with added genealogy data

Submitted by Daphene Willoughby
October 5, 2012

Cemetery location: From Alexandria, DeKalb, TN, travelling Highway 70 East,  go south from Alexandria towards Smithville.  Turn left to the east side of Highway 70 onto Old Highway 53 (goes a short distance to dead end), which is the first left off Highway 70 just past Willoughby Lane. One house is on that road, and the cemetery is just past the house about 450 feet from Highway 70. This is cemetery #134 on the cemetery directions pages. MAP

Also, said to be buried here is Peter Vanatta and some of his sons and family members. Peter was the one who brought the Vanatta name to this area from North Carolina. Another person buried here and later re-interred at Brush Creek Cemetery was: Jennie Mai Crowder Vanatta, the wife of Dolphen McKinley Vanatta. She was the daughter of John Calvin and Lela Crowder. Jennie Mai and Dolphen McKinley Vanatta married October 26, 1921. Jennie Mai Crowder was born November 9, 1899 and died May 5, 1926.

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There are two indexes to this cemetery. One is ordered by rows and one is alphabetical. Often family members will be buried near each other; so the row index is included here.

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The row index does not link to the photo pages, except it does link to only images of unreadable stones to keep track of their positions. It is included here only to show grave location. All the pages of grave marker photos can be accessed from the alphabetical index.


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Alexander, E. D. [Ellis D]  1895-1964
Alexander, [Permelia] Katherine (Davis)  1861-1947
Alexander, Mary Etter (Hathaway)  1895-1924

Allen, James Milton  1931-1931

Barrett, Josie Maxine (Silcox)  1946-nd
Barrett, L. Catherine (Burton)  1921-2001
Barrett, Roy Don  1945-2000
Barrett, Walter Hatton  1913-1992

Barry, Albert S.  1896-1973
Barry, Azel Tramel  1901-1972
Barry, Charlie R.  1869-1924
Barry, Edwin  1924-1998
Barry, Hillard  1904-1917
Barry, Infant twins of L W & wife  1927-1927
Barry, Lois (Bennett) 1925-1999
Barry, Martha Elizabeth (Barry)  1902-1983
Barry, Modean (Davis)  1916-1971
Barry, Molly (Willoughby)  1894-1977
Barry, Reppie "Repsie" (McDonald)  1871-1934
Barry, [Genie] Wilson  1916-1998

Bivins, Caldonia "Donie" (nee Foutch) (White)  1861-1942

Blythe, Georgia (Gibbs)  1923-nd

Burton, Avie E. (Alexander)  1887-1946
Burton, Etta Francis (Barrett)  1919-2004
Burton, [Freelan] Marshal  1881-1960
Burton, Robert Marshall  1916-1988

Crowder, Carrie Belle (Vanatta)  1902-1975
Crowder, Wade Hampton  1901-1989

Davis, Era (Rose) Scott  1892-1978
Davis, Sidney C. [Chester]  1886-1977
Davis, Wilbert L.  1919-1963

Gibbs, Bonnie  1901-1905
Gibbs, Connie (MNU) 1877-1908  no stone
Gibbs, Exum Lee (Driver)  1905-2001
Gibbs, Faullie  1877-1926
Gibbs, [Eugene] "Genie" [Gebine]  1875-1950
Gibbs, Hudson W[hite]  1902 [really b. 1892]-1939
Gibbs, Isaac  1866-1928  no stone
Gibbs, James A.  1851-1918
Gibbs, James Earl  1904-1933
Gibbs, [George] Lawrence  1904-1956
Gibbs, Lola M. (Burton)  1908-1988
Gibbs, Maggie (Henley)  1878-1931
Gibbs, Martha (Martin)  1852-[1922]
Gibbs, Noah (Vanatta)  1878-1921
Gibbs, Ray  1900-1960
Gibbs, Winnie (Alexander)  1894-1980

