Vickers Cemetery (#168)

Submitted by Jennifer Cooper on 11/20/2012

I do not have the land owners name. They have recently put a barbed wire fence around to keep the cattle out. I have pictures of the tombstones we were able to uncover. Much work is need there. Due to tree growth I am unsure if all the graves can be found. My family and I are hoping to get back there in a year or so and try to repair the headstones. None were standing. I read there are over 40 graves. We found signs of maybe half of them.

This cemetery is off the road a good ways behind 2 houses. The address to the front house is 4072 New Home RD. Leave New Home church and go 1 mile. This address is on your left. There is a private lane (rock path) just past this home that leads to another small white house. If sitting beside this small house you should see a tube gate at the end of the path you came in on, Drive to the gate and look straight and slightly, slightly right across the pasture no more than 150-200 yards to a small clump of trees. It was an easy walk.With exception of the chiggers and curious bulls. The tenants of the small white house will show you if they are home. They do not own the land the cemetery is located but say the owner doesn't mind the visits. At one point there was access off of the Vickers Rd, but no longer. If you get to this road, you went to far!! Watch for snakes as we were warned.

1. J. W. Lafever   B. 1/15/1850  D. 9/12/1925
    His wife  Nannie   B. 3/15/1855 D. 2/23/1915

2. May  wife of S. B. Vickers   B. 11/21/1889  D. 12/24/1911

3. Geo. Ellus  Son of WJ and MJ Vickers   B. 9/10/1887  D. 5/1/1894

4. Harden Vickers   B. 10/6/1820  D. 1/7/1900

5. Sallie wife of H. C. Vickers   B. 2/11/1826  D. 9/3/1910

6. Lottie Cleio Vickers   B. 2/3/1890  D. 4/15/1902

7. Lonnie Gilreath   Stone is damaged and picture is unclear   B. 3/6/185? D. 2/28/19?
a.Daughter of W. Vickers on stone

8. J. W. Vickers   B. 12/27/1874  D. 8/27/1910?   Middle initial is unclear but looks like W

9. Halliem  Daughter of T. F. and Mary Cummings   B. 12/30/1908?  D. 12/25 1909?

10 Herbert Son of  T. F. and Mary Cummings   B. 5/?/1904  D. 7/15/1906  Damaged Stone

11. T. Z. George   B. 2/10/1833 D. 5/3/1845
Nancy George   B. 5/3/1845 D. 11/16/10

12. Maudie Daughter of J. P. and A. C. Vickers   10/3/1906   Damaged

13. Claudie son of W. J. and M. J. Vickers   B. 2/?/1879  D. 2/9/1900  ??