hill, Reuben Hail, Thomas Hendrixson, R. Hine sly, J. H. Hicks, W. P. Hawker, J. M. Jones, Wesley Jennings, W. J. Jones, James A. Jones, W. H. Jones, James Lee, J. R. League, J. B. Lemmons, Blueford Mathis, Alex Manners, J. Mullican, L. H. McGinnis, G. B. Mahan, W. H. Pedigo, T. J. Perkins, James Pet ty, Joseph Pistole, William Patterson, John Parker, Travis Tarpley, A. J. Pugh, Matlock Roberts, W. A. Sullivan, Anthony Stanley, Noah Smith, John Taylor, J. P. Tomlinson, Wiliam Trusty, R. B. Waller, E. B. Watson, J. B. Wilson, E. W. Bass, Hinton A. Hill , James McMillin, J. J. Ross, Wiley Snow, James Williams, A. C. Rogers, R. H. Ponder, David Grandstaff, George C. Turney, W. C. Crossland, N. Alexander, James Baugh, W. H. Christian, David A. Farmer, James Gibson, James Hail, Jonathan Jones, T. J. Pistole , H. C. Richards, Alex Stanley, R. Pendergrass, Henry Stayner, Emanuel Williams

David Grandstaff, G. C. (Kit) Turney, James Baugh, D. A. Farmer, Joseph Hail, Jonathan Jones, T. J. Pistole, James Fuston, Alex Stanley, Calf Killer Battle, February 22, 1864; H. C. Richards, by accident, Carthage, 1864.

William Crossland, of wounds at Carthage, 1864; W. H. Christian, of Wounds, 1864.

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