Griffith, Callie (Vanatta)  1876-1901

Hale, Jennie (nee Scott) (Hindsley)  1874-1947
Hale, Joseph Blue  1877-1964

Hays, A. [Permelia] Tennessee (Cooper)  1854-1940
Hays, Asberry N.  1852-1928

Henley, Al [Aldredge] M.  1876-1960
Henley, Bird F.  1858-1911
Henley, Dibrell W. [Willard]  1881-1950
Henley, Flossie O.  1923-1990 [actually died 1992- stone in error]
Henley, George E.  1844-1918
Henley, James W. [Willis]  1846-1926
Henley, Mary T. (Scott)  1859-nd
Henley, Nancy E. (Foutch)  1854-1891
Henley, Nellie B. [Bell]  1878-1954
Henley, O. V. Dutch  1890-1976
Henley, Susie (Foutch)  1852-nd
Henley, Velma Lee (Neal)  1899-1988
Henley, Venard B.  1915-1994

Hildreth, Beatrice (Jennings)  1908-1972
Hildreth, Carrie (Groom)  1896-1969
Hildreth, George W. (Washington)  1863-1935
Hildreth, Henry S.  1901-1973
Hildreth, John Redford  1893-1971
Hildreth, Lallie E. (Patton)  1900-1971  (see "O'Neal, Lallie E. (nee Patton) (Hildreth)")
Hildreth, Nancy Josephine (Vanatta)  1858-1927
Hildreth, Robert Lee  1888-1931

Chumbley, Lavonia  [abt. 1900]-1965

Jenkins, Ada F.  1876-1880
Jenkins, Amanda J. (Roberts)  1852-1899
Jenkins, D. L.  1850-1858
Jenkins, Doctor Wyatt  1844-1931
Jenkins, Faullie B. [Burton]  1894-1919
Jenkins, Infant daughter of  Amanda J and D W Jenkins  1880-1880
Jenkins, 2 Infant daughters of D W & A J  1889-1889
Jenkins, James W. [Washington]  1862-1945
Jenkins, [Mary] Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Jones)  1846-1870
Jenkins, M. [McAdoo] C.  June 19, 1854-April 4, 1896
Jenkins, Mary J.  1876/8-1880
Jenkins, Minnie F. [Francis] (Henley)  1874-1957
Jenkins, Nellie M. [May]  1896-1960
Jenkins, O. [Obediah "Obie"] D.  1848-1916
Jenkins, Ouida B. (Malone)  1908-1989
Jenkins, David Rutland  1901-1968
Jenkins, Sarah E.  1856-1906
Jenkins, Thomas M  1878-1879
Jenkins, Unknown  1889-1891

Jennings, Annie Katherine  1908-1912
Jennings, Beulah B. (Mayfield)  1912-2006
Jennings, Charles P.  1912-1984
Jennings, Charlyne  1938-1938
Jennings, Claude  1886-1962
Jennings, Jewell (Gibbs)  1888-1968
Jennings, Jolyne  1936-1937
Jennings, Ruby Neil  1916-1920

Jones, Alva Gene (nee Henley) (Crook)  1897-1957

King, Mary  1851-1924

McMillen, Annie D[elilah] (Butterbaugh)  1868-nd
McMillen, Bertha (Harvey)  1885-1917
McMillen, Delma G. (Gibbs)  1907-1999
McMillen, Etter Elizabeth  1873-1878
McMillen, George T.  1886-1971
McMillen, Ida Jane  1876-1953
McMillen, Jim W.  1863-1927
McMillen, Jimmie Hudson  1910-  19??
McMillen, John Robert  1868-1939
McMillen, Lum [Columbus B.]  1880-1965
McMillen, Myrtle Frances (Harvey)  1881-1949
McMillen, Rebecca Frances (Measle(s))  1843-1923
McMillen, Samuel  1840-1928

Malone, Alvie Lee  1908-1989
Malone, Dexie Mai (Willoughby)  1912-1981

Newbell, John A. 1934-2013
Newbell, Kerry Allen  1965-1965

Oakley, Ovie Erby  1896-1990
Oakley, Ida Sexton (Vanatta)  1896-1970
Oakley, Infant of E O & Ida  1929-1929
O'Neal, Lallie E. (nee Patton) (Hildreth)  1900-1971

Parker, Birdie  1903-1903
Parker, Charley  1899-1970
Parker, Eldred  1911-1925
Parker, F _____e B. no dates [concrete etched with sharp object]
Parker, Mallissie N. (Claybourn)  1882-1955
Parker, Ora  1906-1909
Parker, William L.  1879-1959

