Salem Cemetery Photos

Submitted by Dale Crowell and Betty (Bradley) Edwards
on 05/15/2009

The table below is a transcription of the grave markers for which photos of the stones have been submitted. This is only a partial listing of the cemetery. Each row in the table is a different stone. By clicking on the surname in the leftmost column of each row, you will be shown a photo of the stone.


New Section- Main Gate
Surname Given Name Birth date Death date Inscription Notes
Campbell Dr. Marvin B. 1881 1958   Campbell Area
Bradley James M. 1869 1955   Campbell Area
Bradley Howard G. 1904 1937   Campbell Area
Bradley Jim, Jr. 1912 1947   Campbell Area
Bradley Robert L. 1868 1918   Campbell Area
Campbell Eula 1879 1918   Campbell Area
Campbell R. V. 1876 1953   Campbell Area
Campbell Odus C. (Buster) 28-Jan-1948 13-May-1971 Gone, but not forgotten Campbell Area
Campbell Nonnie H. 1900 1989   Campbell Area - S/W Gilmore
Campbell Gilmore 1906 1954   Campbell Area - S/W Nonnie H.
Bradley Arah 1879 1912   Campbell Area
Barbee Flem B. 10 Jul 1880 6/23/1948 At rest S/W Era Smart
Barbee Era Smart 12 Aug 1881 4/12/1969 At rest S/W Flem B.


Old Section- to left of church
Surname Given Name Birth date Death date Inscription Notes
Givin Talithia 21 Apr 1835 19 Apr 1869 Consort of Edward Gothard  
(None) Rebecca 11 Feb 18?? 22 Jan 18?? Consort of Jasper Royce  
Sullivan Mary 1849 1936    
Sullivan James 1872 1957   S/W Tennie
Sullivan Tennie   1956   S/W James
(Chastain)? James Ray   Sept 1922 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Chastain Assuming James Ray is a given name