Dekalb County, Tennessee
Court Records


The following Court Records are from Smith County and that portion later became DeKalb County.

Submitted by LaVelda Faull of
Glasgow, Ky.

Smith Co., TN
Court Minute Book 1811-13

p 60 2 Dec 1811
Ordered that JOSEPH MARSH be appointed overseer of the Road from JEREMIAH HAMBURTS to the Ridge Road and have the following hands to wit: CANDRUN TAYLOR

p 61 2 Dec 1811
Ordered that WILLIAM TAYLOR, WILSON TAYLOR, WILLIAM MCGINNESS, JACOB HALE, and JESSE WALTON be appointed to view the road near STUMPS old mill up the south side of Cany Fork towards Warren County line near JOHN BROUNFELD on Holmes Creek and make report thereof to March next term.

p 73 4 Dec 1811
This day came the Plaintiff by his attorney and the Deft being solemnly called to come and defend his suit failed to appear. It's therefore considered by the Court that the Plaintiff recover against the Deft. his damages and to be enquired of by a jury at next court.

p 79 2 March 1812
Ordered that ROBERT FORESTER be appointed to take the enumeration in the room of BENJAMIN TAYLOR, resigned. Issued.

p 84 2 March 1812
Ordered that the land levied on by WILLIE HOWELL, Constable, as the property of THOMAS MCFERRON to be sold to satisfy an execution JEREMIAH TAYLOR obtained against the said MCFERRIN by said TAYLORJOSIAH HOWELL, Esq, Justice of the Peace.

p. 86 2 March 1812
BAZELLA TAYLOR vs THOMAS MCGINSON Case. This day came as well the defendant as the plaintiff in proper person and the plaintiff says that he no further intends prosecuting his suit vs the defednant and the deft assumes upon himself all cost.

p 87 2 March 1812
BENJAMIN TAYLOR, Esq. tendered his resignation of the appointment of Justice of the Peace for Smith County which was recorded by the Court.

p 91 2 March 1812
Ordered that MATTHEW ALLEN be appointed overseer of the road from scys(?) at Round Lick Creek to CHARLES TAYLOR.

p. 93 2 March 1812
BENJAMIN TAYLOR, Esq. returned a list of taxables in CAPT. MIGENSONS company for the year 1812.

p. __ 2 March 1812
Ordered that THOMAS HALE be appointed overseer of the road from Caney Fork to THOMAS HALES and have the following hands: SILAS POPE, EXUM WHITLEY, WILLIAM HOGAN, ARTHUR PARKER, WILLIAM MCKENNY.

p 96 2 March 1812
JOSEPH WALLACE to FREDERICK UHLS Deed, 173 acres. Proven in open court by oaths of J. TAYLOR and WILLIAM COLE, subscribing witnesses thereof.

p. 97 2 March 1812
JOSEPH WALLACE to JEREMIAH TAYLOR Deed, 104 1/2 acres Proven in open court by FRED UHLES and WILLIAM COLLIE, subscribing witnesses thereof.

p 105 2 March 1812(?)
The court provided to appoint RICHARD TAYLOR, Inspector of Tobacco, in Smith County and togehter with WILLIAM WALTON and WILLIAM GREGORY his securities entered into bond conditioned as the law directs. p. __ 1 June 1812

p. 191 7 Sept 1812
Ordered that JAMES BRADLEY, WILSON CAGE and HUGH SHAW be appointed commissioners to divide the estate of PETER TURNEY, dec'd, in Smith County, also the land conveyed by THOMAS TAYLOR to JAMES, SAMUEL, HOPKINS, POLLY, ELIZABETH, and CHARLOTTE TURNEY and make report to the next court. Issued.

p. ___ 1812 or 1813(didn't write down info)
$2.50 fine. Refusing to charge the father of her base begotten child. Fine paid in office by HALLER, Esquire.

p.__ 24 March 1813
State vs JENNY LIGGIN. Indictment on assault and battery. RACHEL PETTY who was bound to appear and prosecute and give evidence on behalf of the State came not. Charges dismissed.

p. 307 25 June 1813
On motion of SUSANNAH BRITTON, she is appointed guardian to WILLIAM TURNBELL BRITTON, SALLY HALE BRITTON, ELLEN BRITTON and EMMA LOUISE BRITTON, minors who entered into bond with JEREMIAH TAYLOR and DAVID PURSLEY her securities in the sum of $5,000 conditioned as the law directs.