Patrick, Mildred E. (Vickers)  1927-2011

Patton, Georgia [Frances] (Reeves)  1906-1972
Patton, Harry C. [Clay]  1908-1987

Pritchett, Frank  1915-1933

Reeves, Angie Nannie (McMillen)  1870-1953

Sandlin, Bettie (nee Curtis) (McMillen)  1859-1947
Sandlin, Daisy (Parker)  1889-1977
Sandlin, R[obert] H.  1854-1932
Sandlin, [William] Oscar  1888-1957

Scott, Charlie  1892-1950
Scott, Cora (Crook)  1884-1930
Scott, Estle  1908-1966
Scott, Etta (Johnson)  1868-1949
Scott, Jane (McMillen )  1851-1905
Scott, [Thomas] Jep  [1889]-1971
Scott, Jodie (Crook)  1894-1975
Scott, Joseph
Scott, Lige  1882-1965
Scott, M[anson] B  1865-1936
Scott, Maggie Lee (Hawker) 1879-1966
Scott, Omer Dale  1916-1994
Scott, Ova (Scott)  1887-1933
Scott, Randolph D.  1852-1917
Scott, Robbie Lee (McMillen)  1912-1991
Scott, Tom  1871-1938
Scott, Willie (Self)  1897-1991

Self, Floyd  1891-1938
Self, Infant son of O F & Oza  1922-1922
Self, Oza (nee Vanatta) (Pritchett)  1895[1892?]-1988

Simpkins, Claudine (Jennings)  1920-1988

Thorne, Robbie Nell (Gibbs)  1905-1927

Trusty, Dempsey [T]  1875-1936
Trusty, [Elsie] Pearl (Malone)  1894 1981
Trusty, Eula [G]  1894-1964
Trusty, Melvina [Elizabeth]  1903-1975
Trusty, Treasy (Taylor)  1875-1933
Trusty, [William] Roscoe  1898-1939

Turney, Bertha (Barry)  1911-1990
Turney, Houston G.  1909-1977

Vanatta, Andrew W. [Willie]  1876-1953
Vanatta, Anna Belle (Hearn)  1900-1971
Vanatta, Anna Paralee (Curtis)  1861-1915
Vanatta, Bessie  1895-nd
Vanatta, Betty (Patton)  1930-
Vanatta, Effie (Sandlin)  1886-1952
Vanatta, Elva M[cAdoo]  1891-1969
Vanatta, Fantley  1871-1910
Vanatta, Fred  1883-1955
Vanatta, Glenn Oreon  1929-2012
Vanatta, Hattie E.  1886-1891?
Vanatta, Howard W.  1917-1936
Vanatta, Infant son of J B & Anna  1921-1921
Vanatta, Jasper W.  [Willius]  1890-1918
Vanatta, John  1837-1900
Vanatta, John Shelly/Shealy  1869-1945- no stone
Vanatta, Jordan  1861-1938
Vanatta, Jordan Bernard  1893-1967
Vanatta, Jullie/Julia  1867-1948
Vanatta, Katharine (Measle(s))  1840-1920
Vanatta, Levert Thomas  1912-1986
Vanatta, Lillie Cora (Holdsworth)  1910-1991
Vanatta, M Ruth  1947-
Vanatta, Maggie D. (Barry)  1894-1941
Vanatta, Mary (Patterson)  1928-1991
Vanatta, Roy  1921-1992
Vanatta, Rubie  can’t read
Vanatta, Sherman  1908-1926
Vanatta, Sinthy (Wauford)  1868-1959
Vanatta, Troy  1921-1975
Vanatta, W. S. [Winfield Scott]  1853-1917

Vanatta, William Sherman  1935-

Vannatta, Caroline (Garrison)  1825-1904
Vannatta, Etta (Bass)  1879-1915
Vannatta, Mary Ellen (Barbee)  1888-1942
Vannatta, W. C.  [William Chigel]  1865-1945

Vantrease, Doyle  1894-1941

Vickers, Elsie [Geneava] (Barry).  1905-1973
Vickers, Greeley C[olumbus]  1898-1980

White, Mary H.  1925- nd
White, Otis [Bill]  1932 - nd

Williams, Andrew Jackson  1867-[1945]
Williams, Effie May (Vanatta)  1867-1923

Willoughby, Ada Frances (Crook) (Vantrease)  1909-2002
Willoughby, [Edward] Carmack  1912-1966
Willoughby, Jesse (Millard)  1920-1986
Willoughby, Jim Lawrence  1916-1958
Willoughby, Johnsie R.  1903-1942
Willoughby, Mattie Belle [Mary] ( McCullough)  1885-1959
Willoughby, Ollie Brack  1885-1962

