The Groom Cemetery
Submitted by Dale Givan Cantrell
This Cemetery is on the edge of DeKalb County, in the Cottage Home Community. It is not in the DeKalb Cemetery Book, as we were never certain of the county. After talking with the landowners (Groom descendents), we were able to verify the county location. It is on a farm at the very end of Buterbaugh Road and beyond.

These stones were copied 24 October, 1998. There is a possibility of two or three more graves at this location.

According to family history, James and Lucretia Stricklin Groom came here from North Carolina ca 1820 and settled on a 1000 acre grant from the Battle of King's Mountain. As James was too young to have fought in that battle, it is not yet clear how he attained it.

I have tried to copy these exactly as we read them.

James Grooms
Died Sept 25th 1854
Age 56 years & 2 days
Lucretia Groom
Died Sept 9 1868
Aged 69y 8m & 2d

Sarah E. Groom
Born Oct 14th 1840
Died Jan 13th 1865

James Grooms Jur
Died Nov 28th 1837
Age 8 years & Six Months

Infant Son of WG & JC Bratten
Born Aug 8 1859
Died Sept 4 1859

Infant Daughter of WG & JC Bratten
Born April 9, 1851
Died April 18, 1851

Joseph H son of WG & JC Bratten
Born June 25 1856
Died Jan 27 1857

Sterling Groom
Born Sept 8, 1865
Died Oct 31, 1878
Age 13 yrs 1 mo 23 ds

(same big stone)
H. B. Groom
Born Mar 27, 1836
Died Sept 9, 1903
Sleep on dear father and take thy rest,
God called thee home, He thought it best

Paralee Groom
Born Nov. 24, 1836
Died Sept. 15, 1897
Farewell, sweet wife and mother too, thou shall ever be,
a star to guide us up to Heaven and to thee

Emma E. Groom
Born Sept 18, 1874
Died Oct 31, 1890
Age 16 yrs 1 mo 13 dys

In memory of Jane C. wife of W G Bratten
Born June 22, 1825
Died Aug 11, 1860

Robert J. Givan
Born 9th of August 1818
Died 15th of July 1852

It is believed that Robert Givan's first wife, Nancy Groom, is buried here Her dates from the Bible are 25 Dec 1820------18 Feb 1843.

For more information about this family, contact Dale Givan Cantrell or Tom Groom.

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