The George Cemetery
Submitted by Rie Estes
Located at the head of Dry Creek, on east side of creek, about 2 1/2 miles south of intersection of Pea Ridge Rd. and Dry Creek Rd. This farm is owned by Mr. George Bullard and has a gate that needs to be opened before having to walk to the cemetery. This info. was given to me by Mr. Thomas Webb who copied these headstones in 1966, updated August of 1998.

John C. Estes and Rebecca George are my husband's GGGgrandparents. James George and Mary "Pollie" Dunn are Rebecca's parents. Mary Hale is a sister of Rebecca and Thomas J. Hale is her husband. George W. Estes is a son of John C. Estes and Sarah Hildreth (2nd wife).

Infant daughter of John & Sarah Estes
b. 10/7/1892 - d. 10/9/1892
Sarah F. Hildreth Estes
b. 1/6/1858 - d. 5/22/1935

Lessie D. Estes
b. 8/7/1890 - d. 6/28/1904

John C. Estes
b. 3/6/1841 - d.10/7/1900

Rebecca George Estes
b. 4/11/1845 - d. 2/6/1877

Shela A. Estes
son of John and S.F. Estes
b. 1/21/1899 - d. 10/6/1899

Infant daughter of
John & Sarah Estes
born and died 3/18/1886

Leela Estes
daughter of George W. and M.E. Estes
b. 7/23/1899 - ???? 25, 1900

Hallie Mae Estes Stanley
b. 1898 - d. 1928

John Q. Estes
Jan. 1874 - ????
buried next to his daughter Hallie Mae in an unmarked grave

Nola May Estes
Daughter of William J. & Mary E. Estes
b. 2/27/1894 - d. 4/7/1894

Nola Bell Estes
Daughter of W.J. & E.E. George
b. 5/7/1891 - d. 9/17/1892

Mary "Pollie" George
b. 3/10/1806 - d. 3/20/1890

James George
b. 2/5/1796 - d. 4/28/1893

T.J. Hale
b. 4/4/1832 - d. 12/9/1910

Mary George Hale
b. 3/10/1831 - d. 12/18/1918

John Q. Estes
b. Jan 5, 1873 - d. June 18, 1928
(unmarked grave next to daughter Hallie Mae Estes Stanley)
*dates from death certificate

Viola Stanley, daughter of Alex Stanley and Ethel L. Estes Stanley.
b. 1918 - d. Nov. 6, 1921 *from Dekalb Co. Death book

Luther George, son of W. J. George and Unice Thompson.
b. 1900 - d. Sept. 6, 1919 *from Dekalb Co. Death book

Infant child of John Q. Estes and Nancy Durham Estes
b. & d. 1903 *from Dekalb Co. Death book

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