01 Blank stone  1st stone (left) Row 4
02 Blank stone  1st stone (left) in Row 5
03 Unknown Vanatta  2nd stone in Row 5
04 Blank stone  4th stone in Row 6
05 Blank stone  5th stone in Row 6
06 Blank stone  6th stone in Row 6
07 Blank stone  2nd stone in Row 7 (among the Jenkins family)
08 Blank stone  7th stone in Row 7 (among Vanatta family)
09 Blank stone  5th stone in Row 8 (among McMillen family)
10 Blank stone  2nd stone in Row 10
11 Name illegible  4th stone in Row 11 (among Gibbs and Henley families)
12 Blank stone  6th stone in Row 11
13 Illegible stone  1st stone in Row 13
14 Stone missing but impression remaining  2nd in Row 13
15 Blank stone  1st stone in Row 15
16 Blank concrete stone  Row 21 (there are 7 other blank stones in Row 21 not photographed)


NOTE:  Rows are not even, and if a row starts, it can end in the middle of cemetery, so Row designations are only for the starting side, which is on the North, to the left of the Gate.

Row 1 (left side)
HAYS, double stone, left side behind front rock wall.
A N Hays 1852-1928
A Tennie Hays 1854-no date [Feb 22, 1940]

HILDRETH, double stone to right of gate, faces front, bushes obscure the view
Beatrice J 1908-1972
Henry S 1901-1973

Row 2
Several spaces

JENKINS double stone
Ouida 1908-1989
Rutland 1901-1968

5 spaces

Jesse Willoughby 1920-1986

MALONE double stone
Dexie Mai 1912-1981
Alvie Lee 1908-1989

Row 3
HILDRETH double stone
Josephine Vanatta 1858-1927
George W 1863-1935

HILDRETH double stone
Robert 1888-1931
Lallie E 1900-1971

HILDRETH double stone
Carrie Groom 1896-1969
John Redford 1893-1971

VANATTA quadruple stone with four individual stones
William S May 21, 1935-
M Ruth 1947-
Levert T 1912-1986
Lillie C 1911-1991

Jim Lawrence 1916-1958

Johnsie R 1903-1942

WILLOUGHBY double stone
Mattie 1885-1959
Ollie 1885-1962

Row 4
Single stone- can’t read, moss covered-  view image here

Several spaces

Caroline Vannatta 1825-1904

2 spaces

Mary King 1851-1924

2 spaces

CROWDER double stone
Carrie B 1902-1975
Wade H 1901-1989

3 spaces

Jolyn Jennings 1936-1937

Charlyne Jennings 1938-1938

JENNINGS double stone
Beulah M 1912-[2006]
Charles P 1912-1984

Row 5 (only half row in length)
Unreadable stone  view image here

4 or more spaces

Vanatta- no other name or dates  view image here

Callie Griffith 1876-1901

Row 6

M. [McAdoo] C. Jenkins
JUNE 19, 1854
April 4, 1896

D L Jenkins 1850-1858

Single stone, can’t read all:
__ of
__ Jenkins
__ __ 1889
October 12, 1891 

Stone with two sides.  Can’t read    view image here

Another, with two sides, can’t read    view image here

1 space

Small stone, appears blank    view image here

Single small stone
Ada F Jenkins 187?-1880

Single small stone
Mary Jenkins 1876 or 1878-1880

Single stone
Infant Dau of Amanda  J & D W Jenkins
Born  & died 1880

Two infant daughters of Amanda J & D W Jenkins
Born and died 1889

JENKINS double stone
Amanda J 1852-1899
Doctor Wyatt 1844-1931

3 spaces

WILLIAMS double stone
A   J 1867-no date
Effie 1867-1923

OAKLEY double stone
Erby 1896-1990
Ida 1896-1970

Oakley, Infant of  E O & Ida Oakley 1929-1929

Doyle Vantrease 1894-1941
Ada Vantrease Willoughby 1909-2002
Carmack Willoughby 1912-1966

Row 7
2 spaces

[Mary] Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Jones) Jenkins 1846-1870

blank stone  view image here

Thomas M, son of William & Mary E  Jenkins 1878-1879

Sarah E Jenkins 1856-1906

VANATTA double stone
Katharine 1840-no date
John 1837-1900

Fantley Vanatta 1871-1910

Jullie Vanatta 1867-1948


Single stone, can’t read  view image here

VANNATTA double stone
W  C 1865-1945
Etta 1879-1915

Mary Ellen Vanatta 1888-1942

PATTON double stone
Harry C 1908-1987
Georgia R 1906-1972

Angie McMillen Reeves 1870-1953

VANATTA double stone
Maggie D 1894-1941
Andrew W 1876-1953

Row 8
Lum 1880-1965

Etter Elizabeth
daughter of Samuel and E F McMillen

MCMILLEN double stone
Rebecca F 1843-1923
Samuel 1840-1928

Ida J McMillen 1876-1953

Old stone  view image here

MCMILLEN double stone
Myrtle Harvey 1881-1949
John Robert 1868-1939

1 space

Jimmie Hudson McMillen
19?? [1910]- 19??

Bertha McMillen 1885-1917

MCMILLEN double stone
George T 1886-1971
Delma G 1907-1999

5 spaces

VANATTA large triple stone, with footstones as markers
Effie 1886-1952
Fred 1883-1955
Howard W 1917-1936

BARRY double stone
Martha Elizabeth 1902-1983
Azel Tramel 1901-1972

Row 9

SCOTT double stone
Ran 1852-1917
Jane 1851-1905


Broken off  tombstone  (no photo)
2 spaces

HENLEY double stone
Nancy E 1854 1891
James W 1846 1926

Dibrell W Henley 1881-1950

Nellie B Henley 1878-1954

Al M Henley 1876-1960

8 spaces, row runs out and into preceding row (with Effie & Azel Barry)

Row 10
Bettie Sandlin 1859-1947

Old stone, can’t read  view image here

Hattie E, daughter of W S And Anna P Vanatta

VANATTA double stone
W S 1853-1917
Paralee, his wife 1861-1915

Infant son of O F & Oza Self 1922 (only one date)

Frank Pritchett 1915-1933

SELF double stone
Oza 1895-1988
Floyd 1891-1938

1 space

Stone, broken off  (no photo)

Rubie, daughter of Vanatta
Born April ?-died ? (dates illegible)

VANATTA double stone
Jasper W 1890-1918
Bessie 1895-no date

Sherman Vanatta 1908-1926

VANATTA double stone
Sinthy 1868-1959
Jordan 1861-1938

Infant son of J B Vanatta and wife 1921-1921

VANATTA double stone
Anna Belle 1900-1971
Bernard 1893-1967

VANATTA quadruple stone, (twin brothers and wives)
Troy Vanatta 1921-1975
Betty Patton 1930-no date
Mary Patterson 1928-1991
Roy Vanatta 1921-1992

Row 11

Robbie Nell Gibbs 1905-1927

Maggie 1878-1931
Faullie 1877-1926

HENLEY large stone, leaning
G E 1844-1918
Susie 1852-no date

Old stone- name ilegible    view image here
Jan 14, 1904-Jan 14, 1904

Bonnie Gibbs 1901-1905

Old stone    view image here

James A Gibbs 1851-1912 
Martha Gibbs 1852-no date

Annie Katherine Jennings 1908-1912

Ruby Neil Jennings (cracked and repaired) 1916-1920

JENNINGS double stone
Jewell 1888-1968
Claude 1886-1962

Claudine J Simpkins 1920-1988

2 spaces

Hudson W Gibbs 1902-1939

4 spaces

TURNEY double stone
Bertha B 1911-1990
Houston G 1909-1977

Row 12

Probably 2 spaces

Alva Henley 1897-1957


double stone
B F Henley 1858-1911
Mary T 1859-no date

O D Jenkins 1848-1916

Faullie B Jenkins 1894-1919

JENKINS double stone
Minnie F 1874-1957
James W 1862-1945

Nellie M Jenkins 1896-1960

2 spaces

Donie F Bivins 1861-1942

1 space

Noah Vanatta Gibbs 1878-1921

Genie Gibbs 1875-1950

Winnie Gibbs 1894-1980

1 space

Ray Gibbs 1900-1960

Georgia Gibbs Blythe 1923-no date

3 spaces

Mildred E Patrick 1927-2011

VICKERS double stone, large, tilted and leaning
Elsie B 1905-1973
Greeley C 1898-1980

Row 13
Old stone, top gone    view image here

Concrete or old Marker. Marker gone    view image here

1 space

PARKER double stone
William L 1879-1959 on footstone
Mallissie N 1882-1955 on footstone

HENLEY double stone
Venard B 1915-1994
Flossie O 1923-1990

2 spaces

R H Sandlin 1854-1932

2 spaces

GIBBS double stone
Exum Lee 1905-2001
James Earl 1904-1933

Hillard, son of C R & Repsie Barry- 1904-1917

BARRY old stone
Charlie R Barry 1889-1924
Repsie McDonald Barry 1871-1934

BARRY double stone
Modean 1916-1971
Wilson 1916-1998

Kerry Allen Newbell 1965-1965

NEWBELL double stone
John A. Newbell 1934-2013
Jo Ann [living]

3 spaces

Edwin 1924-1998
Lois 1925-1999

Row 14
Possibly from previous row, footstones:
Birdie 1903-1903
Ora 1906-1909
Eldred 1911-1925
Mallissie N 1882-1955

4 spaces

Robbie Lee 1912-1991
Dale 1916-1994

Possibly 1 space

Jodie 1894-1975
Charlie 1892-1950

1 space

Wilbert L Davis 1919-1963

DAVIS double stone
Era Scott 1892-1978
Sidney C 1886-1977

Possibly 1 space

SCOTT double stone
Etta 1868-1949
M B 1865-1936

Possibly 1 space

Infant twins of L W Barry and wife 1927 only one date

BARRY double stone
Mollie W 1894-1977
Albert S 1896-1973

James Milton 1931-1931

2 or 3 spaces

Row 15
Old stone with no inscription    view image here

Jennie Hale 1874-1947

Joseph Blue Hale 1877-1964

SCOTT double stone
Lige 1882-1965 Also, metal funeral home marker
Cora 1884-1930

1 space

SCOTT double stone
Estle 1908-1966
Willie 1897-1991

3 spaces

Elva M 1891-1969
Also military marker as footstone

Glenn Oreon Vanatta 1929-2012

3 spaces

Mary Etter, wife of E D Alexander 1895-1924

1 space

Katherine Alexander 1861-1947

About 9 spaces

Row 16

Jim W McMillen 1863-1927
Annie D McMillen 1868-no date

3 or 4 spaces

Otis (Bill) 1932-no date
Mary H 1925-no date

O V "Dutch" 1890-1976
Velma Lee 1899-1988

7 or 8 spaces

Roy Don 1945-2000
Josie Maxine 1946-no date

Rest of row empty about 7 or 8 spaces

Row 17
Ova 1887-1933
Jep 1888-1971

About 19 spaces

Dempsy 1875-1936
Treasy 1875-1933

1 space

Melvina 1903-1975
Eula 1894-1964

3 or 4 spaces

Row 18
Joseph Scott no dates

2 spaces

SCOTT At rest
Tom 1871-1938
Maggie 1879-1966

Rest of row is empty, about 24 spaces

Row 19
About 20 empty spaces

TRUSTY double stone
Roscoe 1898-1939
Pearl 1894-1981

About 4 spaces

Row 20
No tombstones, about 23 spaces

GIBBS double stone
Lola M 1908-1988
Lawrence 1904-1956

Charley Parker 1899-1970

1 space

F______ B Parker Old stone, can’t read

1 spaces

SANDLIN double stone
Daisy 1889-1977
Oscar 1888-1957

About 12 spaces

Avie E 1887-1946
Marshal 1881-1960

BURTON double stone
Robert Marshall 1916-1988
Etta Francis 1919-2004

Row 21
BARRETT double stone
L Catherine 1921-2001
Walter H 1913-1992

Lavonia C Humble d. 1965

Old stone, can’t read    image here

Old stone, can’t read    no image

Old stone, can’t read    no image

Old stone, can’t read    no image

Old stone, can’t read    no image

Old stone, can’t read    no image

Old stone, can’t read    no image

Old stone, part of it is missing    no image

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